Friday, March 9, 2012

Good Intentions

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. This was never more true than with the advent of nuclear weapons technology born from a search for alternative energy. We all set out with best intentions most of the time, and yet even so people find ways to interpret things under the worst light making us look like monsters. It's entirely possible if not likely that we are in fact all monsters. It's not just a matter of a our primal urges that we suppress but those devious thoughts we don't tell others about, in which we derive our satisfaction from the suffering of the world. A single rebel desiring the change the status quot because of the corruption in government and to prevent the evil perpetrated against him and his family ends up becoming a dictator himself after a war that destroys his country and its inhabitants. So often we become the evil we try to stop.

It's not uncommon for us to inadvertently kill someone by trying to help them in some way or another. Giving a drug addict money or forcing them off their drugs cold turkey can both end up getting them killed even though we only wanted them to get something to eat or to keep the drugs from killing them.

Then there's the situations in which we end up killing ourselves trying to help others. Ever tried to save someone from drowning only to have them almost end up drowning you?

I'd elaborate on the above if it weren't for the fact I"m finding keeping posts short and sweet makes you happier. So I'll finish by saying that even if you mean well, you should always be ready for when it backfires because it usually will and you never know how bad it may be.


  1. I'm sure I've read something similar to this before, although I'm not quite sure whether it was you that posted it or someone else. But anyway...

    I'd hate to sound like a 50+ year old thinking about how things would be better if life was more simpler but you just can't win can you? Not you YOU but I mean everyone. No matter what you do, something will always do a roundhouse kick back to you sooner or later.

    In the end I suppose it's all about human nature (what is human nature anyway?). Or unless we find some mind-altering drug that can somehow cover up these "thoughts" then I guess were just going to have to live with it. With regards to the mind-altering drug thing, I think that was a storyline for a dystopian book, would you happen to know the title bro?

    1. there's a lot of books based on mind altering drugs, in the dystopian section
      would you know the author?
      meh doesn't matter so much I guess if you're looking for a good book
      just pick one from my list of favorites in my bio

  2. And yet the road to heaven isn't paved with bad intentions. Looks like we can't win either way. :(