Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Self Repression

We all fight our natural instincts, whether they're good or bad, whether it's just some or all. Which ones we choose to indulge or ignore for better or worse are different for all of us and yet we still come to a general consensus that certain animalistic instincts should not be displayed ever except in a controlled environment that keeps secrets better than area 51.

There's usually a good reason for most of what we hold back and yet somehow we've taken the idea much further than it was ever intended and now repress beneficial instincts as well. We make ourselves suffer and treat happiness like a disease.  Religion is notorious for this in fact, some people going so far as to spread ash on their bread for fear they might enjoy the taste. I for one encourage others to enjoy themselves responsibly. There's no reason we can't be happy in this life under the right conditions and we shouldn't have to stifle ourselves for any reason.

It's understandable again to hold back your killer instincts, but holding back your sexual instincts as well is detrimental all around, assuming that your sexual instincts aren't particularly violent in nature or come at the cost of force. Survival is a good instinct to have and use. We should all take interest in defending our life instead of throwing it away for nothing, if you're going to sacrifice yourself let it be for a good cause not because you attribute it to some plan or "fate".

I suppose the simplest way to explain this is that you should each discern for yourself which tendencies you have and whether or not they're acceptable in nature for the prosperity of the community. If you can't control yourself that's something else all together. However if you can control yourself simply determining what you really need to hold back and what you don't is important instead of simply accepting the restrictions placed on you by others, question everything.


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