Sunday, March 4, 2012

Profound or Meaningful Lyrics

So lately I've been getting into songs with real meaning. Profound lyrics or songs with deeper meaning, or pure and simple genius
figured I'd share some of what I've found to be top tier and hope you'll do the same
Deadsy- Tom Sawyer (I know it's a Rush song)
Distrubed- Ten thousands fists, Another way to die, Land of Confusion (by genesis blah blah ), etc
Kansas- Dust in the wind
Led Zeplin- Kashmir
Thursday- The lovesong writer
Godspeed You! Black Emporer- The dead flag blues
Behind blue eyes (the who and limp bizkit)
gimme shelter(rolling stones and puddle of mudd ft fergie)
Metallica- One
it's sad to say, but song writing like this has taken a serious downturn in recent years / decades
there are many shining examples of how horrible things have become, and then people ask me why I like "old" music, to which I respond classical is "old" and "classy" therefore it's earned its place not to mention any of the intricate details behind grand masters of art work they are, because you need to face facts, a great classical is on par with mona lisa,
and 80's metal isn't "old" and it had substance, rythm, and generally sounds good, welcome to the jungle, back in black, you shook me all night long, enter the sandman, bands like twisted sister, scorpion, iron maiden, ozzy, their music lasts, I honestly had completely forgotten about "chingy right thurr, and get low" within a year and I didn't really enjoy them to begin with. I recently played GNR to a 20 something that had never heard it before, and I couldn't believe they'd never heard any of their stuff ever, it was shocking, how could they have survived this long? I shudder to think what would happen if I introduced them to steppenwolf, ccr, or the temptations...
then there's the somewhat old music, the 40's to 70's where we had some great lyric based songs that I still love to hear, some nice funky disco towards the end of the 70's, elvis, little richard, hermans hermits, the drifters, grand funk railroad, the beatles, beach boys, mamas and papas, kingsmen, eagles, champs, barret strong, ben e king, buddy holly, richy valens, smokey robinson, bobby darrin, booker t and the mg's, chuck barry, everly brothers, frankie valley and the four seasons, munkees, marvin gaye, james brown, jerry lee lewis, I could go on... but I think you get the idea, this last century was like a golden age of music, but since the beginning of the new millenia and thereby century, it's mostly been garbage with a few gems and fresh half eaten burgers and plenty of recycling.
so for those that say I'm stuck in the past (musically speaking) I say why on earth would you want to live in the present? of course I hear britney spears, laday gaga, w/e and want to blow my brains out but to each their own.
not to say I don't enjoy their music to a degree, but lets face it, you haven't brought out your old cd to listen to "hit me baby one more time" in a while have you? and do you really think you'll be listening to poker face and just dance in a decade? benny bennassi does a lot of awesome techno but it too will end up with the likes of darude's sandstorm
this has turned into a rant, I'm going to put on some nightwish and dream what future music will sound like if it starts producing quality again
to just make one last push into how far we've fallen... Rebecca black - friday

Mr McMillan: All music is on a Down side right now. If I want to listen to music that's not going to drive me crazy 24/7 I have to go back to the 80's and 90's....Seems like music had real meaning then. 

 ohyesitwill: Exactly the kind of music i love to listen. Some rap musics make me feel like that but unfortunately they are very rare compared to all these shit we can hear today.

gayrobot: I wasn't even born in the eighties but man it is some awesome music!
Favourite 80s songs would have to be The Sun Always shines on tv by A-ha and Don't you Want me - Human League.

I agree with your sentiments bi0t0xin about songs with lyrics that actually have meaning. Bob Dylan of course is always a good place to go if you want some lyrical content then he rarely disappoints. Sometimes though I think its O.K to listen to something just because it has a catchy tune. I listen to quite a lot of classical music and often find myself moved by the emotion the music alone evokes without any need for words at all.
Two songs I would recommend though that have powerful lyrics are Linkin Parks Hands Held High and
Flypside’s U.S History
 commenting in my own thread: sometimes a song just hits you the right way and it's like you're getting high, it's a sign of a great song.


  1. Is it okay if I don't really add anything to your post? Because it seems that you've said all that can be said.

    I was listening to classical music one time just before we were to verse another school for basketball and I didn't realise that the speaker was on and it was loud enough to be heard by anyone nearby. I was using earphones so I thought I was listening to them. Then my team-mate complained as to why I listen to "that shit" and another remarked "it's probably his grandma's death anniversary"

    I was like "WTF? Are guys f****** kidding me...?" in my mind. The part about my grandma wasn't true but still, I was more focused on why my teammate called it "shit". But I didn't want to waste my moment of calming myself before the game.

    As a 17 year old, it kinda sucks when mates put you down like that but then I realised that no one's gonna give a f*** anyway.

    1. as long as you say something I'm happy

      and a majority of people just weren't raised to appreciate good high quality musicianship, instead they're all about as new and flashy as things can get, listening to a beat instead of taking a musical adventure

      they just can't connect, it's not really their fault

  2. My dad can't listen to classic rock any more, he's heard it all too many times. I'm kind of the same way with a couple bands from the 90's- just because I grew up mostly in that decade. And yes, one was an amazing song... I miss music videos like that, just the band playing and then cutting to the plot every few seconds to really set the mood.

  3. want meaningful lyrics
    i say rammstein

  4. I learned that it's not worth to care about mainstream music nowadays and how it's shaping taste of people who accept it just the way it is. I live in my small world, have my own musical adventure and as long as I can find people whose preferences more or less match mine, doesn't matter if online or in real life, I really don't care. You can still find some new wonderful pieces, it takes more effort though, but it makes listening much more enjoyable.

  5. i feel very strange reading this, but its such... pleasure

  6. There has always been terrible music, lyrics and what not throughout the ages. The thing was, the terrible crap was forgotten and lost.

    But in the era of the internet, nothing ever is lost anymore so it just looks like more garbage is around.