Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Sound of Thunder

The sound of thunder filled the air as he picked up his axe, a warrior for the masses they called him. Known for his flying fingers of fury all knew that tonight would be special. Indeed it was a special night as he began is great journey it was clear he was not alone. On first strike the ancient gods of metal descended upon him with a challenge of glory and he eagerly accepted. His voiced seemed to echo throughout the land an all came to see this mighty warrior take on the gods in acoustic combat. His pick glowed with an awesome power and his voice was taught in the ancient bard ways. He spoke of a hero as his hands began to smoke, as he recalled the hero's journey as though it had happened all in just a day his fingers moved so fast no mortal could keep watch. Building anticipation toward the final chapter in which the hero's story would end, though how was unknown to the masses, it was a story they'd never heard before. Then a strange thing happened, his hands seemed to stop if only for a moment and there was a power emanating from the strings themselves. He moved with an undefinable grace as the story leaned to emphasize the importance of what one man on a quest can truly do. As such the music seemed to change from speed to power all eyes were on him and his band of adventurers, it all came down to the only moment that truly mattered. The gods had long since forfeited as they too had become entranced by the harmony before them. Suddenly his hands burst into fire and it seemed as though a mighty dragon appeared from the stage to do battle with our warrior touting his own tale. With a mighty strum the bard did lay the first blow and his followers joined as the spectators rejoiced at the ensuing finale. Engulfed in flames all around them the adventurers pressed onward, when all was said and done the dragon lay smitten beneath them, and they were greater than the gods among the men if only for a moment. Though they did not know the dragon was not yet dead, it had one last breath to take, and it was one of revival as it came to life once again. Once again the warrior alone came back for one last showdown with this beast, a duel if you will. He once again took up his axe and with a single vicious blow fueled by lighting from the storm that had been brewing he laid to rest the beast he'd created that night.

Quite obviously this is more than a story, filled with metaphors or possibly one giant metaphor. Take it as you will, interpret it as you will, and try to think deeper into mans struggle if you aren't into the musical side of it

I'm not going to lay out the philosophical standpoints of it today, think of it not as a test but a realization of how far you've come since you started reading. How might you have looked at this a month ago, and how do you look at it now? If you've been reading I doubt it'll be the same


  1. Sorry bro, it's really hard to picture this as something more that just a story. In all honesty, all I could think of while reading this was Skyrim and Thor - I have yet to guess a clue as to why.

    Like I said in my previous comment, I'm a realist. :)

  2. Just like MynameisEarl - Skyrim was my first thought :).
    But I'll come back to this later, I promise, maybe it will gain some meaning by the second read.