Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Getting Lost + Convergence

As it would turn out I was in a very similar timeline for weeks and I'm only just now realizing this. Thankfully the other version of myself kept up the other blog on my behalf and now I'm back apparently he didn't keep a blog for this. Interestingly enough I'm finding that all forms of me across all timelines don't exist at the same time or in the same manner and as more and more find their abilities a convergence happens in which I gain their knowledge. Which means I pretty much feel at home wherever I am. I'm assuming now of course that this is my original timeline or close enough.

No I will not go back and re-write all of those blogs or copy paste to a drive and post here. I did that once already it was a headache and nobody believed me anyway because by the time I proved it they remembered it as though it had always been there and thus nothing had been missing to begin with. Oh the delights of time travel.

So what's new is the question? my answer is technically nothing, but you're about to hear some very interesting news about the wiiU that will more than likely upset or piss you off even if you liked the wiiU, if you already hated it then now you will be more justified in your hatred.

An interesting question for some of you, how would you know if you'd jumped timelines into a timeline exactly like yours except one minor difference that doesn't directly effect you? How do you know you haven't done so already at least once if not dozens of times?

I finally figured out what had been bothering me for so long, the light switches in the basement of my house flip in the other direction here, so they were reversed where I was. That was basically the only difference between here and there that I could find. Why didn't I stay? because those switches were pissing me off! When you do something enough times long enough and suddenly it stops working like it used to then it tends to upset you. Consider how you know though that you're in your right timeline or not and how you plan on living knowing that maybe you're not where you belong....