Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Intelligent Design?

I've been considering and rewriting this particular post for a few months now. My problem is the approach. Given that I've had such difficulty I'll try to be straight forward and see how everything turns out. Simply put my query is that if we were in fact made then what is to be gained from the existence of humanity? Not in the form of a metaphorical or existential quandary  rather a very literal what is the end goal purpose of the human race. Assuming we were designed I would imagine it was with a purpose even if that purpose was to satisfy some curiosity. I can not conceive a scenario in which any sort of omnipotent or omniscient deity would be responsible in particular considering any flaw in a creation reflects a flaw in the creator therefore if it was a deity they could not be considered either. Even if the flaws were intentional to some unknown purpose.

I see the potential for where we could have been created and yet I see no evidence of that being the case or to be more precise being that if that is the case then there was no follow through once the experiment started. In opposition I see the potential for how we were born of chaos which I see plenty of support for and yet that too is incomplete. One particular point of interest is that if we were of chaos and therefore have no implicit purpose how then among the chaos have we established dominance and mastery essentially removing ourselves from the chaos while remaining within it?

For those of you that would dare to bring religion directly into this discussion let me just shut you down right now. If we were created as glorious representatives of some all powerful being and that's all then that all powerful should be damn ashamed of itself. Not only is that level of egotistical vanity so far off the charts but they clearly failed or if they succeeded then we need only look at the failure itself that is humanity as a representative of how horrific such a being is. Humanity is clearly not something worthy of praise and if there is such a vain being then it too is unworthy of praise.

Moving forward this is not the meaning of life or your individual purpose of existence. It is up to you to make your own purpose in this life and your pursuit of your own purpose is what will define you. This is a question of what the human race as a whole is meant for if it was created on purpose by something capable of such creation rather than by chance. 

If we were created the only conceivable ends to our purpose  is our end itself to which I find ample evidence to suggest that if we were created it was to study the nature of death itself. Not only are we to study it but also to provide example for others to study, others being not only ourselves but our creators if that is the case. In this potential scenario of intelligent design I understand how every facet of our existence is created to perpetuate an experiment revealing the details of life and death on a scientific level so they might be understood by others.

The question then if that should be the case is what would happen to humanity when the experiment ends? What if it has already ended? If death is now understood completely and entirely by the creator/s then what are the results and how should the experiment end?

Approaching the concept of humanity as if I were using it as an experiment using deductive reasoning I can only conclude that death is the most likely purpose of the experiment and on that note as a scientist I have yet to discover a proper dissolution of the experiment given that I am not as objective to the concept as I should be. I can only imagine that our end would come suddenly if at all perhaps the experiment was designed so that we will destroy ourselves as a final test or proof of theories or that we will be allowed to continue without interference to establish secondary attributes of death such as addictiveness or contagiousness either of death directly or power over death. Though it may be far beyond that and it may also be simply that the experiment is nowhere near completed yet which only leads me to question what the next round of tests will be like...

Monday, February 18, 2013

Problems with normal life after time travel

Something for you to consider today is the post time travel life style you'll have. It may come to a point like it did with me that you simply want to stop traveling and settle down. Ignoring the potential for you to be violently ripped away from your timeline there's the problem of what time travel may have done to you and your mind. Sometimes nearby timelines bleed through and you'll instinctively know it and yet there's nobody to talk about it with and even if there were they wouldn't fully understand it like you do. Sometimes these little discrepancies you wouldn't notice before are so glaringly obvious you can't ignore them but you also can't do anything about them. For example previously when a timeline would bleed over you would be just as effected as those around you and thus your memories would also be adjusted to reflect any such changes and back and so everything would always appear normal even if it wasn't. Now that you're no longer effected by these changes you'll notice when your friend is suddenly acting differently but treats it as normal behavior.

Then there's all of your memories to consider. In all the time traveling you may have done you're bound to remember all kinds of things. The problem with this is discrepancies in timelines where it might not seem like much but it can be really annoying when you're so sure of something and are completely wrong due to timeline changes. In a personal example I was watching a movie with a friend I'd already seen in a different timeline and there was an entire scene I remembered so vividly that simply wasn't in this version and it was driving me insane because of how similar the versions were and yet how this entire scene simply wasn't there anymore. I also then can't discuss this non existent scene with anyone without looking as insane as it would sound.

It's also difficult sometimes to restrain yourself from proving  yourself to everyone by simply telling them the future and saying what you know they're going to say before they do. The complete predictability of everything around you can become annoying for a while then simply monotonous and boring frustratingly so even. Then there's some of the more powerful and annoying timewaves you'll feel hit you from time to time. Sometimes they can nearly knock you off your feet and give you massive headaches. They're often accompanied by fragmented visions of the event that created them which can leave you disoriented for minutes to hours at a time. Then there's times where you simply have to stop yourself as you realize the consequences of whatever you're about to do or say and have to consider whether or not you should continue given that you now know precisely what will come of it.

In the end there's no real stopping this ability you've developed and it's probably just in your best interest to keep yourself busy exploring new timelines as just continuing from where you are under the monotonous conditions is just as insanely annoying as becoming unstuck in time.

On one final side note, you may want to invest in some mouth wash. I neglected to mention the annoying taste in your mouth you might often get after time traveling and sometimes among other things, either way your oral hygiene is something you'll want to keep on top of.