Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Glass

Is it half full, half empty, neither, both, does it really matter? What kind of liquid is in the glass? Is it even a liquid at all? What if it's a solenoid or gas? What if I put eggs in it then boiled it till cooked? Would you drink it?

I prefer when looking at a glass considered divided, between it's state of empty and full evenly, to look at its most recent state. Was it being filled or was it being emptied? Consumed / drank or poured into? I believe that to be the most accurate method without finding precise values which would determine true state.
I know you're like wtf visual aids in a philosophy blog how dare you!

At least it's relevant.

Maybe it'll get me more views, what do you think?
Final question, what kind of person are you?


  1. I'd like to think that I'm a humble person Whose moral compass is consistently pointing North. That the cup was made by someone, someone's means to getting by. Therefor you should at least use it, whether it's being "half full, half empty, neither, both..."

    Also, I think that relevant pictures are a good way to get more visual aid [needed or not].

  2. i`m the awkward one who says there is not such thing as half empty.

  3. Is it not possible for an optimist to think that the glass is half empty?
    like "The glass is half empty, but I will fill it."?