Sunday, January 13, 2013

Upcoming Tech - part 1

There's a lot of tech coming in the near future and there's no telling how it will change our lives. There's a heavy shift toward the augmented reality which I must say I approve of though many you may be completely unaware of the ground shifting beneath your feet. Imagine if you will real life HUD's that display tons of information on a constant basis and have information about everything you're looking at all the time. This small concept is one of the things already shaping your future and you don't have to be a time traveler to know it. I've seen some of the tech they already have up and running for basic tests or proof of concepts and it's amazing. Knowing the exact details of every product and the details of chemicals used in production and how it might effect the end product, information about the production company and their policies or outstanding issues I should probably be aware of but sadly am not in all likelihood. Getting GPS directions slight night vision contrast on the road and the lines in it as well as keeping me informed of my current speed and fuel without looking away from the road. Getting information of the song currently playing or estimating miles per gallon or any other number of useful pieces of information.

Really I can't see a downside to the augmented reality other than perhaps information overload or the already problematic personal privacy being more apparent. Though even so I would imagine it would be easy to adjust for these things. This isn't the only tech here today though this isn't that kind of flimsy post. Next up on our plate today is invisibility. We already have plenty of tricks to fool cameras into not seeing people but now we've gone a step further and have made it so you actually can see around or through people depending on how you want to define it. I remember a few years ago reading about how some college group had turned a soda can invisible, but now I'm reading how the military is making some early prototype cloaks that remind me of the spider camo in MGS3 where you're about 80% or more cloaked running around and you're just barely distorting the image, perhaps a bit more than predator. I look forward to our future in clothing I tell you. It would be nice to have that ability sometimes and it would be awesome to rather than just go invisible you could potentially change the color of whatever you're wearing at the time to any color you want. Introducing Octo-Camo like MGS4. Combine this with augmented reality and we've got a wild future ahead of us.

Then there's the new Ultra Wideband Systems that are starting to come online for early testing. Basically the internet providers you're familiar with already are making a new nation wide wifi system using the old TV broadcasting frequencies. If you're not already aware of this they bought out the rights to specific frequencies a couple years ago from the FCC and the government and have been working on this ever since. If you're a particularly talented engineer you can already pick up their signals if you know what to look for. The data itself is relatively useless so far it's not a very stable internet connection but are you really going to argue with free internet? Once they get this system up and running only chumps will be paying for internet ever again. I for one will find my way into their systems and never pay for the net again. Let them try and encrypt signals and lock me out any way they can in the end they can't stop broadcasting so there's always a way in.

There's a lot more tech to cover but this should keep you busy for the day. In particular I recommend reading the cambridge journal on ultra wideband positioning systems, and their theoretical limits, ranging algorithms, and protocols.


  1. Free internet sounds good for me. I like the tech and then again I dont, as if the wrong people get their hands on it, one is screwed. But then that is pretty much the same with anything. Should be interesting to say the least.

  2. Have you ever read Physics of the Impossible by Michio Kaku? I'm reading it now and the book is all about future technology--your discussion of invisibility reminded me of it in particular, since he devotes an entire chapter to current and developing methods leading to invisibility.

    1. I actually have and it's funny you should mention it as my next post was all about my favorite reading materials. I think you'd be amazed by what we can already do and surprised by what we think we'll be able to do in a reasonably short time frame.