Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Finding Answers

Well I finally understand where the bread came from. I made it myself in the future. Then I happen to accidentally come a tad unstuck and bounced back to the past for a minute, then into the future where of course the oven having been left on caught the house on fire then back to the past where I put the bread on the counter before being pulled back to where I started, prior to the fire. I'm also apparently leaving notes for myself now, I was wondering when I'd get around to doing that.

Putting the notes in order seems a bit difficult, I don't know yet why I didn't simply number them... That having been said I'm curious now what will happen given I know what I know now before I even knew it to begin with and thus avoid having to learn about it to begin with after having learned about it.

I hope you're as confused about it as I was at first. Though it all makes sense now even if I can't explain it properly as of yet. I congratulate myself today though for things I never did, both good and bad. Then I congratulate myself again for what I did do, how I did it, and that I didn't do it wrong, not to say I did it right, but if I'd done it wrong I'd be dead I would imagine, or horribly wishing I were.

I also learned a lot while I was away, and now I have to tell myself about it in the past because I'm now future me and this is the past, and now "you" / "I" know and understand a lot more we should've known sooner which is now, which makes me wonder why I didn't get the message if I'm delivering it now? Welcome to new timeline past me. If I run in to you I'll be sure to say hello, just don't stab me again.

So I wake up and the ^above was written in my post section. A very convincing joke to whoever used my account last night but I'm sure my access logs will tell me more than you thought they would. Furthermore I never stabbed any version of myself as of yet so I don't even know what you're talking about. Though erring on the side of caution thanks for telling me those few things and I do hope we meet some time if you are in fact me.


  1. haha wow that is quite the interesting post, talking to yourself or the jokester would make you think so.

  2. Replies
    1. no not drunk, this is my sad attempt to explain how on earth a loaf of banana bread spawned in my kitchen
      my game dev blog mentions what really happened, philosophy is more fiction or thought provoking than actual truth

  3. "Well I finally understand where the bread came from. I made it myself in the future."

    I love that line.