Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Paranormal Things Part 1

We've all had a feeling at some time that had no reasoning behind it, you just know you shouldn't be in that place at that time. The hair on your neck stands up, or a sudden focusing of your attention, a shot of adrenaline, or any number of other signals that let you know something just isn't right. I was walking down a street and had that feeling, I got out of there and the next day I read about a shooting that happened there later that day. I've walked into rooms that just made me horribly uncomfortable for no reason, or felt something touching me even though there was nothing. Most recently which is to say a little over a year ago I was just standing around when I had the most powerful sense of fear I'd ever experienced and it went away as soon as I moved a few feet, looking back I noticed I'd been standing on a flash shadow, or whatever you choose to call them. This wasn't one of the atom bomb shadows you may have heard of. This got me thinking while I was remembering it how powerful emotions can embody themselves in a given location or a particular object.

While discussing this a friend mentioned "warehouse 13" the tv show to me which had me somewhat interested in the idea though that's off topic.What I'm getting at though is emotional bonds that transcend traditional acceptances of reality leading to things like haunted houses or cursed objects. That's not to say all such things are based on such or that powerful emotions always cause this or anything along those lines just that some times these things happen. Share your personal experience with something paranormal if you will.

Side Note:
Anyone else secretly hoping the world will end this year?
I honestly don't think it will in the slightest, even though I kinda wish it would and I don't really know why.


  1. Well, I think that all the paranormal 'activities' (lol) are in the matter of fact our misinterpretation. We hear/see something which we can't link with any apparent cause at that moment, but our brain needs the answer. Paranormal reasoning is the trashcan of our brain: if we can't think of anything reasonable, we try to explain this by ghosts etc., which produces fear.