Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ties That Bind

Previously I mentioned how every atom in your body has a quantum state which for the purpose of time travel functions like a timestamp. Depending on it's current state you can tell what moment it is and if you can change that state you can move through time. The thing is to keep your consciousness while doing so rather than simply changing everything in time completely you have to isolate yourself. Failing to do so simply will put you in the time you changed it to but with such perfection that everything associated has also changed including everything you know. So that would make it kind of hard for you to know if you ever actually did time travel. Not to mention you're inhabiting yourself as you were rather than the goal which is to inhabit yourself somewhere else parallel to where you were. The answer to this of course is to break your quantum entanglements.

If you're unfamiliar basically quantum entanglements is like particle associations. Different atoms that are linked together across time and space and changes in one are also changes in the other. However by breaking that bond you're free to move about in a wild number of ways. The important thing to remember is that when you're done moving about all of your atoms are desperately trying to link up with their partners often in the absence of those  or a continued dislinkage they will then try to find new partners. This is essentially what I am talking about when I mention your anchors. The strength of your bonds with a specific place and time.

The more often you break these bonds the quicker they are to try and establish new links and really you can never break all your bonds. You can however break the majority of them to the point that you become free to move about. The problem with all of these bonds being broken and reformed is you get spread all over the place with all kinds of bonds everywhere. This is what I describe as becoming unstuck. Eventually you have stronger ties elsewhere than wherever you currently are or are spread so thin you have hardly any links anywhere and yet a little everywhere.

If you break these bonds on a regular basis though an interesting thing happens. While it is true you start making new connections faster and they can be pretty strong in a hurry they do eventually break down and become prone to sudden snaps. Basically they'll unlink themselves for no apparent reason. This is also a similar form of becoming unstuck but it's rather quite different. It's a new experience for me and I must say I do prefer this form of being unstuck in comparison to the other. You can think of the ties like string. When you make your first jump it's like trying to break a steel chain. Then beyond that as you do it more often it's like cutting through a thick string or even duct tape. The new bonds that start to form in a hurry can range anywhere from silk sewing thread to industrial braided rope. The unfortunate problem I'm getting at though is after a while regardless of how thick it may be it has a low tensile strength and will snap at the slightest pull.

I happened upon this stunning revelation in my kitchen which as we've already established is becoming quite the hub of time traveling activities and abnormalities. I turned around from my counter with some food and took a step forward only I fell straight through the floor. For a moment I thought I was a ghost. Honestly I can't say I'd ever gone through solid objects before at least not in any deliberate manner and certainly not while in a fixed state, meaning never while I wasn't time traveling. Though I had perhaps one vaguely close scenario when I stopped time one time I found a wood table that when I applied pressure to it it would mold like a very viscous liquid. Though even still that's not exactly moving through a solid object. I'm not entirely clear on what happened after falling through the floor it was almost like falling through an aperture science portal I suppose, I fell straight through to a different location and time and wasn't really harmed thankfully. Had I not been transported I certainly would've landed on my futon anyway so it wouldn't have been so bad. Still I will admit it has me worried simply because I know very little of this newer form of unstuck and it has absolutely no warning signals. Thankfully it also has no after effects it's very smooth. It's a very gentle falling feeling with a slight hint of weightlessness then it's like everything just comes into focus all of a sudden like you're coming to a quick stop at the end of a long narrow tunnel.

Though I worry more about what would happen if I didn't go all the way through, what if I reconstitute while my leg is half way through the floor. For the record this isn't just some weird localized space anomaly nor is it consistent in space or time. I tried going back in time and repeating it only to fail, and I've tried several dozen times in the same location to repeat it. This does lead me to question of course if it did happen though I'm quite sure it did for the time being. Either way I look forward to finding out more, perhaps my friends in the future will know more.


  1. So you actually went through the floor? No Joke? Or at least think you did? That is rather interesting. If you get to the future, look up the big canadian lottery numbers for me and let me know!

  2. Now is the time to start setting up a webcam or something to start your documentation process. Very cool!

  3. That sounds like a fascinating experience. It must have been disorienting, though!