Sunday, June 9, 2013

random thoughts?

How did the earth get to it's place in this little system? Have we always revolved around the sun? Do we ever get a little out of orbit? All of these questions I find myself wondering about from time to time. I like to think that perhaps people just didn't consider the possibility that our planet came flying into this system from somewhere else and got caught up by this system while we were rocketing through space. What if that's what the last ice age was, just a case where we pop in and out of orbit where we adjust to being in this new system. Makes you wonder about the dinosaurs...

Total BS obviously but it's an interesting thought.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

First thoughts

I keep wondering why I don't go into physics on a professional level, apparently as long as you can understand what you're doing you're ahead of the game as apparently a large number of people just are incapable of understanding it even if it's explained. That aside keep in mind I only have a basic understanding and so the answers to what I may bring up are probably already answered and I just haven't found them yet.

When I woke up today I was wondering about that particle accelerator at CERN and what happens before the particles collide. Is there a preceding force or colliding fields leading the particles other than what's generated by the machine? What would happen if a third particle were to rip through just before impact? What if the two particles instead of colliding with eachother collided on either side of a floating particle between them?

I have this strange thought I can't push aside that there's a small field surrounding each particle and the fields meet before the particles and in that small moment there's a window of opportunity and if you could get in between the two at that time this third field would provide something interesting... I also considered what would happen if a third particle from a different direction collided with the other two at the exact same time. I understand how difficult it would be to accomplish so that there were no variance that the three are in fact meeting at the exact same time rather than one or another meeting first. Still I can't help but wonder. Though from my understanding the LHC is primarily for trying to gather more information on the higgs boson and I doubt my ideas would help that, not to say for sure though as it's possible but I'm considering it unlikely for the time being.

These are the kind of strange things I wake up thinking about. Not sure why and usually nothing comes of them, but at least they're interesting.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

It is not the question, nor is it the answer.

I assume most of you made it through highschool and therefore like every highschooler are aware of hamlet and a semi-famous paraphrased quote of "to be or not to be". Back in that day it was a somewhat important question as to whether or not life was worth even living. That's not really the case though as it's not a matter of should you live but first establishing if you can even live or if you're even alive to begin with. Rather than go that route though I would say the more important question is what are the implications of you, your life, and even more importantly the implications of your continued existence. If hamlet had focused more on why he was there in that moment and what his purpose in life was  it most likely would not have saved him any of the tragedy that would soon befall him though it may have given him enough insight to make some change that would ultimately be his salvation. Quite possibly the saddest ending of it all was the fact there was to great revelation, no real lesson learned from the ordeal it was an ending for it's own sake.

Consider not whether or not you should live but rather what living implies and it's consequences both good and bad, everyone dies not everyone truly lives.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

If we change are we really still the same?

 Not to be confused with the quote "the more things change the more they stay the same." I mean that as time goes on we do in fact change. Where as the quote suggests change becomes harder over time and thus happens less often, or by some interpretation can also mean that change is irrelevant in the face of time, it could be said that we never really change at heart. Recent studies even show how from a young age people don't really change so much, that the core of our character is always the same. Then there's the fact we all accept that we get older and yet even so we still identify someone as though they haven't changed, that it's somehow still them. To a degree that's certainly true even if nothing about them is the same as before.

Consider however that after 7 years every cell in your body has been replaced. Consider the potential for complete and total organ transfers across the board, even entirely different bodies. What if you didn't have a body anymore and your mind existed in something more mechanical like a robot for example. Though you may technically be a cyborg at that point... Either way if truly nothing about you is the same anymore, can it really be said that's it's still you? Even if you identify yourself as who you believe you are, is it really the truth?

Consider this line from the movie "john dies at the end"
you use an axe to kill a man and the handle breaks, you replace the handle, you then use it to dismember the body chipping the axe head and breaking it, you then replace the head of the axe, later the man you killed and dismembered comes back as a zombie and sees you wielding the axe and says "that is the axe you used to kill and dismember me" is he right?

By sequence you have replaced all the parts. Is there some essence that still remains? Is it the sequence part that has somehow preserved the symbol of the original? How can you truly claim to be the same if you have changed which by very definition means you are no longer the same? We are all versions of ourselves constantly changing and yet somehow we identify to a single concept of identity, what is it that we truly call ourselves if it's not who we are? Or perhaps we're all chasing what was in the hopes that not all is lost as we find ourselves misplaced in our own world, in our own mind, in our own life.