Saturday, January 19, 2013

Natural Enablers of Time Travel

A slight oversight on my part I appear to have neglected to mention the details of your natural states. The very reason why time travel is even possible is relatively simple actually. Your atoms don't like being in only one place at a time. Fairly well accepted at this time however less known is the quantum leap. One theory explaining the movement of electrons describes the idea and the principal also applies here. Time travel can really be said to boil down to a mass synchronization of quantum leaps across all your atoms and the resulting emissions produce a field or bubble around this large group of synchronized  atoms which is primarily what's responsible for breaking your quantum entanglements if only for a moment. This frees you up to change your quantum states. The emitted bubble is really a kind of interference pattern really that cancels out almost everything holding you in time and space allowing you to slip through everything at once.

The real challenge comes when you try to control your movements while in this state. In particular it's important to note you have no real point of reference anymore. The first couple jumps thankfully are usually enough to learn what you're doing as I mentioned before that your first jump is like trying to break a steel chain. This means you're bound to wind up almost right where you left or at least nearby. After a while when you start to get the hang of it you can start trying to control the directions you're moving in or locking in specific quantum states resulting in tying yourself to a given point in time and once you have some entanglements your states will change with the states of what you're attached to which resumes your forward movement through time.

Thankfully new research in the distant future has helped me gain a better understanding of what and how I do what I do. I've learned a lot in a comparatively short timeframe. For example it runs contrary to their previously held beliefs in that entanglements and states were the key to time travel and that making them and altering them was the answer rather than breaking those bonds. Which I find interesting considering their own research had already proven the more entanglements and states the more stable something is. Which is to say if I left things alone but formed many much stronger bonds to a different time those wouldn't pull me back to that time rather they'd help anchor me in place limiting my potential movements though it could possibly stop my progress through time which is an interesting concept. You'd think the logical thing from that point would be that if more bonds make it harder to travel the fewer bonds would make it easier. Perhaps we lost some common sense along the way. I'd also take this moment to point out you can have many entanglements in many ways some with different properties and that there's no limit on the number of entanglements a given particle can have, at least not that I've found so far. Which does bring an interesting question into play because I'd previously thought entanglements behaved in a certain way when if fact they behave in very strange ways. Though one might behave relative to another in a certain way it may not behave the same with a 2nd or 3rd entanglement or with any subsequent entanglements for that matter and it would appear there's a relatively limited chain reaction. That is to say if I hooked up a series of entanglements changing one end might not change the other end only one or two degrees of separation in rather than all. Even looping them together into a circle changing one still doesn't have a noticeable change on all associations even directly to that one. So for example if I alter the central particle tied to 8 or so others perhaps only 6 of them will react accordingly rather than the expected 8. That's direct connections as in one degree of separation or less. Interestingly enough though the more you connect the more reliable this can become. A majority rule if you will dominates group behaviors even if all the members of that group are not in agreement. Which can cause them to behave contrary to what's expected given their current state though this appears only to be true of larger groups of entanglements.

I'm wildly fascinated by how they've managed to prove most of this and yet somehow still can't replicate it without a subject like myself. From what I've learned though I've make huge strides in controlling exactly where and when I land and minimizing the negative effects. I've also been able to transport somewhat more complex objects though nothing larger than myself as of yet. I like this new found control over the world I inhabit though, I'm beginning to see the probabilities and likely futures without having to actually travel, it's like I'm inhabiting all the nearby times in multiple states of past present and future. For fun I decided to give it a serious test and went to a casino. I got black booked in a hurry even though they couldn't determine how I'd managed to cheat them at roulette, craps, and slot machines while they were there watching me. I would just walk around pick a winner and play it and it drove them insane. I then tried something a bit further in scope of timeline and tried poker which also proved very fruitful though that was at a different establishment. I then went back in time and had fun with their security by telling them where all the predictable winners were and said they were being cheated. Turns out this works a lot better than winning the lottery every day and carries much less attention, and due to my unique abilities I'm also no longer black booked either. I see some very entertaining days ahead.


  1. Time travel ... wow ... I loved the concept of lottery and poker ... it would be fun of course :-)

  2. I think my limited faculties of deconstruction means I'm at a loss as what to think. I take it time travel is happening all the time, from what you're saying, it's just that the physics of our current standing result in us not being able to experience it physically. Am I totally wrong?

  3. Sounds like you are grasoing it more and more. Wish i were able, then I'd sure hit up the casino, get rid of my debt would be nice haha. Still if you go ahead and are near a computer lookup the past lotto 649 numbers, I'll win and send you half, you'll still be under the radar hahaha