Monday, January 30, 2012


This is a particularly sensitive topic I know. However it is also a great source of debate. Any attempt to argue it as fact is simply proof of this fact. In this particular instance I simply point out my particular views and offer them to you as something to think about. Do not take it personally or as an assault on your beliefs. First and foremost I believe in something greater than myself. The particular scope of this is unclear, it may be my connection to the world or the universe it may be a deity but if that is the case it's unlikely to be any established religion. I view organized religion as a particularly dangerous idea given it's bloody history and record of falsehoods. If there was a "truth" to religion it would be a higher power of some kind, and if any such religion had direct contact with such a power there would be no debate as to which religion is "the right one". The way I see it is that if there is a deity, then it's mind is so superior to own own we can not fathom its thought process of what it would want us to do and it would be unrealistic for us to spend our lives fighting our inner nature. The flaws in a creation directly reflect the flaws of the creator and a flawed deity can not be all powerful, all knowing, perfect everything. If ever there was a deity it has likely left us, does not care, has died, or is otherwise not worthy of worship on the basis of how much suffering it would supposedly inflict upon us through "mother nature" or other earthly instances of extreme natural destruction. Additionally any deity that would condemn you to an eternity of suffering for a century or two of sin or not obeying it as otherwise instructed via organized religion is certainly not worthy of praise or worship, if anything it should be reviled as an evil deity.

If there is indeed more than one such deity, why then has not one become the most powerful? Why is there no direct and definitive proof of such an all powerful being? Do not say to simply look around and everything is proof. I am talking about an all powerful making itself a known quantity in such a way there could be absolutely no concept of denial of its existence.

The idea that various deities are actually aliens is an entirely different subject that I'll probably never discuss because this will probably be all the religion I put in this blog.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Literal or Realistic Views

Today is a moment of putting aside philosophy for the most part and looking at cold hard facts. It was only a matter of time where I live before I would get shot at. Recently I've attended too many funerals and vendettas are running wild. Now I'm in the thick of it getting an earful from every side of every thing and finally someone's decided I've heard too much even though I've never opened my mouth. I'm fine for now, and I'm likely to stay as such but all the same you never know when your day is up. I'd like you to take this time to talk to the people you know and love and tell them so, if not for your own sake then for mine. I'm a great listener and the most common thing I've heard is how much people regret not telling someone they loved them. You never know which day will be your last or more importantly which day will be the last for someone you know. I'm thankful no innocent bystanders were hurt today, but you never know in the future when you'll just be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I'd also suggest you update your will or make one if you don't already have one, you're never too young. Because you'd be surprised how often people will fight over the most insignificant part of you. Security is a must on your property also because when you die, your house will likely be ransacked and robbed while you're being buried that's just the world we live in.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Object Impermanence

Yet another classic case to be questioned. What is to say that everything continues to exist when we're not around it? If it's all a figment of your imagination you're creating and destroying the world within your mind every second of every day. Other times you open a cupboard and you know something is right there, and yet you look for it and you can't seem to see it, you'll put your hand right through it spend minutes looking and can't find it then someone else grabs it and it's like it materializes out of thin air, you know for a fact you were just starting right at it and it simply wasn't there, then it was simply willed into existence by yourself or someone else. Other times something shape shifts or becomes significantly different and yet it's like it's always been that way. Things simply may not continue to exist outside of constant proximal  attention and when they come back into existence they may be slightly different than before.

Change Blindness is an idea that is vaguely related. I exploits your mental focus on something so that you don't notice things that are going on right in front of you. The invisible gorilla was such an example. The viewer is entirely focused on something so much that they don't even notice a man in a gorilla suit walking across the screen. Sometimes that's what happens is you're so focused on an idea that you probably couldn't see much of anything. You could recognize objects in primitive forms but when you move the bag of salt you don't know what you're moving, or a bottle of ketchup, various cans as you traverse your cupboard you have no idea what you're touching in your pursuit because you're looking into your mind and not through your regular eyes but a kind of ESP. Mastering this view can dramatically change the way in which you see the world. The idea is to never explicitly focus absolutely ever last drop of your attention into anything accidentally or you'll likely miss the gorilla.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Butterfly's Dream

Touching on the last subject a bit more. There's an old idea called The Butterfly's Dream. The concept is that a man was dreaming that he was a butterfly, but when he awoke he was unsure if he was really just dreaming he was a butterfly or if he was in fact a butterfly and is currently dreaming of being a man. A classic scenario where the dream is more real than the reality which leads to questions of which is real, assuming that they're not both real which may very well be possible. What is to say that your dreams are any less real than when you're awake? There are plenty of instances of people that would wake up in strange situations close to their dreams. Logically we determine that the dream was caused by the environment. However some things can't be so easily explained. There are times where you might be drowning, or you hit the ground in a falling dream, that's if it's really a dream, and when you wake up you're actually drowning or your body hurts all over. Our mind makes our dreams a reality. So if our mind makes it real in both worlds, it's understandable to think that both are real.

There have been stranger times for me, in which I've woken up with sand on my feet even though I know there was no sand or reason to be sand on my feet when I went to sleep or nearby. I often have dreams of the future, I sometimes write them down, then fill in dates for when I had the dream and return to it when it happens and right in the date for when it happens. I've listed accurate details of events that haven't occurred yet. In this case it's unclear which reality is the true one. Am I merely dreaming of the past right now, or can I truly see the future? If I'm living the same reality as the one I'm dreaming, how do I distinguish one from another? Perhaps this is all just a dream within yet another dream and I'll wake up thinking wow that was a strange dream indeed.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Translucent Reality

How can we ever be sure that anything is real? How do you know you're not currently living in that moment in which your life flashes before your eyes? What if this entire world is nothing more than a dream? What about egg theory? The idea that you are simply a baby living every life in the history of this world in the womb of your mother. What if karma wasn't simply cause and effect but you being a subconscious god changing the world to better suit how you feel? It's very true that if you set your mind on something it will happen within reason, and it might not be because of your actions, you're merely willing it into existence just the same as you can will it out and the world seems to shift to your desires possibly meaning that everything and everyone is merely a figment of your imagination. The world may never know of the origins of the universe simply because you do not wish it to know aside from the fact that the human mind in all likelihood is incapable of understanding such a truth even if it were presented.

This translucent reality differs from a subjective reality in that while it is still somewhat fabricated you're in significantly less control of it. Under a subjective reality the universe is simply what you make of it. Under a translucent reality you can sometimes peak behind the curtain and see the truth but it doesn't do you any good because something more powerful than you is in control of everything and you're simply along for the ride.

What reality do you subscribe to if any?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Me and The World vs Something

I've started to notice that more things are becoming a case of X vs Y instead of X and Y. For example a popular show that always titles it's episodes as Versus The (insert) or various blogs I've been following for a while. I think it's more than just marketing, it's a look into the lives of the primary authors of this content. It's like they're against the world, as separate and fighting or struggling to achieve something. I almost never see a title that reflects acceptance or cooperation unless it's directly referencing teamwork. You don't need teamwork for an individual and an event though. For example a title might be Me vs The Grand Canyon and be a story about my visit to the tourist location in the United States. In this case though there's no real versus to be had other than any possible difficulties getting there or similar. It's not that the title is misleading, inappropriate, or even something worth complaining about, but it could be more aptly named. For example I in this case would've probably titled it Me and The Grand Canyon, building a relationship with the event and any obstacles I overcome are just a part of the experience. I could tell an epic story of inner struggle with the decision to be a father and call it Me vs The Baby or more than likely Me and The Baby, in which I would then go on to tell a similar story but in a more positive light, the title is making a significance in the entire reading of the article.

There's a multitude of ways a title could be changed from VS, and is just one of them, yet it still I find that most would rather distance themselves from their  own story. Something to consider next time you're writing.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Qualitative vs Quantitative

I was thinking on Chronos vs Kairos. The sequential series of events we call time and a singular moment of indeterminate length in which something of significance happens. Not just that moment in which your whole life flashes before your eyes, or when time seems to slow down as adrenaline courses through your veins, but those moments when it seems like time itself completely stops and you have a perfect sense of all things in your immediate vicinity. The romantic moment when you first see someone and your heart seems to stop. The time when suddenly something makes perfect sense that you didn't understand before, or the time when an ingenious idea seems to hit you so hard you fall over.

What if you could truly live in the moment? Clear your mind of absolutely everything and simply drink in the world. Sometimes you'll discover pure truth that will revolutionize everything you've ever thought of and ever will think of. If you can form a bond with the universe or at least the earth you'll never have to think about anything, you'll simply know and understand. Conversely if you can isolate yourself from every bond then your presence will be treated like a plague, people will notice when you're around because of the way their body reacts, it's a moment of absolute terror for everyone like staring pure evil in the face.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Subjective Reality

So to establish a ground for what is to come I state that reality is purely subjective.
This leads way to all sorts of potential workings but I'll simply be focusing on one, and that is time travel.

Whether this is possible or not isn't yet relevant, what is however is our relationship with time. Our consciousness travels in the "present" which is a variable fixed at a given rate slightly faster than the rate at which time flows and grows. Thus time travel is simply fixing yourself to a point in time and pushing or pulling yourself toward that point, which involves your mind releasing its grip on the current time which can prove quite difficult. Even so in this new time you're merely an observer, interaction with the time requires a higher state of transience into the 5th dimension which is likely significantly harder than your 4th dimensional travel at this point.

According to popular theory causality can work in reverse, which leads way to spiral factor. The idea goes that there's effectively 3 primary timelines with many subsequent timelines, and lines are constantly merging and splitting. Before you insist on the conservation of energy I'd like to point out you have to first establish a fixed number on the amount of energy in existence first, and subsequently prove that energy is not being moved around with the creation and destruction of these timelines, which are likely more like instances of the originals than duplicates. Moving on, events in timelines form bubbles which work backwards and forwards to ensure that they do in fact happen and in order to then change an event you'd have to go as far back as its bubble reaches. The bigger and more significant the event the larger the bubble created. Intersections of timelines generally involve significant events, it's likely that something like WW2 would've been an intersection of the primary timelines of earth. The bubble created from that event would likely stretch out far beyond even right now, and the outer edge of other events such as 9/11 that might align with that are likely also merging points of other timelines in addition to the central merging at the event.

Paradoxes do not exist as the process isn't necessarily isolating an individual from the timeline but merely relocating 4th dimensional coordinates and thus preserving a continued state of existence in a new timeline or alternate pre existing timeline, assuming that you've achieved 5th dimensional properties necessary to cause a theoretical paradox to begin with.

I'm aware of many large and gaping holes in the idea, but that's all it is, a random thought. A different perspective on one possible idea. I hope that it encourages thought at least.