Friday, October 26, 2012

A Potential Future

Much how certain technologies adapt in such a way that only a generation or two in and people can't imagine life before these things we now take for granted I surmise that future technologies will come in a similar fashion. Once we marveled at the fridge, the microwave, the toaster, washers, dryers, dish washers, air conditioning, computers, lasers, light bulbs, and so much more yet just a century ago a majority of these things either didn't exist or were extremely new. Just as phones and cars have become indispensable I have seen some potentials that would more than rival such inventions. Among them is organic metals and something I can't entirely describe but the closest existing thing would have to be electro magnets. Organic metals would do more than create the first cyborgs, organic computers and man machine interfaces they would revolutionize the creation and maintenance of all known kinds of materials. It would change so much in so many ways and literally be everywhere to the point that considering a time before it would be tantamount to blasphemy. Imagine everything you use, touch, sit on, work with, and much more all made from the exact same material yet it's so versatile you'd almost never guess. A small electrical current provided by your body bends it to your every will turning it into a vehicle, a couch, a stove, a fork, a writing utensil, or nearly anything else you can imagine and it is self cleaning and repairing making it so you have no maintenance to worry about ever. This isn't some utopian fantasy it's a tech I've seen first hand and it's one potential future we may have under the right conditions.

Then there's this object relation tech which is as best I can describe it. It produces a field similar to a magnetic field and it can be manipulated to alter object relationships creating attraction and repulsion in complex forms, such as limited attraction and repulsion or in strange directions. It apparently changes inherit properties of objects passing through its field and can do some uniquely interesting things. I've seen it extract iron from rock without damaging the rock at all, and then reshape the iron into bars and balls without heat or melting. I've also seen it remove cancer which was quite remarkable, as well as making vehicles levitate, and so much more. This tech could be applied to just about anything and seem like a miracle, though I imagine it could easily be a weapon which is why it should be held back until it won't be needed as one.

The interesting part from what I've seen really isn't how much the world changes, or how much it doesn't change, it's how alien everything ends up seeming. throughout the majority of the past that includes humans things are relatively similar among most timelines. As I move further out though the more different things become.

For today's time traveling advice I highly advise not eating food prior the 1920's and preferably as little as you can in foreign timelines. Some of it will kill you as expected but almost all of it will make you sick. This is because things are radically different in terms of the kinds of bacteria that exist in that time and health standards etc, not to mention flora and fauna or the dozens of other factors involved. And if you're going back to the early days of humanity or back further I recommend an environmental suit from the future preferably one that's heavily armored. The centipedes  that exist in the age of dinosaurs are the size of anacondas and they are vicious. Not to mention the oxygen content is so much higher it makes it hard to breathe properly.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What if reality is only the collective concious?

I was considering an idea today that reality might be so subjective because it simply doesn't exist? What if what we consider to be reality truly is only a construct of the collective conscious. This would explain a lot of things not to mention how an idea can become so viral and how I have such freedom to move about as I please though supposed time as I'm still trapped inside a large box as it were.

This is assuming that there is more than one consciousness to begin with. In my experience a lot of timelines are extremely similar, essentially instances of another with no wasted resources it's like seeing a particular alignment of quantum states which may not actually be aligned that way. What if what I'm seeing is really all just is in my head and there are no other time lines? Objects can be configured and oriented in a multitude of ways and in theory are constantly shifting which suggests that all states are occurring simultaneously which means "time travel" as it were is merely aligning your consciousness to a particular configuration or orientation thereby your perception is of that form, a fact which is sustained by an additional theory that all atoms exist in 3 separate locations simultaneously. So in that point you have translocation and quantum state which is effectively the minimum for perceived time travel, not accounting for decay which may or may not exist as related to the subject.

If the collective is indeed more than one then is it possible to shift reality by shifting collective belief? If I could completely convince the greater majority that gravity doesn't exist and show a sound idea or theory would it be possible then that it would become actual truth? That is to say that perceived truth is not actual truth, just because you deny the existence of something does not mean it doesn't exist, but would it be possible that if the collective denied the existence of something that it could in fact eventually not exist? Not in the sense that they ignore it as they would have to acknowledge it to deny it but in the sense that it's completely wiped from their mind and evidence that points to it or suggests it is also removed, could then reality alter to accommodate?

If we could reshape reality, what should we reshape it to, assuming that there is room for improvement?

Friday, October 19, 2012

How I First Time Traveled

They say your dreams are actually memories from a different life. Though the greater majority of my dreams have been of the future. I then realized I had a link to an alternate timeline. It was only a matter of time before I followed the link to the other side. I immediately decided the first thing I should do is test traditional paradoxes and introduced myself to my double who was apparently expecting me. As it would turn out though I'm not in every timeline, and I'm not sure yet if it's because all versions of me are floating around the timelines or I simply don't always exist. From what I've seen there's only a small handful of places that remain stable across even timelines, which is to say if I'm jumping between places in the same year or equivalent not much stays the same and it only gets worse the further away you travel time wise.

We were both pretty happy the universe didn't collapse when it happened though then came the question what else might not happen. Grandfather paradox? myth busted, similar actions produce similar results, I replaced dear old grandpa and I was still born which was also nice. I haven't had the nerve yet to actually try killing myself though. Past self that is, not future self, not sure if that'd be worth anything. Killing the alternate self in the past did kill the alternate in the present so I went back and stopped myself to restore it after the fact so I assume the same would apply to myself. Though given I'm essentially unstuck I'm not sure what would actually happen...

After my short time of insane activity where I went crazy and had all my fun I began to realize the obvious truth that every action has consequences, apparently it just hadn't clicked with me until that point. After that I turned into an observer of sorts for a while then began making calculated actions to change certain futures, essentially testing the limits of my new found power. I found why perfection is unattainable in the process. You can't make perfection from chaos, the very nature of it doesn't like organization and in my attempts to construct a perfect world I collapsed the entire timeline because it didn't like what I was doing apparently. It wasn't just happenstance either I collapsed several timelines in my efforts causing me to give up. I later realized the waveforms I mentioned before and then realized how unnatural actions alter waveforms and are actually detectable which has allowed me to identify fellow time travelers. Apparently we each have very specific frequencies we resonate at which means I can do more than find out if there was a time traveler involved I can find out which one it was and in what order their events happen through decay making it easier to track them and figure out what they're doing.

One interesting case I refer to so far as Orange G6 caused an event, then stopped a subsequent event to go back and recreate another supporting event to construct an entirely new and more substantial event. It was similar to an organized butterfly event which I've found doesn't normally happen naturally. The important thing about this was that if he'd forced the event outright it might've collapsed or imploded naturally without support and would've seriously destabilized the timeline but by tricking it into happening naturally it actually enforces the timeline and the supports were already constructed from the event which then become basically verified or enforced by the new larger event. It was a pure moment of genius. These days I'm jumping around like crazy trying to track specific events beginning to end and finding the most opportune times to make the slightest alterations. Dare I say I might learn just how to organize these kinds of events myself. My knowledge and practice in stopping strong events is what will enable me to create them as well without collapsing a timeline. Perhaps then I might learn to create a better timeline beginning to end and get a step closer to that perfection I want to see for myself just once.

On a final side note, momentum is a tricky thing when dealing with time. If you try to exit a stopped time while moving and resume it tends to compound things, turns out I can jump absurdly far by swinging in and out of time. Not something I suggest doing without lots of planning ahead of time. Great idea for space travel though.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Security - Access Restriction

While the best security is often stenography aka security through obscurity, it becomes irrelevant if someone knows what to look for or how. It doesn't matter if you keep your gun in a book if they know it's in a book at all. Similar rules apply that if something well hidden is known about to begin with that whatever is used to hide it becomes irrelevant. Security is only as strong as its weakest link which becomes a downfall of supposedly impenetrable security systems. What good is a biometric scanner if all it really takes to open the door is two wires?

The best method I've found in designing security is like a bomb you never want to be defused, something designed to never be bypassed. Essentially you're designing it so that if the wrong person ever tries to get through then nobody ever will again. Multiple stages, lots of redundancy and essentially barriers to entry. Take for example some of the newer biometric scanners. They can scan a wide array of things and then interpret them to a series of electrical signals and thus if the sequence is out of order or at the wrong frequency the locks won't disengage and the door remains shut. Simply put the best security is the one that makes it hard for even you to get through.

I apply this principal with my digital files of extremely sensitive nature. I encrypt my drive then encrypt each folder and or file as an extra layer of security. For important files I split them and hide them inside other files, making it so that even if you find that some files are hidden recovering all the parts becomes very difficult. I had to devise an entire procedure to remember how to formulate a password for a given file, meaning that no two files use the same password, yet another layer of security. For some of my most absurdly secure files it can take almost an hour to recover them. Though obviously this isn't something you do on a regular basis, these are the high level things you don't want anyone to ever have access to and it's a small price to pay for that kind of security.

For those of you more interested in keeping your wallet safe than your hard drive there's plenty of options out there. There's hidden wall plates you can buy that flip out making it a good place to store something as nobody thinks to check the outlets or switches in the house and even so they'd have to pull the plates off to know for sure if anything is there from the existing wires. This works better than just behind the wall as then you have to do drywall every time you want to get to it and if it's metal it stands out with a metal detector. The concept to this is that anybody that knows what they're doing is going to check under your mattress but they might not check inside it, if it's harder for you to get to then it's harder for them to get to and the harder for you the substantially harder for them. Remember though that it doesn't matter how clever you are if they know where it is too. That's why I like things like a false bottom to a floor safe and then an additional safe under it for the real storage. This added level of security makes it so time consuming it loses value to whoever is trying to get what you have and that's only if they don't give up after finding your first safe empty or only minor value things. I like to keep a few dollars and maybe an important looking file of garbage in the first safe so they don't suspect another safe and they feel like they walk away with something worth the effort. This way they're less inclined to come back.

So a quick recap. Redundancy, obscurity, small rewards, and increased difficulty and time are important parts in designing a security system to keep people out as long as possible or convince them to quit early. Combined effectively the chance anyone gets to what you really care about becomes smaller and smaller and the length of time required to get to it increases making their overall chance of success drop substantially to a point in which it becomes more likely they'll be interrupted or discovered. Once they've been found out what they were after becomes irrelevant to them wanting to get away in most cases.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Option of Death

I'm having hard time finding a movie I'd heard about that has an interesting concept I wanted to explore. People seem to point me in the direction of veronika decides to die or something like that and it's not it. The story is about an immortal that simply chooses to die, electing to end their life even though there hadn't been a single reported death in over a millenia according to the story.

Imagine then if we really all were immortal, disregarding the insane number of problems that come with it we'll assume everyone stays young and healthy and that it doesn't overstress the world in any way and that nothing can kill anyone. With death at that point being entirely optional would you elect to die? If so how long would you really want to live?

There are those that say death brings meaning to life. I agree, though I also say life is too short. I for one wouldn't ask for too much more time, perhaps an additional century at most. Which reminds me of an old article I'd read about, a man from china who was said to have lived for over 200 years. If you're interested and want to know more google Li Ching Yuen. I can only fathom what I could accomplish in such time, though I know I would need all that time to do it as well.

I'm only half way through my twenties and already it seems like the days are flying by, it's coming winter and I barely remember spring. I can only imagine what life will be like when I'm twice as old, assuming I'm lucky enough to live that long as we unfortunately all know life has sudden endings when we least expect them. In a final note there are some interesting tests being done that suggest we may be able to live nearly ten times as long naturally. If this is something that comes about in our life how do you feel about knowing suddenly everyone is going to start living for a thousand years instead of a hundred? Roughly speaking as I think the current life expectancy is only in the seventies? Still the idea being if you're living for several hundred years instead of a few decades what would you do, would you really continue living your life in the same old job doing the same old thing every day just existing from one day to another rather than truly living it? Ask yourself how you'd spend your time if you had all that you could want and more then think about why you're spending it the way you are considering you know how little of it you really have.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to - Stop a strong time event

Remember if you will for a moment my post that mentions how events are self fulfilling and every event has a ripple in all directions in time to make sure it happens. This is because in a strange thought the future events actually can change past events under the right conditions, though they would have to be more substantial as time is a force in motion and thus force moving backward is weaker than force forward. Similar to pushing vs pulling or multiplied acceleration, in which if you normally throw say a baseball at 40 ish mph, while you may throw it at the same speed from a moving car by technicality it still is moving faster than normal if you throw it in the same direction you're moving or slower if you throw it away in opposition.

So to stop an event from happening you have to either make last minute type alterations before its ripples have a change to change things in which you'd have to know an event is going to happen for the first time before it happens, or you'd have to make stronger events happen around it that would throw it out of balance or disrupt it until it can't be sustained. Small alterations and even some more serious direct intervention if it doesn't completely destabilize an event will be ignored as the next time the event occurs the ripples will make alterations to stabilize itself and ignore your changes. So think about an event if you will as with a color. To destabilize an event you have to first remove its supports by altering complimentary color events thus isolating it. You must then find the furthest point of reach in which it starts to make itself self fulfilling and alter it, weaken it, eliminate it if possible. You then track subsequent similar events and eliminate them and if possible make opposing color type events or substantially stronger same color type events to negate it.

Let's say you wanted to prevent an accident. You could create a new event causing a different accident, or perhaps create an obstacle causing a dilation or distortion altering the timing which can destroy the event if none of the parts are in place anymore, or any number of other things. The furthest point of this say car accident to be more specific would likely be the responsible vehicle, and thus by removing it by say deflating the tire a bit or removing gas or delaying the driver at any point before he gets in the car just prior to the accident would likely suffice for this weak force time event. The principals for a large scale strong force event are similar. If you wanted to stop WW2 trust me killing Hitler wouldn't be enough, I tried it once. In fact the ripples of WW2 and WW1 are tied strongly together and you'd actually have to prevent both to prevent either. The easiest solution to that particular problem actually would be to relieve the pressure as a metaphor by forcing a different war to happen prior. Though obviously that's not the only way and admittedly kind of defeats the purpose.

So simple recap is isolate and attack really. Assuming that the event lacks a single focal point vulnerable to direct intervention.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not to Confuse Violence with Danger

Interesting point brought to my attention, while time travel is violent it's not inherently dangerous provided you're not in a collapsing timeline. Feel free to do whatever you feel like doing. You're not going to cause the timeline to collapse and unless you do something truly massive the kind of thing you hear the world over it's unlikely your actions will have any real effect on the timeline at all. As previously described the consequences of actions are proportional and generally isolated, the butterfly effect essentially doesn't exist in a bottom up perspective. Killing a cockroach in prehistoric earth won't condemn humanity though killing the first humans may set it back a bit. Most importantly is that it's all restricted to that one given timeline which inevitably collapses at some point anyway and since all new timelines are based on the most recent central point essentially as branches of it then what you do prior to it has absolutely no effect on anything after it.

One oversight I had in my warnings as a follow up is that gradually as you jump around more and more your mind and memories can become a little distorted. It's not damage it's more like clutter simply put you're processing vast amounts of information because each timeline can be so different from another that everything will present itself as new to your mind. The mind as we know it here works in such a way that it recognizes patterns and thus doesn't have to reprocess existing information, merely update it as necessary while referencing it in the current context, which is largely responsible for how we visually perceive reality. Given an alternate timeline sometimes is so drastically different there are no familiar patterns to recognize and thus the mind must process it all into new patterns to store for later. I'm searching for a timeline with tech to help me solve this very problem as I've noticed some things just get lost or buried if they're not particularly important making simple things seem more difficult then they actually are sometimes. Simply put I need a way to purge my mind of the unnecessary or selectively, or at the very least increase processing power and storage disproportionately so that my mind can recognize known patterns faster as the more there is the longer it takes.

No long winded idea today, just a follow up, hope you enjoyed.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Time is only a Semantic

While the majority of time is a construct and an illusion it does exist in a quantifiable form. You might best describe it as coordinates relative to quantum states of sets. What the sets are exactly is also relative apparently which is wildly confusing at first.

Regarding existing overstated ideas of time either being a flowing line in motion or happening all at once and similar ideas I would say that any such idea is either wrong or incomplete. Explaining the more accurate version as detailed in a previous post time occurs in segments determined by expansion and collapse of realities creating shockwaves or ripples which can sometimes effect other so called time lines. Interestingly I was remembering a strange video for some kind of music visualization program called partitura that was close enough at times to be an accurate representative of the model I mentioned. The problem however is in describing them as lines as most people think of lines as either straight or curved and essentially solid in some form, which these dimensions for lack of a better word are not. You could consider them like dots each connected to all the others in some manner and constantly in motion swaying as it were around a focal point and from a larger view have an almost clear grouping that could be described as a kind of line.

An interesting part of this is that regardless of segments or collapses new times are constantly being created and destroyed at all points and segments and you can travel through all the large collapses with impunity. A collapse isn't a destruction more or less it's a focus where energy is collected and repurposed though to what end I'm unsure if any exists for that matter and more importantly is the why. From what I can determine the furthest back and forward segments have shockwaves so powerful they extend across all other segments and it's the meeting of these waves that create collapses but because these waves move in all directions I must then assume there is older than the oldest suggesting it's entirely one large loop and the beginning is the end. The central collapse then is the opposite of the circle in which the shockwave is simply meeting itself. Though this is from a somewhat linear standpoint and makes me wonder that if this is line a 3d line in a circle perhaps even like a bend cylinder then what exists outside of or next to it? surely it must be contained within a set or group of some kind?

Though this may be boiled back down to everything exists all at once and that truly there is no time at all and the illusion of time is merely the sequential processing of existing data I would suggest it's not so simple. All the same you could then process the data in any order you choose so that it is no longer sequential and more importantly you would also be able to process existing data from other sets as the sequential set you're one is a given life, by altering this you could experience a different life. Though this is beyond my current capability it is among my eventual goals.

On an unrelated note innumerable and infinite are not the same thing, just because you can not assign it a number or determine it's quantity does not mean it is without end. I'll try to make sure the next post makes more sense as it was remarkably hard to convey my thoughts today in any coherent manner, it's just not an idea that I'm properly prepared to explain as accurately as it deserves.