Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My Personality Type

By now many of you have heard of the MBTI personality type and test. For those of you that haven't a quick google search will get you the basics. Sometimes it's nice to just clarify things and get rid of confusion. As you may have already guessed I'm an ENTJ type, though I understand if you thought I was ENTP I was just as surprised. So what does it really mean? It means I'm an extrovert by nature with an emphasis on intuition and intelligence, I prefer logic and reason over feelings.

Having read quite a bit on it as of late I'm a bit unsure of the actual results though. While it's true I'm comfortable in a crowd and have no problems with public speaking, dare I say I'm even good at it, that doesn't mean it's a preference. While I know how to take control and am good at it I actually prefer not to have the responsibility. I wait to see if anyone else steps forward first and failing that I'll volunteer myself because at that point I know it's the best option. ENTJ's are supposedly natural leaders, but I would think that comes with some compulsion to lead, and my only compulsion to lead really is in the absence of leadership.

Though honestly having taken several different tests and ending up with the same result, and having read the associated information of all types it's strangely odd how accurate it really is and how reading the others I know they're clearly not my type. It's not like horoscopes where anything they say can fit anyone and you can just pick and choose like "oh that sounds like me" no this really is one of those things where when you realize that's your type you also realize in reading the others you can't be any other type.

Now that I've become familiar with the ideas though I feel much better for it, it's really helped put things in perspective. Furthermore it's helped my plans along and given me ideas on how to handle certain things I'd been considering recently. While it's by no means life changing I must say that it helps smooth things over really as though I'd had some conflict I hadn't realized existed until after it was resolved. Looking forward I see a lot of uses for the information I've gained least of which is a new lens to look at the world through to help shape my perspective and perception of the world and how I analyze it.

If you haven't found out by now what type you are I highly recommend it even if only just for fun. The test is relatively short and simple and there are some free versions available online.

To anybody reading who's been on the site for some time or read some of the back log you may remember a friend who went missing a while back. He's turned up alive in a hospital a few states away with some severe amnesia and massive injuries all over his body. It's nice to know he's alive but I'm very curious to find out where he's been all these months and whether or not it had anything to do with his paranoia over "the slender man".


  1. The slendor man, heard of him/it, hopefully your friend gets better quick. As for the tests not sure I put much stalk into them, but sometimes they can give some insight.