Sunday, February 5, 2012


You can connect with any point in time however you see fit for the objective of time travel under the conditions I've previously mentioned. Today I'm observing the idea of rage. Anger to a point in which you can literally open a time warp because of how engrossed you are in that moment. Rage is probably one of the easier methods to achieve but also the least stable as once your rage fluctuates you lose your bond with that time. It's also the most hazardous as the level of rage required will likely cause your blood pressure to go too high and you'll simply bleed into your brain and die. Every once in a while though, your anger is the stuff legends are made of, the heavens themselves shake in fear of your almighty rage. In that moment, time stops and you have successfully isolated yourself from the world by forcefully breaking your bonds.

How many of you have actually experience such rage?

Conversely the main alternative is to establish new bonds with a different time that are stronger than the ones you have with the current time. Those people that are "stuck in the past" are more likely to actually become stuck in the past than you or I. If you could establish an actual link to the past even for a moment then things tend to be self perpetuating and you'd be unwittingly bonded with that past in such a way that you'd simply continue to exist there without needing to maintain your connections as they'd be self renewing by how engrossed you are in that time.

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