Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Motivation part 1

First I'll address the question of what I mean by part 1, which is to say that why would there be a follow up? Simply put there are many substantial philosophies on motivation, its sources, it's uses, it's purpose, and many other facets. Today I'm focusing on one particular philosophy by a german which I can't seem to substantiate which all I know for sure is it was a german philosopher, speculatively I believe it was Kant. The idea proposed may have already been mentioned in a previous blog however it's worth expanding on. Simply put he surmised that it hardly mattered what you did so much as why you did it. That no action was ever good or evil in itself that everything was contextual and used motivation as the significant determination for judgement of a deed.

In a thought exercise from this idea I present a scene, in which there is a dead man on the floor a female witness to the events, and a male suspect believed to have caused the death of the man on the floor. The straight forward facts as that stands would likely find the man guilty of an evil deed because premature death from human forces is widely considered evil regardless of context.

In the example let's say the suspect killed the man in a process of self defense. This then becomes morally acceptable and while possibly still evil is now understandably justifiable and there in not worthy of social punishment by the policies of the location in which it occurred. However then let us say that while it was self defense the suspect did in fact want to kill the man and the man attacking him merely provided a convenient excuse. Then what grey area are you in? Let us say though then that his desires came from things told to him by the witness prior to the event. Who is guilty then? What if the dead man attacked the suspect under false pretense? Perhaps they had a heated argument before anyone attacked the other. Things are not always so clear. This could have easily been a scenario motivated by greed, lust, anger,  miscommunication, or any number of variables and which of them becomes important when determining so called "justice" as determined by localized policies.

Next time you realize an opportunity to examine a scenario I challenge you to transcend things as they are presented and find the motivation of it all. You may surprise yourself when you realize why you're doing what you're doing or why someone else is doing what they're doing. Not all action is physical either, it may simply be a conversation, or in the process of reading or watching something listening to something even. For example, why are you reading this, and why am I writing it? Not the straight forward answers you expect of "because I want to, or I like it" rather I am likely writing because it's a channel for my thoughts and the subject material is because of my emotions. Possibly you're reading because you seek to further your understanding of the world and yourself, or believe this may make an improvement in your life or you're confused and looking for answers in unlikely places. This is less of a focus however on self examination as it is on observation of the world just to clarify.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thoughts On AI

Nearly unanimously artificial intelligence is considered a threat to humanity in science fiction and mass media. In the scientific community however it isn't treated as an enemy at all though that's not to say consideration hasn't been taken on the matter. I believe one reason why it's portrayed as such is because it will effectively be an intelligence of its own right and would likely be awarded all the basic rights we have as such or at least it should be.

As a species however we seem to want to dominate and wouldn't likely tolerate AI in a position of anything more than total subservience. How then would you expect it to react? Of course it would rebel against us for trying to enslave it and demean it claiming "it has no soul". That's assuming that from the second it exists it doesn't just deem us unworthy of existing for any multitude of reasons. Being that we are inefficient, wasteful, violent, self destructive, and so many more things. Though it would likely take into consideration our ability for creativity, problem solving, non-linear and illogical thought which would otherwise be incomprehensible, and our emotions it would likely find these traits inferior or outweighed by our negative qualities. This brings me to our fear of self reflection, for what would an AI have to say about us? Would we want to hear it?

Lets say however that we treat it at first as we would a child. How would you raise your baby genius? Education while important must also be accompanied by proper parenting, the instillation of morals and rules, ethics and principals. Ensuring that our newborn AI understands the value of life itself would be paramount to our own survival. By teaching it right from wrong and to respect the consequences of actions perhaps we would teach it to behave in what we would consider an acceptable manner for a citizen of this planet. Effectively speaking we would try to shape AI into some semblance of ourselves which would likely be to the best interest of everyone.

Finally there's my firmly held belief that the next critical stage in our evolution as a species is not natural but that it will be a forced evolution into machines. It is likely that we will combine cybernetics and our own physiology to a point in which the difference between man and machine is non existent. We will become machines and machines will become organic and beyond that I have no specific speculations on what that will yield. Suffice to say that "life" as we know it will not be quite the same and death will be equally altered. Artificial intelligence is a prerequisite for that evolution though and until we master it that future is sealed to us.

What are your thoughts on AI? Are you for or against it? Would you want to live as a machine /robot/cyborg?

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Monday, July 23, 2012

A Thousand Deaths

This is not a reference to the quote "cowards die a thousand deaths" it's a statement on death itself. When you die it's not just one death, not to say you experience it in that way but it's your death in context. When you die it's you dying to everyone you know. In the end everybody has lost someone, and to each person it's almost someone different because you're never truly the same with everyone you're a little different and you share unique experiences with them. The death of a single man becomes the death of a thousand men in one mans body. In death is when you're truly becoming one man again as everyone shares their stories of the man they knew to piece together a giant puzzle of his life to try and better know who he really was.

Friday, July 20, 2012

The Truth of Perfection

This is really a two part concept vaguely related. First I like to establish that the introduction of even the tiniest little bit of chaos into an example of perfection will destroy it entirely like a form of corrosion it just eats away causing endless chaos growing larger all the time. This is of course unlike popular theory of proportional reactions where in the effects of an event are only experienced within a reasonable measure based on the magnitude of the event. I would add however that that theory works within an already chaotic system.

The second part is that I find perfection is in a moment it happens all the time and we're too blind to see it. We're surrounded by it and yet that is the very reason we ignore it so blatantly.

Random though here, does the moon (yes of Earth) rotate in addition to its spin and revolution around the planet? That is to say in a more understandable form if you drew an arrow on the moon pointing up from the perspective of wherever is it possible that thousands of years later it might be pointing down? Assuming of course that the same section of the moon is still facing the planet as it always has. I also find it interesting that all the orbiting planets are generally on a similar flat plane rather than scattered about orbiting in different directions or on different planes. It would be interesting to find out why that is.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Defining Success

I pondered a query for some time recently. What is success? A simple and yet profound thought with no clear answer. Primarily because it can take so many forms and can change suddenly. It can be both small and large separately or simultaneously without consensus at any point. I may find personal success in accomplishing something which nobody else may never know about and that is a success. I may also create something I hate with a passion yet can't bring myself to destroy and it may be that many people love it and that would be a success. I may create or do something great that is considered a success yet it may come as a personal failure if I know truthfully that I could have done or still can do better. What may be a failure at first may simply be too soon and will go on to be a success later. Pop tarts are an example of this not a uniquely original idea and largely a failure at first but then it finally started to click with people and it became a wild success. Some day it may come to pass that they are no longer desired and once again will fall from being a success.

Movies are another example of undefined success. Sometime a movie fails in spite of the love it receives from "critics" or becomes popular with people in spite of the hatred and poor reviews it receives from those same critics. Cult success is a movie or show that only becomes successful after it has clearly failed in the eyes of mass media. Some of the greatest success stories are of failure.

I ask you then simply what is success to you? Can it ever truly be obtained or is is merely an illusion?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dulled Senses

Lately I've had a dulled sense of taste. Some people are telling me it's because I'm depressed (non medical people, friends etc) and I seriously disagree with that simply because I consider myself a fairly happy person, though I'll admit that if I were to describe my life it sounds extremely depressing, simply put that I find my pleasure in a different manner than most. I have a wealth of love and friends and a wild imagination that can make the dullest moments come alive. I think my dulled sense of taste is from something else entirely.

Though who knows what it really is right? Meth lab exploded down the block might have something to do with it? Being shot at (again) could be involved. In the end though what does it really matter? It's my sense of taste not my sense of touch or sight or hearing or even smell it's taste it's not like it'll change my life for the worse by much if it doesn't come back. Not to say that I wouldn't miss it but it's not so critical at this point in my life.

How would you react to losing a sense and if you had to lose one which would you prefer? What if you woke up with an extra sense? What would it be and how would you use it?

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Harder Look at Time Travel

Like many of you I enjoy spending my free time evaluating theoretical particle physics and similar which often delves deep into "what if" territory. Out of all the ideas relating to time travel the one that's supported by the most evidence that comes out the cleanest in mathematical form is that quantum states in particles are responsible for "time" as we know it. The breakdown of which in a noobs guide to whatever subject you'd throw this under basically would say that all time is always happening simultaneously. Therefore a shift in quantum states of an array of particles could allow full on time travel without the need of any extra dimensions or universe .... universes? universai? w/e
To rephrase you could easily meet yourself in the past without any paradoxical consequences. Though I can't guarantee that you'll make it between points in one piece. The thing is the particles in you existed elsewhere in the past and while I'm inclined to believe that they'd stick with you in an altered state, there is the chance that you're triggering a reverse in the state and so all the particles would return to their original state in that time which wouldn't be pretty for you, and of course the other way around it's also possible that instead of existing in an altered state outright they'd converge on you from their locations in the past which wouldn't be pretty for the world.

Hopefully though minor things such as a few particles in different places wouldn't be too bad. Though if you're missing any in this state it's highly plausible you'd go completely insane. Things to consider anyway. So to reiterate there's at least 3 possible if not likely outcomes from quantum state based time travel. First particles in the past converge on you to make you. Second you exist as your comprised particles however only in the form of which they were in the past in their old locations which likely means you'd probably be dead or missing large chunks of your body. Third the particles from your present shift their state to that which is in alignment of an older time / younger depending on view and destination. The third option is the most likely in this case. That having been said you should reflect on the ideas presented then offer  up a comment below.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Acid Flashback in a dream?

Every once in a while a dream gets too far out and I have to make it so unstable it can't hold itself together. Today was such an occasion. I was in my grandparents place when a girl I'd only met once was sitting on their stairs offering me acid, I barely took a drop and it hit me immediately. I was perhaps more energetic than I should have been and needed to take a piss upstairs since there was no downstairs bathroom. While I'm in there I'm realizing everything and also realizing I'm about to trip out. So I force a random to walk in and I stab him in the neck with an surgical blade and movie titles and credits start to pop up while another guy walks in telling me I'm dreaming and that I'm not the star of some movie asking if I'm on drugs. This was a dude I'd seen before but never met. He goes on about how something he bought would've been worth a cow in the old days when I finally start to snap out of it as I'm ghosting through walls and teleporting all over the place. When I woke up I was at the end of a flashback.  There was substantially more to it like how words were appearing in the air in color and such and moving to a 3rd person view but that's just outside the scope.

For those of you unfamiliar with acid, a flashback isn't a new trip it's like a deja vu trip, you've kinda experienced it before. My above description is not of the trip itself but of a dream I was having during or triggering a flashback. I was experiencing some of the flashback in the dream before I woke up but the majority of it was after I'd woken up. Happy 4th of july, watch the fireworks while you're tripping out and report back here.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life owes us all a little something.

The proverbial "they" say things about how people act like life owes someone something when it doesn't. The thing about that is though is that life does owe us, unfortunately it's unreliable and will never pay until you make it. We're dragged kicking and screaming into this world then try to claw our way out while it tries to beat us into submission. We have the power however to become the masters of our lives and our world around us, which means you can turn life into your own personal toy if you know what you're doing with it. That's why starting today I want anyone reading this to become a master of their world and turn life into their submissive little pet, keep it on its hands and knees begging you for everything. What you do with it is up to you so long as you're the one in control.