Wednesday, February 29, 2012


It helps to express yourself if you don't have to worry about repercussions and judgement. However it can cause an equal amount of havoc and suffering. There are a great and many reasons why we refer to "masked" heroes that choose not to be known, and it could be argued if they were required to divulge their real identities they would be much less likely to perform heroic acts. That is not to say that all masked men are heroes, just as often if not more so it is the criminal that wears the guise and uses it to their advantage.

Though what's criminal today is a matter of perspective and is highly subjective when viewed without the strict and finite confines of "law". When defending yourself and your property it's important in today's society to know how to do so legally otherwise you become the criminal. The law does not discern if you are breaking it for good reasons or bad ones and does not care. If you shoot a man from your porch as he shoots at you then you are a criminal, if however you shoot him while he's inside your house even if you are outside then you are not considered a criminal.

In order to change the law sometimes it is necessary to organize, other times a handful of individuals can change the world, and in either case it's important that they be protected from persecution for doing the right thing and anonymity assists in that endevour.Breaking an evil corporation is one such instance in which they try to violate your civil rights and your only method of fighting back relies on them never finding out who you are.

Other times however and again this is more often the case anonymity is used against others to their harm. Look into a crowd and it's mostly an ocean of victims with a few predators and yet you can't tell them apart. Even the obvious ones that look like predators are often not so, and the most likely victims are sometimes the strongest of the predators.

This article isn't really going anywhere with a point. I suppose if a point were to be made it would be that you can not have one without the other, for every hero a villain or three, and if ever we lose the freedom to protect ourselves in this manner then it's likely we'll all be enslaved.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

That Feeling

Though hard to explain I believe I can with some accuracy describe to you the sensation of transcendence. At first it's like a kick in the chest with a shot of adrenaline and your whole body instinctively leaps forward and in that moment it's like your essence or soul or whatever you want to call it is being pulled away. I tend to think of it as a somewhat more ghostlike figure given that the sensation you feel from being pulled away is somewhat cold and fresh like morning air on a mountain after a fresh snow and all is calm.

For a brief period it's almost like you can sense three separate versions of yourself, not in an extra dimensional sense but more of a distorted extension like having extra limbs in different places. As this feeling continues you obtain a broader sense of your surroundings and in a manner connect with them in a way that sadly I can not describe however it comes close to being extensions of yourself and you can feel the weight of every item though none of it seems heavy it is all the same like having the world on your shoulders.

This leads me to question many greek mythologies, not just atlas, and classic martial arts techniques that have been fabled far beyond belief. If I could retain my connection with the world while not in this state it would merely be a matter of learning to manipulate it and we would find much truth to old legends. This leads me to once again believe that ancient man knew a great many things that we've forgotten or simply weren't passed down, though for what reason I'm unsure, perhaps some things are better left forgotten...

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Game Developer Philosophy

In truth it's all a matter of perspective. A developer tries to look at everything from multiple perspectives and accounts for each accordingly. The idea is to establish the game so the gamer follows a certain mindset regardless of their backgrounds. That is to say anybody should be able to pick up the game and play relatively quickly on a short learning curve to at least function to the point they can make progress in the game without particular difficulty. Then it's a matter of coaxing people into thinking a certain way so they look for certain things or recognize certain patterns. Eventually the goal is so that every player will instinctively know where to go next and desire to go there. Though because this can't be completely accounted for we've developed a system of telling the player explicitly where they need to go in order to progress.

There's a basic principal to be found in almost every successful book, movie, and game. There is a challenge or conflict to be solved or resolved and a series of events that relate to the final goal. There's a set amount of resources available to the primary interest usually a character which can be used to pass through each event and obstacle using the skills and knowledge presented previously. In video games most of this information is presented with an on screen display commonly referred to as the Heads Up Display or HUD while other information and assets are tucked away in a menu system for things like inventory and configurable game settings. These systems are designed to be esthetically pleasing and highly intuitive such that any viewer can guess with relative accuracy what something on the screen means or represents.

Each different perspective is like a different puzzle with different pieces to put together. When you're finished sometimes you have extra pieces other times you have to take pieces from a different puzzle to complete it. Then once each puzzle is completed you now have your assets to put the game together. This means each completed puzzle is now but a piece in a much larger puzzle to put together so that everything fits perfectly which often requires going back to old puzzles and making new pieces for them or doing something different with the ones you already have.

Your motivation comes from all sources, some more than others just the same as your inspiration. Though just as often the sources of your frustration comes from the same sources. It's addictive to say the least. You become engrossed in a world you're creating. Often so completely that you forget to eat or sleep, you become almost detached from your body as you stand upon the precipice of greatness. When you're doing it right it's like the world has a mind of its own, willing itself into existence through you and all you're doing is revealing the sculpture hidden in the clay. When it's done you'll look like death itself but feel like a god of your own universe.

Thursday, February 23, 2012


Not to be confused with notoriety. Do you know what renown is and how it differs from notoriety?
For today a simple riddle, Sweet is to Sour as Bitter is to what?
the answer is not tart or juicy, it is also not sweet if that wasn't obvious already
Winner (if one ever emerges) will get first priority access to the beta of my main game when it becomes available.
Edit: in spite of what's below this I'll hold up to what's above, you get it right you get beta key

I'd also like to short rant on fiat money being printed without backing and in excess. Not to be confused with the FIAT car which is coincidentally a piece of junk, seriously you can't drive it in any windy, snowy, rainy, etc conditions or you'll be in a wreck for sure a strong wind can easily blow you out of lane. All different things break so easily, and why is there even a back seat if no human could ever fit in it? Why not just have it all trunk? Why couldn't they put the USB and AUX anywhere other than the glove compartment which now has to stay open if you want to use either? The audio system has a mind of its own. I'm off track back to the money, though again on the car if you can fit in it and don't mind suffering every day then the 50 or 60mpg might make it worth your while, and I never realized J-Lo was so damn small until I saw her next to it and I was like OMG SHE'S A MIDGET. Again back to money, Earning money on money through interest, ludicrous. All money being loaned at interest = infinite unpayable debt. Wage slavery! Technological unemployment! Don't give me that crap about people getting new jobs to fix the machines as they break, you'll never need as many people to fix the few machines that break on a rare occasion. The world is a prison, more accurately an asylum and my mind has broken upon realizing the truth making it only fitting that I'm already being slowly killed body and soul in this false reality. I swear that car is worse than a clown car, I can easily drive with my head through the sunroof if it weren't for the horrible wind burn I get. My knees in my chest, gut constantly on the horn, and how am I supposed to read those freaky gauges? The manual trans has such a high engagement point. Truly a traumatizing experience. Much like this money situation, no reason for it anymore AMIRIGHT!? Did I ever tell you how much I made on stocks? Quite a bit actually, I have a key grip on it even in the downturn I knew enough to stay afloat and yet now my boat is starting to fill with water and sink now that I've been without a real job so long and relying on my stock skills has only gotten me so far. And derivatives (one of many contributing factors but easily the most ridiculous) are still unregulate wtfiswiththatshoit! I'm going to ravage this voluptuous vixen next to me now, have a good night.

Edit: I just realized my tabs sparkle when I close them, how strange. If I blow at the screen the actors hair moves, can I control the tv that talks to me? does your tv talk to you? of course it does that's how it was designed, but I mean does it really?
I realize now, I've probably been drugged again...
seriously if you're giving someone drugged food stuffs let them know, cause like 4 of the 6 medicated cookies I got were heavily medicated and I didn't know before I finished eating them
and the other two weren't weed
and I may be adding a 7th to the list now, but all of those were from v-day, I don't think this was or was it?
my friend was tripping on acid once, looked in the mirror, and saw a blue waffle
look it up
no seriously

kylie minogue, love at first sight

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Self Repression

We all fight our natural instincts, whether they're good or bad, whether it's just some or all. Which ones we choose to indulge or ignore for better or worse are different for all of us and yet we still come to a general consensus that certain animalistic instincts should not be displayed ever except in a controlled environment that keeps secrets better than area 51.

There's usually a good reason for most of what we hold back and yet somehow we've taken the idea much further than it was ever intended and now repress beneficial instincts as well. We make ourselves suffer and treat happiness like a disease.  Religion is notorious for this in fact, some people going so far as to spread ash on their bread for fear they might enjoy the taste. I for one encourage others to enjoy themselves responsibly. There's no reason we can't be happy in this life under the right conditions and we shouldn't have to stifle ourselves for any reason.

It's understandable again to hold back your killer instincts, but holding back your sexual instincts as well is detrimental all around, assuming that your sexual instincts aren't particularly violent in nature or come at the cost of force. Survival is a good instinct to have and use. We should all take interest in defending our life instead of throwing it away for nothing, if you're going to sacrifice yourself let it be for a good cause not because you attribute it to some plan or "fate".

I suppose the simplest way to explain this is that you should each discern for yourself which tendencies you have and whether or not they're acceptable in nature for the prosperity of the community. If you can't control yourself that's something else all together. However if you can control yourself simply determining what you really need to hold back and what you don't is important instead of simply accepting the restrictions placed on you by others, question everything.

Monday, February 20, 2012


First I'd like to thank Earl from Just a Thought for his blog award. This is his blog and I'll post 5 picks of my own once I narrow them down.

This provides me with an excellent opportunity to talk about notoriety and the attention seekers, the quiet heroes deserving of acknowledgement yet so very rarely get it. Everyone likes to get noticed, and most people seek out their 5 minutes of fame and then try to extend it as long as they can. So often though people strive for it and never achieve or it burns out so quickly thus the 5 minutes holds true. There are some however who's 5 minutes are so powerful and profound that they change the world and become known forever. A speech by Severn Suzuki delivered to the UN on global warming for example did change the worlds views on renewable energy and for that she will in some way always be known. Though it's sad to say that 20 years later nothing has changed in spite of her efforts.
Some powerful names even if you can't place them you'll always know them, simply because of their short time in the spotlight in which they shined brighter than the light itself or were so dark that the light seemed to be pointed at a void. For an example Richard Kuklinski whom for some reason I remembered as Jonathan but apparently I was quite wrong. If you don't immediately recall or didn't know to begin with he was known as "the iceman" and that may ring a few serial killer bells. In fact it's more likely that you'll remember 50 different serial killers names before you can remember every president of the US. Every once in a while you'll hear the name of a missing child from years ago because of how shocking or mysterious it was. You may remember a scientist like Marie Curie, or Oppenheimer, Fowler, Heisenberg, and yet have no idea why you know them.

This whole thing leads me to question why, even though we are obviously social beings, we desire notoriety so much. It's amazing what some people will do to get noticed. It's equally amazing how we can completely ignore something deserving of our attention. Without rambling I'll leave to you question the value we place on popularity. We used to be famous for skills and abilities, now it's simply a matter of how well known you are regardless of talent. I'll use the hiltons and kardashians as examples, and I honestly don't know the first or last thing about either and could care less, yet somehow I've managed to hear about their epic levels of stupidity and somehow they're insanely popular for absolutely no reason. Again pointing to being known for being famous vs being famous for being known.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Innver voice

A snippet of a conversation I thought to be of interest in relation to a previous post.

The repression of instincts is necessary if we wish to benefit from all the advantages gained from living in a society. As a man many of my natural aggressive instincts if given free reign would result in an early death for me and probably those I fought with. If every man and woman gave into their natural urges without thought of consequence civilizations that have taken thousands of years to build would be destroyed very quickly. We as a race will only survive and prosper through reason and restraint. As for heroism, the world is full of heroes, but they speak softly, act without thought of gain and are often gone before anyone knows they were there.
qucker than I expected, and I agree with what you have said but you've left a lot unsaid. You're focusing on the repression of our violent instincts or other negatives as we've deemed them, yet make no mention of the evils we do not repress or even openly express in a controlled manner. Nor do you mention why we suppress our positive instincts that would benefit others and ourselves. Some people restrain themselves from helping others or even go out of their way to hinder them. Others like various war mongers and dictators slaughter by the millions with no self control and we sit idly by and do nothing but watch. What are your thoughts on that? (+1 for you btw very well worded)

Well when discussing evil, things get a bit complicated. What is considered evil by one culture can be considered by another to be perfectly normal practice. I think what constitutes evil is a question for another day. (Four in the morning where I am so have to go to bed.) What will always be a part of human nature though is the desire to compete and this is not necessarily a bad thing. While it is this desire that is responsible for some of the things you talk about, like going out of our way to hinder others or failing to offer assistance when it is needed. It is the desire to compete that has driven most of our technological advances. For every instinct there is a negative and a positive. Anger for instance while often thought of as solely negative will help a man to fight to defend his family when in danger. Anger is right at this moment helping citizens around the world to topple corrupt governments. Love is often see as the ultimate expression of selflessness and is the embodiment of all that is good, but terrible things have been done because of love and the kind of fanatical devotion it can create, not just between individuals but love of all manner of things. Emotions should inspire and guide us, but reason above all else is mankind’s most valuable gift.

I won't comment further on it right now, just putting it out there as is for your consideration.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Carpe Noctem

You've all heard carpe diem (seize the day) however I've always considered myself a being of the night. I generally start my day after the sun goes down and hence I seize the night (carpe noctem). Today I offer to you the idea that you may function better as a person if you truly know your naturally thriving hours. So often we are constricted to the light and with only a few cities that are truly busy at night most places seem to turn into desolate wastelands.
I'll use Detroit Michigan as an example. Go to the more upscale area at the corner of plymouth and I think either middlebelt or schoolcraft, around midnight and simply look around, despite having so many lanes for traffic and so much business in the area the streets are completely empty, not a car or person in sight despite almost every light for every business still being on. You'd think it was a post apocalypse ghost town abandoned without damage, it's a weird sense to feel that only when you see something like it can you truly understand how shocking it can be at times.

My particular hours in which I'm at my peak are between midnight and 8am, so often I would sleep from 4pm to get up at midnight and in a sense I was quite the morning person, now I generally sleep through most of the day and get up around 5pm and work through till sunrise or so. I've found it to be fairly consistent as well. I convince some others I know to try and find the best times for them and they've since become more productive by slightly changing their schedules to work with those hours.
So what I'm asking you isn't to change your life, just to understand when you're at your best so you can plan accordingly for what you want to get done. You never know when it might be useful or how it might change your life.

For some of you the hours may not matter, it may be certain weeks in certain months or seasons in which you simply perform your best naturally and it could still be useful information to have. The question then comes why this is. Believing in science I have no reason to think that it should matter when I'm up or down as to how my body will function within reason and yet somehow it does. How many of you share my thoughts on how sad it is that so often the night is your friend but the town is asleep and therefore your efforts are for naught.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Though there are many alternatives, some better than others, capitalism seems to be the king of the hill for now. Even in all its different forms the monetary system inevitably boils down to capitalism which while commonly applied to money can also be applied to psychology as well. However for this topic I'll try to stick within money based ideology.

Money in and of itself has no value yet we hold it with such high regard as such its value is greater than anything else. What a man will do for money is astonishing to say the least. There are many campaigns out there to teach the masses about the evils of money in today's world given the current state of technology. Some offer alternatives of all different kinds, whether they be a step back to bartering, a system of membership or labor based earning of rights but one has stood out to me at least as having a unique and progressive idea. The campaign I bring forth is the Zeitgeist movement and the Venus Project. Their idea is a resource based economy. While I don't claim to fully understand it, what I do understand is that it's truly a powerful idea that logically seems to be the most superior alternative to money. The system they propose would seem to be the best for the entire human race, yet only the young seem to be capable of grasping it or embracing it. I questioned as to why our elders could not understand the idea as I was explaining it to them. I was met with comments of communism and other related topics which I wasn't ready to handle at the time. Here I am years later and while I still can't properly defend the idea I've at least been able to explain how it's not communism.

With products of all different kinds these days branding has lead to a false sense of superiority substantiated by the exuberant price of the brand. If all phones were exactly the same for example and each phone simply accessed a database so that anybody could pick up and use any phone and have all their info still on it, people would be much less concerned about their phone in general such as if they dropped it somewhere or letting someone borrow it for a second and related because they'd easily be able to get a replacement which would likely be much cheaper if not free. From what I understand you can still have private property in a resource based economy, but it wouldn't be quite the wasteful kind we have now of having a car you barely use that sits around all day and night for no good reason, instead you'd likely rely more on public transportation and essentially rental cars. Other things you'd probably borrow as needed from a dispensary location while other things you'd pick up from that location and simply keep if you're likely going to use it on a very regular basis. Access to all of this is absolutely free and has no requirements or strings attached. You don't have to be a citizen, or work, and nobody is there to stop you from taking it because it's there to be given to you. The idea being that you're now free to socialize and pursue things of your own free will as you desire instead of wasting your life in service to a system as essentially a slave just to survive from day to day.

Referring back to my other blog in which I posted as to what it cost to make a game and how much profit it can make I'll use that as an example for the new economic model presented. The changes between modern warfare 2 and 3 were relatively minor, a few new maps a change up in weapons and accessories, a new campaign, and the addition of survival mode. All of this, and I do mean ALL could've been DLC for MW2. The only reason a whole new game was released was the capitalist model. If we'd been using RBE in this case you'd still have gotten the game, but it would have probably been much better, and you would've gotten it as a digital download instead of wasting resources on plastic and metal cases and discs, and chances are it would've been much much better in terms of not only quality of the game but networking, and multiplayer systems. All various forms of entertainment would still exist however it would be because people enjoy making and working on them instead of just pumping out garbage for a quick buck.

One example used in their propaganda is actually one I've done myself. Making a table, is how they explain you'd use the best materials and design to make a table that would last. Well I got together with my friends and we did just that, we designed a sturdy table, got the materials we could based on what was available, cut it, sanded it, primed and painted it then assembled it and I've been using it every since and it's held up much better than any other table I've ever had considering how many times I've had to move it which means disassembling and reassembling it on a regular basis which thankfully we had in mind so it's quick and easy. Together we had a great time, made some memories, and created a high quality table we could be proud of, not because we wanted to make a profit or something but because we simply wanted to, it's not like we needed the table it just sounded like a fun project. We haven't had many opportunities to do that sort of thing though because of jobs and limitations of funding etc, but I could assure you that if we didn't have to worry about those things we'd probably work on a lot more things together because it's what we enjoy doing.

So I'll ask you, if you didn't have to worry about time, money, other things in general, what would you do, what do you enjoy doing, if you could do something on a regular basis the rest of your life under these conditions what would it be?

Sunday, February 12, 2012


So often we get excited over things that have yet to happen. The anticipation of how much we'll enjoy ourselves at a goal or destination or activity, all the while we fail to realize the great feeling we have before that until after it's too late to properly enjoy. For example as you wait on a new game and play the old related one or read an article about its features, all the while you're fantasizing and enjoying yourself thinking that the final result will be even greater. Sex can sometimes be the same way in which the climax is a total let down compared to that few moments just before or even the entire time prior, which can be really depressing by the way as you get ready for something earth shattering only to be like was that it? wtf that was garbage. All too often this happens where everything leading up to the end is so much greater.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have while you have it, because one day you'll miss it. Feel free to tell me a story of how you were let down by what you thought was going to be amazing only to be more satisfied by your fantasy of how amazing it would be.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Faceless Heroes

We all have a hero inside of us. We may suppress or embrace it, we may not know it's there, but in the end there's no denying it even the most villainous among us can do the right thing even if it's for the wrong reasons. The problem however is all too often we will ignore our impulse to help others for any number of reasons. That is why we must rejoice the precious few that will act selflessly to help someone else.

Furthermore we should not be so proud as to deny help when we really need it. That is by far one of the worst problems I've noticed when trying to help someone is how much they don't want me to help even though they clearly need it and secretly want it they won't let themselves admit that they can't do it on their own.

Be persistent and follow through when you help, don't let them push you away and simply give up on them. Be aggressively kind, I don't care if you have to chase down a homeless man for 2 miles to give him 20$ just do it. True story btw only it was like one mile or so, ended up running for nearly 20min chasing this guy, never had anybody run from me for so long, handed him the cash said you're welcome and walked away he probably spent the rest of his day trying to figure it out. By preference if you can offer someone a job that's a better offer, give them a place to stay and a small wage for being your personal assistant and put them to work.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Evolution vs Transcendence

Inevitably if evolution holds true we must evolve or die, we can not be at a peak of evolution because it is a constant adaptation to better survive in our environments which can always be more efficient. There is now however an alternative possible from what I view that may be quite interesting. Given our rapid expansion of technology and research in artificial intelligence I'm curious how long it would take to develop a system that can truly think on its own.

What I'm talking about is a transcendence of humanity itself. The next evolution of man may be into machines. I'm not talking about cyborgs or terminators, I'm flat out talking about robotics with no fleshy parts. Imagine if you will that you are otherwise exactly the same in your method of thought you simply have no need for a physical body and if you so choose to have one it's entirely replaceable if ever anything goes wrong. The end of all mortal diseases and malfunctions. Never again would you have to forget anything and conversely you wouldn't have to be plagued by memories you don't want. You would need for nothing as you do now. This includes food, water, shelter, and other currently common necessities. This would likely greatly reduce waste as you could imagine among other things. This would be quite simply too radical a change to fully explain or understand however I will say that it's a powerful idea and in it's simplest form it is not entirely out of the question as a potential future.

Logically this new form of life (even if it's artificial) would develop protection against naturally damaging environmental variables such as those pesky solar flares, or any sort of electro magnetic interference which I'd point out doesn't have to be in pulses to be damaging.  Evolution would still be applied to our new found forms as we would constantly improve and find better ways to survive every possible change in the world. This would also open up space exploration for galaxies far away or even just the nearby planets and many other quests simply no human could ever complete in one life given the current lifespan.

However as to our natural evolution I propose this idea that humans not only can survive for much longer than a century but that we are currently evolving into that form and will soon have significantly increasing lifespans into the centuries. What if the current lifespan isn't because of all these modern techniques we've learned and applied to "prolong" life, what if it's simply the product of our slow but steady evolution? What we've learned is that the human body is capable of surviving much longer with proper care and that we could easily extent our life into a millenia under the right conditions, and in that time we wouldn't just be a big bag of flesh but more like a constant youth, simply think of it as aging at 1/10th our regular rate.

If we were to suddenly find ourselves with such time though the question must be asked if we would want to? I dare say that we would eventually simply choose to die. That will be a great day in humanity is when we have the choice as to when we die and don't have to worry about when our time will come naturally. My final question to you is which would you rather have, transcending humanity to become something new or evolving into a new height of your species?

Monday, February 6, 2012


I've never been a big fan of "the more things change the more they stay the same" mostly because change comes in waves.  Granted after a wave has passed it seems like the next wave is so far away and not much will change between waves and if they are indeed getting further apart them it would seem like that statement is true. However when things change they change a lot and fast and waves tend to be grouped together in short order for large periods of time then huge gaps before the next series.  Today I'm looking back on change and one thing stood out from the rest. America (United States anyway) has always took pride that it was founded on freedom and its progressive views towards progress. One of my favorite lines was always how government had no power other than explicitly expressed. Yet somehow it has perverted itself into giving itself more power and had now flipped the coin on the citizens residing in its borders in addition to trying to oppress the world. Now the average citizens has no freedoms other than what is expressly given to them by the government and those can be taken away at any time for any reason. We've gone from preaching about freedom to nearly outright conquest of the world and fear mongering.

Why is it that we live in constant fear of terrorism so much so that we have allowed our freedoms to be taken from us nay have given them away even though it's hardly protected us and likely never will truly protect us. One thing I've learned is a dedicated man can do anything he sets his mind to. I've on more than one occasion been contracted to test airport security, and I can assure you they've failed my test every time. The Marshall on the plain is honestly the best source of security they have and only one of them has ever caught me. I've successfully carried any object given to me from take off to landing without being caught and having taken it out on the plane at least once while going through every security measure. Frequently it's a knife or other simplistic weapon but I've also transported stable explosives (not with detonator or trigger device just the solid compound) that have passed all sorts of bomb detection and dogs. I've even gone so far as to carry a loaded gun through which is actually what the one Marshall got me for and he knew in advance that I was going to have it so it wasn't a freak out moment. I broke down how I'd taken the pieces apart and hidden then cleverly in a standard brief case in such a way I could easily remove them for reassembly including 7 rounds of ammunition and a clip. If ever a terrorist wanted to I assure you that if your Marshall fails you then no other security will save you.

My main concern is with the near dictatorship this country has become. I'm not trying to be unpatriotic in any way merely pointing out that the government today is one such that our founding fathers would have likely be ashamed of. The main constitution and most of the amendments are just as they would have approved, but all the laws, bills, acts, and various other decrees that have stifled us are what they fought and died to get free from.

My solution is slightly radical in nature however I believe it's truly progressive and could eliminate the complaints many citizens have with such things. Given the ultimate power of the internet to connect so many to communicate and voice their opinions it's only logical to use it as a tool to reform the government as we know it. Having regular voting days or months or years in which the well informed citizens actually vote on all of these bills and acts and other such decisions we've given up to our representatives that don't honestly represent us or our ideas and tend to ignore us unless we've helped them buy their spot in congress. Given that of course many Americans still don't have internet it should first be a priority to make it a utility of the highest grade with fiber optic t3 or higher grade internet to every citizen paid for by taxes or given simply as a choice that anyone can opt out of with free service in relation to voting. Granted this presents a major problem with the voters that aren't necessarily as familiar with computers as the youngest generations. For that they could elect an individual to place their vote for them not necessarily so much an official as a real representative. It could also be possible to have digital voting machines in the town hall or other voting location for them to go and fill out as usual. This would go a great distance in claiming back some of our freedoms as we could choose to repeal anything we no longer approve of or never approved of to begin with. This would likely come in the form of a .gov website with a poll for each and every option to be voted on by the people in which a significant majority would determine what gets passed or not.

Logically you'd need to prove you're a citizen or resident of some kind depending on voting laws, and that you're who you claim to be to ensure no repeat votes to tip the scales. And this would even work on a scale in which residents could vote for laws in the city, the county, the state, and the country. With an accurate knowledge of how many registered voters there are we could determine how many people did not vote to estimate if a significant majority simply has not voted on a subject and therefore postpone it until only a few haven't voted. The most simplistic part of the idea is that it's extremely rare with any two people to completely agree on everything which means that your current representative likely only represents you less than half the time he's voting for you on these important subjects that will go on to effect your life for a very long time and sometimes in very significant ways.

This particular article isn't quite as firm as I'd intended to write it, however I've been drugged and it's hard for me to put anything together clearly right now so I hope you'll forgive some of the roughness and embrace the basic idea which is that we're all being controlled in some way or another and that we need to change something if we ever want to be free again.

Sunday, February 5, 2012


You can connect with any point in time however you see fit for the objective of time travel under the conditions I've previously mentioned. Today I'm observing the idea of rage. Anger to a point in which you can literally open a time warp because of how engrossed you are in that moment. Rage is probably one of the easier methods to achieve but also the least stable as once your rage fluctuates you lose your bond with that time. It's also the most hazardous as the level of rage required will likely cause your blood pressure to go too high and you'll simply bleed into your brain and die. Every once in a while though, your anger is the stuff legends are made of, the heavens themselves shake in fear of your almighty rage. In that moment, time stops and you have successfully isolated yourself from the world by forcefully breaking your bonds.

How many of you have actually experience such rage?

Conversely the main alternative is to establish new bonds with a different time that are stronger than the ones you have with the current time. Those people that are "stuck in the past" are more likely to actually become stuck in the past than you or I. If you could establish an actual link to the past even for a moment then things tend to be self perpetuating and you'd be unwittingly bonded with that past in such a way that you'd simply continue to exist there without needing to maintain your connections as they'd be self renewing by how engrossed you are in that time.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Non Existence

Have you ever felt yourself phase out of existence? I've known what it is to truly be nothing and somehow reconstitute myself, in that time I knew nothing while being nothing yet somehow connected to everything. Some old part of me still existed and yearned for my consciousness and drew me back a matter of self preservation perhaps. This wasn't a drug induced scenario, a dream, or a death experience it was a mental state which truly exists outside of the scope of words to describe. When I came back I had a renewed sense of what it is to exist, not just as a body or a consciousness but as a being of this universe. I also had a new perspective on the idea of a soul, that essence of a person that exists outside of what can be explained in a physical sense. I imagine this may not be too far from the ever elusive "enlightenment" we all seek. I've always thought there's a misinterpretation of what that really is to begin with. I view it as a sense of wisdom and not knowledge, a matter of understanding all things and not knowing all things as most people believe. If this is the case it's unlikely if I ever achieve that state that I'll return to a physical body as it would then be unnecessary and I couldn't use it to spread this new found power because it's something that each person has to find in their own way otherwise it's meaningless.

I will say though that my new found relationship with this physical world has lead me to untold kinds of power I thought only to be myth or fiction. The question then is it all a matter of perspective or am I simply stripping myself of the metaphysical chains that hold me back? Of course this could all be a dream and I'll wake up but so far my reality checks have yet to say otherwise.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Inner peace / Knowing thyself

For a long time I thought I'd found inner peace at an early age. While I don't doubt that particular belief as a whole I've recently come to a very difficult question. If I indeed do not know inner peace I will have to thoroughly question how far I am from it after this. The question at hand though is based on my stunning realization that I don't truly know myself. While watching a video of myself I didn't recognize myself at all which is beside the point which it lead me to. What I'd realized is that I know myself in context in a past tense but I don't truly know myself in the broader sense or of what kind of person I really am. It's more than a simple conflict of good or evil, Yin/Yang would be more accurate, but a greater level of complex and intricate variables that influence my entire thought process and how much control I have over it. I'm confident in my decisions and not to be headstrong but I don't change them often. I'm a firm believer in the first choice is always the right one.

For me it doesn't matter on a moral level of how or why I make my choice but it's important to me to know it all the same. If you help someone does it matter how you help them or why? It may not be direct help and it may not even be help in the traditional sense but sometimes it's more effective. This is portrayed as the starving man who's given fish for a day and then starves to death vs the starving man who's taught to fish in a day without eating but then feasts like a king for the rest of his days by the knowledge gained in that day. However this concept can be broadened to the starving man who isn't helped either because he does not deserve it or has not earned it, or even simply that it will make him weaker and it's in his own best interest to learn how to survive without help.

So whether I follow the path of direct help or indirect help, of giving or teaching, of social or literal Darwinism I'm comfortable with my decisions. The question of my inner peace comes from a simple and elegant yet profound idea that how can you be at peace with yourself if you don't even know yourself in the true sense. Can you really be at peace with the darkest parts of yourself you don't even know about? If you connect in the sense that all people are a part of each other can you really be at peace with someone you don't know? I believe you can, though for how long I'm unsure. Inner peace is a constant struggle with the world. It is transient and rarer than any gem known to man, therefore you should embrace it entirely whenever you can. I hope this will help you alleviate some of your regrets on your path through life.