Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Long Way Home

The beuty of the universe is that it will always find new ways of telling you how much you simply do not know. Submerged in all the endless possibilities I hadn't stopped to consider the long term effects of what I've been doing in relation to myself. I'd believed that my methods were proof of my concepts and that because everything is happening at once anything that could happen was happening and thus could also not be happening. So I was surprised to say the least when I found myself unable to control what was now happening to me as a side effect of my travel that couldn't simply be undone. Merging with all the possible versions of myself resulted in not only overwhelming information but a kind of physical confusion of muscle memory making regular movement nearly impossible at times. Separating one timeline from another was also equally difficult in terms of memories. I'm not sure now which version of me was the original or if I can even claim to be an individual at this point given how many of me there are.

I can at least take solace in the fact that I am at least in control of myself and learning new methods by which to understand the universe. Honestly I had considered not even coming back, just as much as I'd considered going back and continuing as if nothing had changed which I very well am doing. I've adapted to comprehend that which I now see which is infinitely more than I'd ever imagined just a few perceived years ago. To me it feels like several lifetimes knowing how much I've done.

Even so I've also found a greater link between space and time and that any movement through space can have both direct and indirect movements through time. The electrons in your own body repel against almost all other electrons resulting in some isolation already keeping you from ever truly touching anything. Manipulating this fact you can have the first stage of travel. After mastering control of thisthe second stage comes in completely isolating yourself from the timeline you're in, and the third stage being movement between lines or across them and through them. The next stage is a matter of communication bringing things back and forth in similar manners expanding into larger objects and locations. then where I am now is a matter of all spacial movement having proportionate dualistic time movement that can be influenced so that for example walking around a kitchen you could step through a point in time in which perhaps the floor did not exist. Controlling how your movement effects the time around you different to how time effects you through movement. Consider it from an observational point instead of the person fading in and out it's the environment.

It's difficult to generate the words necessary to describe the concept further as not only do they not exist but creating them requires the readers to be able of comprehending their meaning which only a select few at this point can. perhaps in my explorations I'll discover a future version of my writings or derivative with greater understanding that I can provide for the sake of those interested.