Thursday, December 19, 2013

No Paradox Here

For students of determinism you may have already come to the conclusion that time travel is indeed possible if not likely and exists without the possibility of paradox. That is to say that if determinism is true then everything is destined and can not be changed. Thus if you're destined to time travel and kill yourself before you traveled that the does not result in a paradox nor does changing anything within the timeline as you were destined to do these things. This actually also doubles as proof of a timeline's ability to exist separate within itself and for multiple simultaneous timelines. With determinism you can never invalidate the premises required for a given event to occur or that doing so has no impact relative to your current action.

Part of this could possibly coincide with the hologram theory however that's thousands of times more complex to explain and I could easily write a book on it. Suffice to say I want to try and keep philosophy short from now on if that's at all possible. Perhaps just a paragraph or two in the future, let me know what you think.