Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Upcoming Tech - part 2

It may be early for a follow up on the subject but there's really such a wealth of ideas out there already. In particular I remember investing a few years back with a company developing flexible OLED displays. They even had prototypes that could roll up into a small baton that had a small 1ghz proc, wifi, and a decent battery life. They weren't good for much other than youtube and the news at the time but they've come a way since then.

Then there's the newer developments in agriculture that have been amazing me lately. Fitting an entire field of crops in a relatively small barn by utilizing the third dimension. I'd heard the concept before a long time ago about having a central light in the middle of a cylinder that spins growing the crops while also watering them and helping strengthen the root systems resulting in better crops overall. Though apparently recent modifications to the idea have yielded dramatic improvements making it very effective now. Some of these I would probably attribute to energy efficient lights with longer life spans and the improvements to hydroponic soils and chemicals. Speaking of which hydroponics as a field all to themselves have also had amazing results. I've been seeing some crops like corn being grown without the need for massive fields, space, and giant stalks instead having ridiculous results with hanging hydro systems you can grow nearly 30x the amount of corn in the same space. I'm also really satisfied with the newer developments in "GM" plants GM standing for genetically modified. I'll be the first to jump on that and tell you I have no problems with them and actually trust them a bit more than traditional plants, especially now that we don't have to drown them in chemicals just to keep super bugs away from them. I also have yet to see a single scientific study linking them to the insane stuff going on with kids these days like being giants or early puberty. In fact from what I've read so far on the subject it's most likely attributed to natural evolution.

Then there's the new cow meat they've synthesized. Basically they've found a way to grow beef in a pan without a living host cow. I won't jump on that and say I prefer it right away because I haven't read up on long term exposure or anything yet but preliminary information suggests it's likely just as safe if not more so than regular beef. I for one will be happy when we don't have to waste so many resources on growing cows then slaughtering them the way we do, not to mention the horrible living conditions. For those of you unaware of where your beef is coming from or the process used to get it to you I highly recommend a day on google reading all about it, it'll make you look at your hamburger before you eat it next time. I'm perfectly content with it for now but that's not to say I like it, and being able to rapidly grow the same meat in a pan without all the associated mess will make me very happy assuming that eating it or feeding it to kids won't have substantial negative effects.

I see a future of abundance ahead of us and I question what that will really do to the so called economy. If you're relatively new to me or my blog I might save you some time reading back by letting you know I think the entire monetary system is severely outdated and reaching it's maximum theoretical capacity. It's extremely prone to corruption, manipulation, and all sorts of nefarious things the least of which is the cold hard truth that most if not all money around the world no matter the type is a form of debt slavery. While I've read various alternatives and theoretical revisions I can't say I see many viable replacements. I also find it interesting that no form of currency takes into account population merely it's relative value to itself based on how much is in circulation or in some rare cases based on an asset like gold. Moving forward though and back on topic to the future of technology I would say housing is next in line. If you're interested and want to know more I suggest reading some of my past blogs as well as a visit to sites like prison planet and the zeitgeist movement.

As to the future of housing I've been reading on new construction materials I find fascinating. Wireless electricity which while it was invented ages ago never really came into fruition and now that we're trying at it again we're not even as good at it as we were a century ago. Sitting at an insanely low 63% last time I checked compared to the nearly 87% we had when we first invented it. Though to the credit of researchers when we first invented it I will admit it was dangerous to all living things. Early on wireless electricity operated on the 5hz or 5ghz frequency I can't remember which is the same natural frequency most living things operate on and so wireless electricity would eventually disrupt that process and had all kinds of harmful effects. Newer wireless electricity is much safer and all we have to do is bring it up to the 99% efficiency we have now with traditional wired electricity.

Then there's graphene which apparently is the new strongest substance we can make and it's remarkably cheap as well. Though I haven't read anything about how it reacts with sound which is something I'm quite interested in. You probably wouldn't make an entire house out of it but I could see it's uses in replacing steel beams for primary support structures. This is also aside from the many other potential uses it has of course. I'm also interested in it's trasparency if any on a side note.

I've also been reading about new energy alternatives in particular a new kind of glass they're considering using for windows. This new glass in theory will help keep the house at the same temperature by determining the amount of light to let in while also converting some of the light into energy and reflecting the rest to possibly be used by other similar windows based on need. Supposedly this would also be useable as a display glass like most other materials in the "house of the future". Similarly I've seen some of the smallest scale nano-processors we have and what they can do when in proximity to each other. Namely a recently revealed prototype was submerged in a quick drying liquid then painted on a surface and provided an electrical current that  then allowed it to be used similar to display glass using a radio frequency similar to wifi internet as a means of information transfer allowing it to play a small video though somewhat incomplete. Regardless of how successful it was, which I must say in spite of it's shortcomings was a wild success, I would say I see a huge future for this kind of thing. Then there's furniture and this one actually has me the most excited. I've been reading about a solenoid which in theory could seriously change the world. Regardless of it's near infinite uses the idea came about from furniture. This material which in the presence of electricity slightly liquifies only enough to become malleable. Then when you shut off the flow of electricity it becomes hard enough to jump on. It also even when somewhat malleable still has enough resistance so that it won't be coming off on your hands which means you could do all kinds of interesting things with it. The concept goes further into wild theory that you could in the far future with various other advancements get it to a point so when you walk into a room like a hotel or your living room simply think of an object and it could conform to it for you. I wouldn't mind being able to without even looking go to flop down and have a couch appear beneath me, that would be awesome. So far though all we have is a solenoid with lots of potential. Though as of yet I haven't seen anything as large as a chair only smaller objects and nothing too complex as  if it gets too thin apparently it just completely liquifies. I also see the dark side of how this stuff could become the liquid terminator in T2 Judgement Day...

So yeah lots of great ideas and more to come. Stay tuned for part 3 which who knows when I'll post it, I probably still have more than enough material but I prefer to read up on it a bit first rather than just going crazy. Because honestly I have some great ideas on what the future could look like with our tech, and some of it I already know, but who knows how that could change the future if I told you all now?...

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