Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Importance of Your Primary Timeline

It seems like months since I've written, I've learned so much in that time. It seems like it wasn't so long ago to you perhaps but really when it comes to time travel what doesn't? I'm beginning to understand the aging process and how it works. It's highly strange and nothing what I'd really anticipated and that's assuming that my current understanding is anywhere close to right.

From what I can tell you mostly age normally while you're traveling around. Though you need to come back to your primary present every once in a while to renew your anchors as they weaken their grip on you. That's when a strange this happens. After you return to the present it's like you adjust to the time and you become the appropriate age of the time. It's not in a weird metamorphosis though it's like a direct copy of the version of you at that time. It's fairly rejuvenating to say the least. Though you retain your knowledge which is also quite interesting given the nature of the transformation. From what I can tell it's only relative to the present. Thus traveling back to when you were a kid or when you're older doesn't transform you. Though I'm not entirely sure of that either as it does seem that you transform younger or older in those timelines as well, though perhaps at a diminished rate? I had a 3 year beard growth in less than 2 weeks in my primary future. Though it clearly works very fast in proximity to your appropriate timeline, perhaps 4 to 6 hours to fully recover to your current age. I was freaking out when all my hair seemed to fallout only to realize it was also disappearing afterward. Then I realized I looked exactly as I did when I left last time.

With so many recent stunning realizations I'm eager to get back out there and see what else there is to experiment with.

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