Thursday, February 9, 2012

Evolution vs Transcendence

Inevitably if evolution holds true we must evolve or die, we can not be at a peak of evolution because it is a constant adaptation to better survive in our environments which can always be more efficient. There is now however an alternative possible from what I view that may be quite interesting. Given our rapid expansion of technology and research in artificial intelligence I'm curious how long it would take to develop a system that can truly think on its own.

What I'm talking about is a transcendence of humanity itself. The next evolution of man may be into machines. I'm not talking about cyborgs or terminators, I'm flat out talking about robotics with no fleshy parts. Imagine if you will that you are otherwise exactly the same in your method of thought you simply have no need for a physical body and if you so choose to have one it's entirely replaceable if ever anything goes wrong. The end of all mortal diseases and malfunctions. Never again would you have to forget anything and conversely you wouldn't have to be plagued by memories you don't want. You would need for nothing as you do now. This includes food, water, shelter, and other currently common necessities. This would likely greatly reduce waste as you could imagine among other things. This would be quite simply too radical a change to fully explain or understand however I will say that it's a powerful idea and in it's simplest form it is not entirely out of the question as a potential future.

Logically this new form of life (even if it's artificial) would develop protection against naturally damaging environmental variables such as those pesky solar flares, or any sort of electro magnetic interference which I'd point out doesn't have to be in pulses to be damaging.  Evolution would still be applied to our new found forms as we would constantly improve and find better ways to survive every possible change in the world. This would also open up space exploration for galaxies far away or even just the nearby planets and many other quests simply no human could ever complete in one life given the current lifespan.

However as to our natural evolution I propose this idea that humans not only can survive for much longer than a century but that we are currently evolving into that form and will soon have significantly increasing lifespans into the centuries. What if the current lifespan isn't because of all these modern techniques we've learned and applied to "prolong" life, what if it's simply the product of our slow but steady evolution? What we've learned is that the human body is capable of surviving much longer with proper care and that we could easily extent our life into a millenia under the right conditions, and in that time we wouldn't just be a big bag of flesh but more like a constant youth, simply think of it as aging at 1/10th our regular rate.

If we were to suddenly find ourselves with such time though the question must be asked if we would want to? I dare say that we would eventually simply choose to die. That will be a great day in humanity is when we have the choice as to when we die and don't have to worry about when our time will come naturally. My final question to you is which would you rather have, transcending humanity to become something new or evolving into a new height of your species?


  1. There has actually been a debate on whether if humans would devolve or evolve if technology was taken away from us.

    I mean without technology we would be exposed to more elements and dangers from nature. That would leave room for the fittest to survive and continue on with more "rugged" offspring.

    Or would it be better to "force" our own evolution by technology so that everyone has an equal chance of survival.

    Then again, wouldn't that go against nature?

    ARGH! So many questions and possibilities, makes you think dunnit?

  2. Well, eversince our existance we have been pushing our evolution to a certain direction, if technology manages to make your scenario a fact, of course it wouldn't be open for the commoners, it is used for people in power to abuse any scientific discovery. A creepy future indeed.

    I also tagged in a game, I hope you can check it out and enjoy yourself!


  3. RT:Earl, making you think is what this blog is all about

    RT:george (gewrge?) the overlords wouldn't be able to keep it to themselves indefinitely in case you hadn't noticed the whole world is about to break down, we're on the verge of catastrophe which will lead to a new beginning
    I'm going to call it right now and say America will probably have a civil war in 2015, and a new world war by 2050 if not much sooner and in that time, money is going away one way or another, either abolished in favor of a new system better for everyone or because it's no longer necessary as we are enslaved