Friday, January 11, 2013

Failed Plan - Why to stay hidden

You wouldn't know it now, but over the last couple weeks which is in the future from now I bought winning tickets for almost every lottery I could find. After the news caught on and the government found out I had quite the nightmare on my hand. Apparently the government is actively against time travel for some reason. They didn't believe me at first but after I won all the lotteries they got pretty angry.

I didn't stick around to find out where it was all going but I'd bet it didn't end well for me and I probably didn't get my money either. Clearly I should stick to stocks and smaller less public gambling.

Moving on to better things I also took a trip to the far future. I have seen the birth and death of stars and it's beyond magnificent. Having seen the future of astronomy and science I'm fascinated in how we got there and will soon be taking another trip to each major advancement to see how it came about. Then I'll be looking in to taking a trip to the super galaxy home of our first contact with other intelligent life. I've been told they're an interesting life form made primarily of silicon and some gas I forgot the name of. I would also say that the future is friendly to time travelers like me though they do keep track of us and there aren't as many as I'd thought which is somewhat sad. A lot has changed as well and you practically need an AI to translate down to my level which thankfully they've perfected. The future is just so far from what I'd imagined it would be. I'd seen some of the future before but I hadn't gone this far and it's worth the trip.

I also find it interesting that in spite of the advancement of tech they've made they still can't master time travel from a scientific point. They perfectly understand all the principals and details yet somehow can't find a way to manipulate them. Though I think that may be the problem. its that you're not manipulating them so much as aligning them or letting them manipulate you. Something which I thought I'd mentioned before. It's actually quite humorous that they can control black holes, and basically teleport anywhere in the known universe yet can't figure this out. If you don't see the humor I should inform you that a black hole has some serious power over time and space and that the ability to manipulate one should more than allow you to control time to at least some degree.

Last important point to mention is that we did finally synthesize immortality and death is entirely voluntary, or by accident, and in a few rare remaining cases disease. A concept I'd thought of before and the first time it would happen under that context seemed novel but I jumped so far ahead that it just became a normal and accepted thing and not at all uncommon. On one remaining side note I will say it appears I'm blogging in a weird order. I see blogs I wrote in the future and didn't write yet meaning some version of me is coming back before the current version of me which of course makes things interesting. This is mostly because I was coming back in sequence before where whenever I came back it was the same as when I'd left more or less resuming like a paused movie and now I'm coming back at different times. Though I think that's more my fault than anything I just have to focus harder on returning to exactly where I left. We'll see how that goes.

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  1. I prefer dying the way it is now. Immortality would cause to many problems, I feel.