Monday, February 6, 2012


I've never been a big fan of "the more things change the more they stay the same" mostly because change comes in waves.  Granted after a wave has passed it seems like the next wave is so far away and not much will change between waves and if they are indeed getting further apart them it would seem like that statement is true. However when things change they change a lot and fast and waves tend to be grouped together in short order for large periods of time then huge gaps before the next series.  Today I'm looking back on change and one thing stood out from the rest. America (United States anyway) has always took pride that it was founded on freedom and its progressive views towards progress. One of my favorite lines was always how government had no power other than explicitly expressed. Yet somehow it has perverted itself into giving itself more power and had now flipped the coin on the citizens residing in its borders in addition to trying to oppress the world. Now the average citizens has no freedoms other than what is expressly given to them by the government and those can be taken away at any time for any reason. We've gone from preaching about freedom to nearly outright conquest of the world and fear mongering.

Why is it that we live in constant fear of terrorism so much so that we have allowed our freedoms to be taken from us nay have given them away even though it's hardly protected us and likely never will truly protect us. One thing I've learned is a dedicated man can do anything he sets his mind to. I've on more than one occasion been contracted to test airport security, and I can assure you they've failed my test every time. The Marshall on the plain is honestly the best source of security they have and only one of them has ever caught me. I've successfully carried any object given to me from take off to landing without being caught and having taken it out on the plane at least once while going through every security measure. Frequently it's a knife or other simplistic weapon but I've also transported stable explosives (not with detonator or trigger device just the solid compound) that have passed all sorts of bomb detection and dogs. I've even gone so far as to carry a loaded gun through which is actually what the one Marshall got me for and he knew in advance that I was going to have it so it wasn't a freak out moment. I broke down how I'd taken the pieces apart and hidden then cleverly in a standard brief case in such a way I could easily remove them for reassembly including 7 rounds of ammunition and a clip. If ever a terrorist wanted to I assure you that if your Marshall fails you then no other security will save you.

My main concern is with the near dictatorship this country has become. I'm not trying to be unpatriotic in any way merely pointing out that the government today is one such that our founding fathers would have likely be ashamed of. The main constitution and most of the amendments are just as they would have approved, but all the laws, bills, acts, and various other decrees that have stifled us are what they fought and died to get free from.

My solution is slightly radical in nature however I believe it's truly progressive and could eliminate the complaints many citizens have with such things. Given the ultimate power of the internet to connect so many to communicate and voice their opinions it's only logical to use it as a tool to reform the government as we know it. Having regular voting days or months or years in which the well informed citizens actually vote on all of these bills and acts and other such decisions we've given up to our representatives that don't honestly represent us or our ideas and tend to ignore us unless we've helped them buy their spot in congress. Given that of course many Americans still don't have internet it should first be a priority to make it a utility of the highest grade with fiber optic t3 or higher grade internet to every citizen paid for by taxes or given simply as a choice that anyone can opt out of with free service in relation to voting. Granted this presents a major problem with the voters that aren't necessarily as familiar with computers as the youngest generations. For that they could elect an individual to place their vote for them not necessarily so much an official as a real representative. It could also be possible to have digital voting machines in the town hall or other voting location for them to go and fill out as usual. This would go a great distance in claiming back some of our freedoms as we could choose to repeal anything we no longer approve of or never approved of to begin with. This would likely come in the form of a .gov website with a poll for each and every option to be voted on by the people in which a significant majority would determine what gets passed or not.

Logically you'd need to prove you're a citizen or resident of some kind depending on voting laws, and that you're who you claim to be to ensure no repeat votes to tip the scales. And this would even work on a scale in which residents could vote for laws in the city, the county, the state, and the country. With an accurate knowledge of how many registered voters there are we could determine how many people did not vote to estimate if a significant majority simply has not voted on a subject and therefore postpone it until only a few haven't voted. The most simplistic part of the idea is that it's extremely rare with any two people to completely agree on everything which means that your current representative likely only represents you less than half the time he's voting for you on these important subjects that will go on to effect your life for a very long time and sometimes in very significant ways.

This particular article isn't quite as firm as I'd intended to write it, however I've been drugged and it's hard for me to put anything together clearly right now so I hope you'll forgive some of the roughness and embrace the basic idea which is that we're all being controlled in some way or another and that we need to change something if we ever want to be free again.

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