Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you could control bosons, but had to pick which, what would you rather control? The higgs is responsible (in theory) for giving mass to objects. Given control over this you might be able to change the size and weight of anything, potentially even altering other aspects. Meanwhile the gauge  is (also in theory) responsible for particle interactions. Controlling the gauge could allow moving any series of objects to move through each other, explode on contact, or any other number of things you could conceive relating to particle interactions. I'd be curious how far this could extend, such as how people perceive things is all a series of interactions of various particles. Could it potentially be used to alter gravitational forces as well, and if so then to what extent?

For those of you completely lost, I suggest the wikipedia entry on bosons as a crash course. My pick would probably be gauge bosons. The main reason for that is I can be quite creative with the subject, yet when thinking about higgs somehow it seems as though there's only a handful of core ideas which by association everything would have to expand on, making it feel repetitive in a way.

It dawns on me now, a blog (such as this) would've been the perfect place to detail some difficult moral choices I've been making lately, which coincidentally is primarily why I haven't been writing as much... how odd.

Also I may be moving, where to I have no clue. New York City, San Diego, basically extremes. It appears I'll be either going out of state, right now I'm kind of rooting for Hawaii because I can put my knowledge of the japanese language to good use as a translator and probably get paid reasonably well for it in the process. This of course doesn't account for the fact I already know people there. San Diego on the other hand is like gaming central and probably one of the best places for my career. Meanwhile NYC would probably prepare me for the later stages of my life, and if I were going to start a business that would be the place to get some pretty good education on how to run it. So here I have locations that will effect my life in unpredictable ways yet give me a vague idea of what could be. Not entirely unlike the bosons. Though it's also possible I end up staying where I am, which admittedly is a very bad choice to make.

Side note does anybody know the strongest non-magnetically reactive metal or ceramic composite? I was thinking of an idea but the problem was that a reasonably powerful magnet could be a problem to it, but it also has to be extremely impact resistant which isn't exactly easy to come by. As I discussed in a previous post though carbon nano-tubes while expensive are within my budget. So the question then becomes would they work, or is titatium ceramic reactive, if not then would it be as strong or stronger?

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Today I'm going to talk about illusions, hallucinations, and other tricks of the mind. Have you ever heard something and been so sure of it only to find out you were the only one to hear it? Perhaps see a shadow in the corner of your eye only to look and nothing is there. While we perceive many things in many ways for now I'm sticking to sensory perception.

The mind is interesting in many ways. One interesting thing is that people tend to find what they're looking for, even if it's not there. If you want to see a face enough you'll start seeing it in random things. The slight bumps on a wall from paint, or some leaves in the trees, or any other place you can or can't think of. This can go even further into focusing so much that you become blinded to other things. This object blindness or selective perception interestingly has a counter part of perception manifestation in which your mind can completely see feel and sense an object in it's entirety. You want to see something so hard to the point you mind can literally create it for you. Though others may not recognize it at all it's interesting how real it can actually be. I've come across this once where I wanted so desperately to see an old friend that she happened to appear at the hospital I was in visiting a friend while she was there under the pretense of eye surgery. We caught up and spent the day together. I even held her hand, gave her a hug, and could remember the strong smell of her shampoo. When I went to visit her at her house a couple days later I found out she'd been dead for over a week. I was just in time for the funeral. Interestingly enough there was someone in the room at the hospital I thought she was in and they were getting an eye surgery, information I didn't really have prior to coming back to find out who I'd been talking to. Turns out I had been reported as talking to myself all over the hospital. Though I think that's only because this was before the age of cell phones and I was a very scary looking guy at the time. Moving on.

Object blindness or those of you interested more on the subject look up semantic agnosia or visual agnosia. Without going into the medical side more along the lines of the human side of it, the experience if you will. Opening a cupboard looking for perhaps a spice or a can of something moving things around looking everywhere for it, and yet you just can't seem to find it. Then someone comes over and picks it up from right in front of your face. Interestingly I've found this happens to more people when dealing the fridge, and in particular mustard or ketchup / condiments. Not sure why though. In that case I'm not talking about it's just back deep in the fridge where you actually can't see it, I'm talking about it's in the door or right in front of the milk right in the front and despite the fact you can clearly see it your mind does not. This also happens when you're simply distracted, perhaps lost in conversation you can easily walk right into a door, a wall, a pole, or just about anything really. Not really sure where I was going with this so I'll simply move on again.

Relating back to the mind seeing what it wants to see comes illusions. The intentional manipulation of senses in a calculated way to cause perception of illogical events. The idea being usually for entertainment showing how the mind can play tricks on itself.  This is also a common tactic of thieves interestingly. While you're busy watching the action, or whatever is right in front of you, you're missing the subtle movements in the background. The idea is to deliberately cause you to focus so hard your mind starts to ignore everything else, like the moon dancing gorilla. I know that's not what it actually was, but I also did post what it was in a previous post, object impermanence I believe? Basically you're busy watching the movements of various people, maybe counting how many times the ball is passed between people with a specific color shirt what have you, and in the mean time someone in a suit walks right through the action and you end up not seeing them at all because of your focus. It's worth considering the next time it seems like something is trying to take up all your attention as to whether or not it's actually covering up for something else going on that doesn't want any of your attention.

Today's blog is in dedication of my dear friend who died of leukemia.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Experience of Time Travel

So you wonder what it's like on the inside? How does it feel to move through time and space? Quite simply put it's hard to put into words. Your entire body is engulfed in flame your senses are on fire and yet you do not burn. Then as you're in this raging inferno you shotgun yourself in pieces to your destination landing in various places and times and waiting to coalesce as the pieces slowly fall into place and find each other grouping around a focal point. It's a violent process to say the least.

Though that's not to say that it's entirely unpleasant after a while. Granted being ripped apart in such a way is beyond excruciating  every time, but coming back together does have quite a euphoric feeling to it. I still wouldn't recommend it on that alone though.

Interestingly stopping time rather than moving through it, or more accurately removing yourself from time is actually a very chilling and cold experience. Chilling in the frightening way as you feel the sudden disconnect from everything and you know you're all alone. During this you're also experiencing a cold snap making it difficult to function as you'd rather go skinny dipping in alaska than spend any more time where you are. Thankfully that feeling passes relatively quick.

There's not much I can think of to say about it beyond that. After your movements are complete it's basically business as usual. Returning to the present from the past or future is the same process however returning from stopped time is more like watching reality fade in. You see the shadows and ghosts of things slowly coming back into existence as you rejoin the timeline and once everything appears to be solid it just seems to pop into motion all at once. I may even be mistaken but it seems like after returning time moves a little faster for a while, almost as if to catch up for time lost.

It's worth mentioning that your clothes don't really like time travel usually. I often find they don't hold up well and come out with holes in them or slight burns. It's possible these parts simply haven't coalesced yet but it's not such a big deal, at least they're not fusing with the body. This comes aside from the fact they stand out in the past and future because they're clearly from the wrong time period. Often when traveling you have to pick up new threads wherever you land, frequently stopping time in order to do so without drawing attention. It's for this reason I often do my time traveling with minimal clothing. I tried bringing a bag of appropriate clothes with me once, they got lost in transit.

Hopefully this is of some use to you fellow time travelers at some point.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Extra Sensory

Extra senses some people have, some people only know how to  use. Some people are connected with a given aspect of our reality more than others and they're not all of the same type. I connect for example with time disruptions hence the blog. Other people connect with souls, life, death, elements, thoughts, and many other aspects. These connections are called extra senses sometimes extra sensory perception  however I believe it to be somewhat inaccurate.

Not everyone is limited to only one extra sense either, often the case actually is that where you find one you find many. It's not uncommon to find that someone with an extra sense may have more even if they're less obvious to them. Though often such extra senses are closely related. For example in my early days I thought I was telekinetic doing small tricks like spinning a soda can in place or moving small objects, an aspect that if I'd properly trained could've proved very useful I imagine. However instead I focused on my sense of time which has proven quite useful far beyond I think telekinetic abilities. For example I will sometimes get a feeling of something's wrong or otherwise doesn't feel right like something is just off, in these cases it doesn't feel dangerous but I remain observant all the same and once in a while it proves useful. I'm inclined to believe it's just paranoia but I trust my senses all the same. I've always headed my "don't go out" feeling in which when I go outside I get an immediate urge to go back inside and stay there and to not go anywhere at all and every time something has turned out to happen where I was going to go or on my way to where I was going. This is an extension of my time abilities in which my body feels what's going to happen to it in the near future and warns me. It may seem foolish to you but to me it's been a life saver. Sadly though it's not 100% and doesn't save me from everything and I can't seem to tell when others will be effected for the same reasons. Sometimes the intensity of these feelings is different and I can tell that it would be more serious of an event, and if I knew some of the things in the past I know now I would've acted differently on some of the feelings. For example a bus to chicago I was supposed to get on once. I had a strong urge not to get on the bus, so strong in fact my entire body completely froze and wouldn't move even an inch closer to the bus. I didn't think to warn anyone else and later on I found the bus had exploded killing everyone due to some mechanical issues. It's reasons like that I put serious faith in my feelings of that nature and never doubt them.

Moving on to something most people share and it's an interesting sense, is when you bring things with you from your dreams. Sometimes you wake up from a dream on the beach with sand in your bed or you're holding an item and when you wake up you're still holding it. Often the dream reflects the reality however in rare occasions the reality reflects the dream, your mind using all it's power to alter the universe ever so slightly. Not long ago perhaps 2 to 3 years I was dreaming something in which I was holding a piece of paper with numbers on it. When I woke up I was indeed holding that very paper and had no clue where it came from, a strange feeling told me to play the numbers in a lottery. After doing so I did win that lottery which I found highly unusual as I'd never experienced anything like it nor have I done so since. Possibly just another extension of time however I'm inclined to believe otherwise. I'd be interested in hearing what you've pulled from your dreams in the comments.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Additional factoids

I may have neglected to mention one or two things in the previous post which really did warrant mentioning. One I believe I actually mentioned much earlier but it bears repeating the other I may not have mentioned however I really should have. So to begin with travel is relative not absolute. By that I mean that when traveling in time if it were absolute you'd almost always end up in space with the earth rotating around the sun and all. Because travel however is relative you move with the planet in the process. Seems like a minor detail at first but the implications are quite important.

The second factoid is that when I mentioned before that "we're all time travelers of the present" I wasn't joking or being cute it was actually quite serious. You see when moving through time or stopping time you're changing time relative to yourself. That is to say then that if you stopped time only persistent things would remain, where as all people being travelers would continue to travel through time where as you've simply removed yourself from time all together. This means if you successfully stopped time you'd be all alone in an empty world. I'm not quite sure if that's clear enough though I hope it is. See when you stop time you're not stopping time itself which would include everyone else, instead you're stopping time as it relates to you. Think of it as a group, you're in the group and the group is called time. By stopping time you leave the group, and for this example the group is moving, because you've left the group you may or may not be moving but you're no longer moving with the group and to further demonstrate this means you can no longer observe the group or its movements because you're no longer in it. Now then you can rejoin the group. You can even rejoin where you left as though you'd never left. However the interesting thing about this is you can rejoin the group anywhere you want, at the front or at the back or anywhere in the middle. It doesn't matter if the group is a line, a circle, a crowd, a sphere, up, or down it's still a collective don't split hairs.

Though in the process however your absence and subsequent rejoining causes the group to shift ever so slightly to accommodate your movements causing slight ripples. Like that guy in traffic that suddenly swerves and then a mile back in traffic everybody is completely stopped because of it. These ripples can be observed and can cause unintended side effects simply by moving. Thankfully however this only becomes an actual problem in the 5th dimension in which you actually interact with time, because 4th dimensional travel is merely observatory and doesn't actually cause such ripples. However using knowledge from these observations to change time can cause a ripple, it's like bumping the 5th dimension without actually going through it.

Remember before when I mentioned those timeline bubbles that make all events self fulfilling in that they rearrange events to make themselves happen because of how strong they are. Well these things aren't always just there they happen in the present of a given timeline at some point going from a small possible bubble to a self actualized bubble making it much bigger and when these events happen in that present the ripples can be felt as the bubble spreads. It doesn't just immediately occupy all of the time it takes instead it slowly moves outward as it orchestrates these events and as it passes you in your present you can feel it if you're aware. The timelines are always constantly shifting with new and old events and their ripples constantly altering things. A bubble is only as big and strong as it can sustain itself. All events are self sustaining as a constant and therefore every second you move through them you feel their ripples constantly pushing outward combating forces that try to force the bubble to collapse or move or shift or otherwise alter or change it, which sometimes even includes time travelers trying alter events. Often a bubble with weak force will collapse and nothing important happens but if a strong enough force collapses a bubble the ripples from that can be felt even to some of the people that aren't sensitive to such things. A sudden absence of a large bubble that you've been traveling through can be felt on a very serious physical level, sometimes even causing a large number of people to feel it at the same time. Often however when such things happen the implosion is so strong the entire timeline collapses with it. An event which while observed I've never actually experienced, and admittedly I'm somewhat afraid to given what could happen to me in the process. Though I may not have the choice as I feel a series of collapses lately though the future still exists it would seems as though the timeline is becoming unstable most likely from strong forces in one of the other primary timelines as we approach an intersection of the 3 primaries I believe all timelines collapse in the process before spawning the new ones. This should be quite interesting all the same.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Few Truths, on time travel

I've found a few interesting  things about time travel recently, revelations really. First and the most important of which is that the current present you inhabit is a collective of the current past, bubbles aside. That is to say rather than only inhabiting the time as defined by overlapping bubble time events discussed in a previous post, you instead are inhabiting the time line itself as it would exist based on all past events. So while an event might only effect a given region if it becomes a historical fact such as newspaper for example then any point in time beyond that it becomes a part of the timeline. So when you make a change in the past however big or small it does become a part of the line itself and going into the future perhaps at a different location you'll be able to observe yourself and your changes provided you can access that information out of that region. This was interesting to me in that prior my thought of it was that a change only happened in the timeline of that region and didn't spread beyond the bubble, rather now it seems all bubbles are interconnected regardless of overlap. This could have more serious consequences than I'd originally conceived.

So to clarify on the current past I'll use a couple classic examples. In the grandfather paradox you may not actually exist, which interestingly enough doesn't seem to matter. While you may have created and destroyed timelines your energy has been transferred all the same and you could even go so far as to kill yourself before traveling and still continue to exist. Apparently the continuum is more flexible than I'd originally thought as well. If for another example you were to take an item from the past with you into the future, the present you occupy in that future would behave as though that item had not been there the entire time. If I took an item from a museum into the future the past of that future which determines the present would show that the item had been missing all that time. Strangely if you take that item in the past the two can be put next to each other up until the point in which it was taken unless something is done to stop it from being taken in which both items would continue to exist. It's very strange like that. Your memory doesn't seem to get altered because you're the traveler but the memories of anyone else not having traveled will behave as the collective past similar to the timeline itself because that is all they had experiences. A few individuals may have additional memories or feel something off but that is rare.

Next and more of a factoid than anything serious is that it's easier to move into the future than the past. Referring of course to the past prior to your present of origin. Returning to your origin from the future is the easiest time travel of all provided you're not in a different time for too long otherwise things can get a little jittery and when dealing with time jittery is a VERY SERIOUS problem. You risk becoming unstuck with no anchor to a given time you simply float through all of them randomly and constantly making a life or the remainder of whatever life you have very difficult. The exact nature of getting into a jittery type state is simply when your connection to the time you're in becomes equal or stronger than the connection to your origin while you're trying to move through a timeline. Though this problem to my knowledge does not present itself when jumping entire timelines all together. Though to correct myself it's more about the connection you're making with your destination and not with your actual origin. Though it would seem most transitions occur by passing through your origin at some point or another. As to the specific reason why it's easier to move forward than backward still eludes me, perhaps it's not universal simply a bias on my part, it's still something worth looking into either way.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fun with Energy

Little more science and a little less theory today. I've been playing around with those nifty nerd guns lately and figured I'd make a mention of it among other things. Later on I'll discuss a high efficiency electricity item. It's not quite over-unity or free energy as it's only about 86% efficient but it draws it's power from existing sources that are naturally abundant.

First the coil gun. My first attempts weren't noteworthy but at least successful. Using a few fancy techniques though I managed to get a slight levitation and spin on the slug slightly increasing velocity. I kind of mixed it with some rail gun ideas basically. I then managed to increase energy storage and output including an idea I'd use later by utilizing photo-reactive polymers on the gun to collect additional energy from the sun (very small but still usable) more importantly this electric charge created a worthy increase in the magnetic field also producing a kind of shield insulating the field directing it back in on itself substantially increasing the force. After a few revisions and an additional muzzle booster I got a 1.3 gram slug to travel at a velocity of 1,300 ft/s. That's faster than some normal bullets. The problem is it's only good for 2 shots then it has to recharge which can take a long time.

I'm playing with ideas to decrease power draw without sacrifice, aka increase efficiency. I've also made a secondary power clip for quick swaps. I'm working on a magazine and feeder for the gun as well. For the mean time though if I wanted to just run it back to back like crazy I found 2 decent gel cell batteries hooked up to it can provide it with enough power for quite a few shots. Ideally a kind of final product would be able to launch 1 to 5 gram slugs at rates of over 2500ft/s with the battery lasting for at least 20 to 30 shots if not more. My next upgrade in that department would probably be to lithium ion batteries or anything else more efficient I can find as well as an increased power generation method. Like a tiny portable energy generator (wishful thinking). I know it's all pointless because laser beam weapons will take over any day now but let me have my fun anyway. That and this tech might be useful in space battles! ... which will never happen.

For the next part I'll preface by first pointing out that to my knowledge "free energy" machines are pointless as the only few that do work can't be used for any worth while power and either require constant maintenance or have extreme limitations on capacities / uses. That having been said I've developed 2 items that produce energy one of which can be used for electricity the other simply for cooling. Neither are original tech just shall we say re-envisioned? Before you ask no I'm not posting diagrams I'm not selling and yes it's "fake" don't bother me about it. Primarily I say this because I showed a couple friends already and they're immediately screaming "free energy" etc and I won't be having that from the likes of the internet.

The first item is actually quite simple. It's a kind of passive radiator functioning on chemical reactions and thermodynamics. Ammonium nitrate when in the presence of certain porous metals like aluminum or pewter draw substantial heat away from the metal making it extremely cold. You can then use this with any liquid of your choosing in a tube to  siphon off heat. I developed it originally for my computer using a non newtonian ferro fluid and magnet system to create flow of the liquid through a radiator system submerged in the ammonium nitrate. The problem with this is it's a little corrosive and it just wasn't very cost effective. There was a certain level of maintenance and before you try this at home don't use an expensive radiator and have something have the container of the ammonium nitrate inside something plastic or glass, no metals. Non porous metals react with ammonium nitrate a little more violently producing heat. It is safe to use it won't explode on you but that doesn't mean your house might not burn down if you don't pay attention. Next up is important the fluid either must never stop moving or have a freezing point much below that of water. If you turn off your pump and let it sit, when you go to start it up again the ice crystals will wreck your entire system assuming they didn't do so already when they expanded. I suggest coating your tubing in something to prevent condensation as well, not really a problem but it's best to work preventative in this case. You can adopt this tech with additional non submerged radiators to distribute the cooling and collect additional heat. I made a small setup for one room using the same setup. I rigged basically a box on a wall with radiators on the top to transfer the thermal energies and the submerged radiators on the bottom to cool the liquid. This might even work with regular water if you inverted it making the cooling system up top forcing the cool water down and the hot water up for a nice cycle but don't quote me on it. On my computer system I noticed a 15 degree drop from where I already was with a very clear law of diminishing returns in place. I was using 1 liter of liquid ammonium nitrate transfering energy through a 120X320mm radiator and it took me 3 days to accomplish that before the temp would remain stable under normal load. Once I set it up in the room, I'd also point out now that this was before I realized the corrosive nature of this setup, I noticed a 40+ degree drop in temperature in the room after 2 days. I went from around 80 to 90 degrees to right around freezing. In this case I was using a home build radiator measuring around 6 inches wide by 12 feet long by maybe 3 inches deep submerged at the bottom and a similar one not submerged up top. I'm unsure how much liquid ammonium nitrate I was using in this case.

The second item on the list is kind of an amalgamation of various ideas. it uses naturally occurring harmonic resonation, wave form manipulation, gravity, inertia, momentum, and magnetism to generate a respectable amount of energy. To make an additional note the reason for this device is efficiency. Conversions methods for example photo-voltaic solar cells are inefficient of perhaps only 30% though admittedly I'm not sure of the exact number. So this is just for a higher conversion of existing tech. I get more volts out this way than traditional methods basically.

A little history really the only major change is that this was originally using a traditional coupler with lots of friction and heat that I went so far as to even submerge part of it in oil and use it for a small steam generator not wanting to waste energy. Now I use a frictionless magnetic coupler. Back then gravity was the prime mover and I used magnetic forces to increase rpm through momentum. Since then I've also gone frictionless using an elaborate system of powerful N52 magnets for keeping the whole system floating and frictionless with secondary correctors to keep it from going sideways and just flying out.

So to start things out, while N52 magnets are what's used to keep this thing floating that's all they really do here is relieve the weight of this thing which by estimation is probably in the range of 1600 to 2000 pounds because I can't afford light weight materials and carbon nanotubes. More on those in a minute. So while it's free floating a series of switches adjust weights rigged on the outside of this circular object making one side heavier than the other at all times. This gets you started. I'm adjusting these right now to allow for much faster speeds than what I'm currently getting. Harder than it sounds really as I need to tighten the weights down when they're not supposed to move more than what they are to keep them from moving outward from the speed, while also allowing them to move quicker when they are meant to move because they're staying in the same place too long before going where they should. I then use angled carbon nanotubes to form disturbingly powerful electromagnets to prove rotational assistance to the wheel. They are extremely expensive by the way and account for almost all of my entire budget. The power draw for them is less than 1/4 of the output of the wheel spinning on gravity alone and they are hooked up in an array so that 3 of these are pushing the wheel for every 1 that's pulling. The wheel however can't have that same setup and instead also uses N52's in fixed positions. I use additional rods treating the whole wheel almost like a flywheel to increase rpm further. To clarify there's a central pillar which at either end has a magnetic coupling turned generator collecting energy from all these rpms. I can safely let it run just like this and get 600rpm all day. However if I increase power to the nanotubes which can handle so much more and have so much room left for output I can make it to about 800rpm before problems really start to arise. They are hit and miss in the middle ground but they never happen at 600. Hence the reason I'm trying to correct them before my next plans. I have plans to further improve power output and hopefully increase efficiency. I plan on using the naturally large size of it to collect abundant energy in the air a kind of ionic to electromagnetic induction. I then plan to further improve it with a combination of harmonic resonation and wave form manipulation to accelerate it further.

Right now I'm contemplating more magnets with the weights to replace the toggle system rapidly forcing the weight into a specific place / location though it doesn't seem like it would work or would require substantial re-designs. Perhaps a small piston system with a computer controlled pressure system? Furthermore to collect as much as we can a photo-reactive coating of the entire system to collect as much additional solar as we could during daylight hours. clearly though the free falling methods currently used don't work in higher rpms and as I get this thing going faster and faster it'll become more important to make sure the weights transition as quickly and cleanly as possible and don't slip out of line. Right now I can power a few basic things but in quick tests of just rapidly pushing it to 800rpm before it starts freaking out I can see where it could probably power my computer which is considerable. I've clearly not told you everything so good luck trying to build it on your own. Perhaps when it's all said and done I'll do something crazy like blast it all over the net once I get some real power out of it but probably not even then considering I enjoy living still, not quite ready to start the zombie apocalypse. Because absolutely nothing, not even death could stop me from playing my holiday games list. I'm going to play last of us and borderlands 2 at the very least.

Hope you got some good ideas out of the lengthy write up. Now go make a coil gun for science.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Collective Conciousness

Every time you read a book or watch a movie you're wrapped up in a life that isn't yours. When you're done though you walk away with a piece. It might be new information, or a new perspective, some memories, a perception or methodology. We are all a collection of pieces , until we make our own piece to share. Our piece doesn't have to be anything more than a thought, because once it exists it's a part of our world for all to share. People the world over are so interconnected that some thoughts spread like wildfire. It's not just the establishment or similar natures it's a mutual understanding in nature. People who's minds are so perfectly aligned never even need to speak they simply understand one another. Even when it's like you're worlds apart or even in different countries sometimes a thought transcends traditionally accepted reality and becomes something more in such a way that those who are ready to accept it instinctively know it.

Don't ever try to deny the existence of a thought or you're robbing the world of a piece in the larger puzzle, and that's the worst thing to happen when you finish  a puzzle only to find out you're missing a piece. Be generous with your pieces sharing them costs nothing and in return helps you build your own piece as you help complete this world community puzzle.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Love is War

A classic saying that is surprisingly accurate in more than one way. The fine line between love and hate could be very well a main reason we have war to begin with. That's not to say that without love there'd also be no war, but I'd wager it would be significantly reduced. Significant and substantial are two different things though, while it would be noticeable it would be far from gone, particularly now that factor is shrinking in this day and age when war is primarily fought over resources.

To illustrate a small point I'll offer an example that perhaps you can relate to. Most people in my experience are less aggravated by other people of completely different beliefs on a given subject than those that have similar but not the same beliefs. It can be more aggravating that someone who seems to know a subject is slightly wrong or comes to a different conclusion than someone that denies it all together. For a gaming example let's say you have 3 people in a group chat discussing first person shooters. You and your friend believe Modern Warfare is the best while the other person is merely a guest and proclaims Battlefield is the best. This is usually a civil conversation though it can get heated just as easily as any other. Yet consistently if you and your friend do not share the same opinion on what the best gun is or even what the best gun of a given type is the conversation can turn into an all out shouting match. As you each hold your firm belief in something so similar it becomes inconceivable for anyone that otherwise agrees with you on the subject to disagree with you on such an important factor. This holds true in other subjects as well not just gaming.

While it's not universal there is a clear dominance on the subject. You can easily hate someone because you love them, you'd rather teach them a lesson than let them be. While you'd simply let a stranger go on to make a mistake when they disagree with you yet you'd get in a fist fight with a friend to prevent them from making that same mistake. Yet another classic which we may all know is how two people can love each other and yet one of them may do something so simple yet so profound it can send the other into a blood rage forever ending their relationship.

For an introspective look think about something or someone you hate and think about specifically why you hate it/them. Question your answer several times over and see if perhaps you discover something new you didn't know or understand before.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

On the Nature of Religion

It would seem the one truly unifying belief of all known religion as I've come across so far is neutralization. Not in the violent manner but a truly neutral method of living. The core concept being that we have all these emotions and desires that can never truly be satisfied completely. That is to say you may diminish your desire or partially satisfy it or even temporarily eliminate it by fulfilling it and yet it always comes back. Religion is a method for eliminating these desires, by neutralizing them in relation to the ones that are not necessary for living and reducing those which are.

While I may be inclined to suggest that this means we are at odds with what makes us human but I digress. Whether it's our emotions or desires or something else that makes us human they are part of us and religion seeks to strip us of that supposedly as an improvement. Some of us may entertain that thought in that we would rather not have emotions and would be content if we desired less. I for one would rather have both highs and lows than to always stay in the middle. While there is certainly more to be said on the subject I'll leave it up for discussion in the comments. Keep in mind I'm talking all of religion as a whole and not any specific religion and I would prefer if the comments stayed in a similar manner.