Friday, February 3, 2012

Non Existence

Have you ever felt yourself phase out of existence? I've known what it is to truly be nothing and somehow reconstitute myself, in that time I knew nothing while being nothing yet somehow connected to everything. Some old part of me still existed and yearned for my consciousness and drew me back a matter of self preservation perhaps. This wasn't a drug induced scenario, a dream, or a death experience it was a mental state which truly exists outside of the scope of words to describe. When I came back I had a renewed sense of what it is to exist, not just as a body or a consciousness but as a being of this universe. I also had a new perspective on the idea of a soul, that essence of a person that exists outside of what can be explained in a physical sense. I imagine this may not be too far from the ever elusive "enlightenment" we all seek. I've always thought there's a misinterpretation of what that really is to begin with. I view it as a sense of wisdom and not knowledge, a matter of understanding all things and not knowing all things as most people believe. If this is the case it's unlikely if I ever achieve that state that I'll return to a physical body as it would then be unnecessary and I couldn't use it to spread this new found power because it's something that each person has to find in their own way otherwise it's meaningless.

I will say though that my new found relationship with this physical world has lead me to untold kinds of power I thought only to be myth or fiction. The question then is it all a matter of perspective or am I simply stripping myself of the metaphysical chains that hold me back? Of course this could all be a dream and I'll wake up but so far my reality checks have yet to say otherwise.


  1. Interesting. I used to have these kind of experiences as a kid. I would try to talk about it to family but they didnt have any of it. Havent had the sensation is years and years. At least, according to your description, I think what I experienced was similar.