Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Signs of coming unstuck.

This is possibly the most important blog I can write right now. For any and all fellow travelers. I've talked about coming unstuck and some symptoms, though I've neglected I believe to mention the early signs that you are coming unstuck. First you don't feel tired at all, you find yourself awake for days on end. Then you start to realize how you're seriously loosing track of time, and gaps just start disappearing. You'll look at the clock and it's one minute, then you look back and it's 5 minutes later. You can brush it off at first but when your seconds of looking between the same clock are suddenly shifting by hours you'll know it's coming. Perhaps you'll look at your computer clock and it's 11:58pm and not even 30 seconds later it's suddenly 12:02. Then a few days later after you realize you're not tired and haven't slept in days you look again and it's perhaps 5pm on the dot, and just to be sure you look again and suddenly it's 9pm. People around you might mention sudden disappearances, almost ghost or ninja like, just vanishing in thin air. Some of them might even go a little insane if they see it happen right in front of them as you blip out of existence.

Remember that during this time, when you realize it, it's not too late. The important thing is to stay calm, stay in one place as much as possible, highly recommend beds, and try to ground yourself. Sadly it's backhanded but I have to say you should probably eat, and the downside is if it doesn't work and you do come unstuck you're going to be exceptionally sick so try to stick with juices, v8 fusion tends to work well for me.

The reason I'm really writing this now, is I've been trying to ground myself again after I noticed it was happening again, I've come unstuck before, and I'm losing track of time again. It's been days since I slept and I'm starting to miss minutes but it all seems like it's only a few hours. As if time is what sped up and my mind is still processing all of the information at equal speeds. I suppose it's harder to explain than how I'm trying to. The best way I can put it is that I estimate I've been awake perhaps 6 hours, and yet I know 3 days have passed, and I can remember everything that happened in those 3 days, and yet while I'm experiencing those it's similar to how I travel the timelines except that rather than observing I'm actually experiencing. It's leading to two separate and overlapping experiences, like being in two places at once and experiencing both.

Given that, I'll likely be back soon, and yet it may be months or years. To you, it may be a day or two, for me who knows how long. I'm also reading up on theories of how the brain might adapt to experiencing prolonged life. With some theories suggesting we can live 1,000 years, and in some timelines that actually being true it's important to understand how the mind works and reacts to this new way of life. More importantly how an existing mind adapts rather than one raised under these conditions. It's going to take help from the future. So I'll have to stabilize myself first then give it a try.

One more thing, if I did break reality, I'm sorry, and thank you for the bread it was delicious.

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  1. I hope you've become "unstuck". I sleep every night and still feel tired the next day. I can't help it. I don't know if it's allergies, or the fact that I'm always doing something. I just feel tired a lot of the time.