Saturday, January 5, 2013

Changing Reality

Altering reality much like altering timelines does not come without unforeseen consequences.Even the slightest adjustments have far reaching effects. I've elaborated before on how the right answer is only right if the steps taken to arrive at that answer were also right. Let's imagine then a world where the right answer don't have to come from procedure and order yet rather as long as the final answer is right then nothing else matters. Perhaps an extreme of "the ends justify the means" as it were.

That's actually a rather big change, fairly drastic. Somewhere in the 10 dimensions it probably exists too which is almost scary to consider. Let's say you have a djinn though and it has the power to literally change reality to your whim, how would you change it? It wouldn't even have to stab you in the back you're going to do it to yourself with this one. Assuming the entire universe doesn't suddenly collapse as it's likely to happen with a sudden change in it's very foundation. I would imagine giving the power of creation to everyone. While it's arguable that reality is already subjective and thus we all have that power, it's not something we're well connected to and I would change that. Just imagine all the new chaos that this would bring. Remember also that you're now in a world where as long as the end result is correct, whatever that may be, then it doesn't matter how you get there. 1,2, skip a few, 99, 1000 ducks building a beaver damn, it doesn't matter. Any change in the rules of reality will completely destabilize it, you'd have to make your changes very specific like a few extra items rather than altering the way mathematics work out.

Though for some of you it might be changing the way biology works so that all life is eternal. Imagine the great suffering that could come with that. Really it's hard to find the words to explain, it's simply a matter on the edges of current human comprehension. There isn't much you could change in reality that couldn't be done by finding the appropriate timeline or adjusting an existing one. The most shocking truth though is that every moment of every day you are changing reality, and you are creating and destroying entire timelines and contributing to the creation and destruction of many others. The only question is whether or not you actively realize it, because in truth there isn't much controlling it and you certainly can't stop it, even removing yourself from the equation changes it. So try to appreciate your awesome powers and see for yourself how much power you really have, it's more than you realize.

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