Friday, March 2, 2012

Abuse of Power (part 1 of ?)

This could be an endless series of power trips. From the police and all their shenanigans lately to all the different corrupt systems, educators beating their students, unwarranted suspensions, and oh so many other abuses of public systems. So to get things rolling a little personal experience is necessary, because we've all got stories I'll share one that sticks out to me after a long night of youtube action.

My 5th grade teacher, quite possible the single worst teacher I've ever had. And before I explain in detail how she was such a bad teacher a little more personal history on me to explain how it made little to no sense. I'd been in trouble a couple times before, I accidentally brought the wrong backpack to school one time in the 1st grade and got suspended for having a hammer in it, because that's a deadly weapon in the hands of an innocent and peaceful 1st grader. That same grade I also got in a fight and kissed a girl and got suspended for all that. To support my side of the fight I'd point out it was against 3 bullies two in my class and a third grader that wanted to beat me up because they apparently were selling lunch boxes they'd gotten from lost and found and I'd told on them, so when I got free I'd nailed one of them right in the eye and so we all got suspended but I got an extra 3 days for it. After that I was absolutely clean, no problems with anyone of any sort or kind in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th grade in which time I'd already been placed in an advanced class for students with exceptionally good grades and was like 3rd in my class of 30, which I say simply because I'd literally had the exact same 30 people with me from kindergarten  until 4th grade were we got separated. In 4th grade we had a nice little thing where we got "paid" for good grades, the kids with the highest scores got paid the most and we all had our own little check books which we were taught to balance, and every week we'd have an auction and bid on "cool things" at the time which were just really cheap little toys and things. At the end of the year there was a big auction, and I'd kinda been saving for good things I really wanted without knowing about this big auction, and so since I had the most cash I walked away like a king with a brand new bike, video games, and all sorts of awesomeness at the time. I was an exemplary student to say the least.

Then the first week of 5th grade my teacher puts me in the back of the room for no reason that I was ever aware of. She insists I take Ritalin the then popular ADD drug which she insisted I needed. Keep in mind she's a teacher not a doctor of anything and certainly not any sort of medical professional capable of making that decision. Somehow in this time while my mother fights her on this I'm getting straight E's and failing the class other than the science class which was with a different teacher anyway in which I was getting an A. According to my homework I'd been getting all the right answers and yet still somehow I was failing and couldn't figure out why. This whole time I'm separated from the rest of the class in the very back of the room facing the back wall I wasn't even allowed to look at the front board or the rest of the class. Finally my mom caves against the advice of my brand new councilor and I get on drugs that just zombify me. I still sit in the back of the class facing the wall all by myself, nobody else had to do anything like it the whole year, and mystically my grades were straight A's even though I was literally so zoned out of my mind I couldn't do the homework, seriously I could sit there for hours on end all day and not move a muscle just drooling. On the playground I wasn't playing soccer anymore or football with the other kids I was looking like a drug addict just sitting on the ground against the wall zoned out of my mind. This teacher was on the mother of all power trips.

Needless to say my mother didn't abide that, after 3 months came and went and my grades were so perfect except my now failing science she was tired of me being lifeless and took me off and told the teacher she was taking me off and it was suddenly like a small war. The principal up to that point hadn't done much to get involved but once he got a letter from moms brand new lawyer you bet he stepped in and straightened things right out, though by now it was almost the end of the school year. So while I stayed in the class under the same wall facing conditions it was very clear I wasn't that teachers student anymore and I was going to pass. We moved out of the city before 6th grade started and that as they say was that.

Share with me if you will a story in which someone has abused their power either in front of you or preferably to you. For example a cop searching your car without permission or refusing to identify themselves, or an arrest/ suspension for something utterly ridiculous. Any sort of power trip will do, just put it in the comments. Save incompetence for another post though that's something else entirely. How dare we let our society fall so far that our emergency responders PUT PEOPLE ON HOLD and then FORGET about them, or are simply too stupid to understand whats going on, or even hang up on us because we panic and can't control out language a little bit so they get all high and mighty. I'll save that for another post.

One final side note, my 5th grade teacher turned out to be married to the principal of my school while I was in 1st through 3rd grade, 4th and 5th were a different school like 100ft away from that one, they shared the same recess playground, and apparently I'd made his life a living hell somehow (go figure).

One more final side note, is it just me or does the lead singer of dragonforce look like michael shannon? halestorm look like michel rodriguez? any others?

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  1. One of my teachers at school was cool, then got married and turned into an asshole, got divorced and was cool again. Some teachers need to stop imposing their frustration at home upon the kids. Nice post by the way.