Sunday, February 12, 2012


So often we get excited over things that have yet to happen. The anticipation of how much we'll enjoy ourselves at a goal or destination or activity, all the while we fail to realize the great feeling we have before that until after it's too late to properly enjoy. For example as you wait on a new game and play the old related one or read an article about its features, all the while you're fantasizing and enjoying yourself thinking that the final result will be even greater. Sex can sometimes be the same way in which the climax is a total let down compared to that few moments just before or even the entire time prior, which can be really depressing by the way as you get ready for something earth shattering only to be like was that it? wtf that was garbage. All too often this happens where everything leading up to the end is so much greater.

Take a moment to appreciate what you have while you have it, because one day you'll miss it. Feel free to tell me a story of how you were let down by what you thought was going to be amazing only to be more satisfied by your fantasy of how amazing it would be.


  1. I would tell you a long winded story about things like that, but they happened quite too often back before I reached the "age of reason" lol.

    Like the time I was practicing the guitar for the first time, I thought I was going to ace the guitar in no time. Then I realised it'll take me quite a while before I could do any proper songs fully.

    Long story short, experience is always the best teacher. I keep hearing the phrase but it took me quite a while before I realised that.

    Nowadays I take every new situation as a life lesson or something :).

  2. It's true, a lot of people live in this imaginary dream world of expectation and regret. Very rarely is the present moment considered or valued.

  3. And this is why I try not to overhype things or get too excited. Things rarely live up to the hype.

  4. I always put it down to expectation. Everyone does it and I always advise against it. It's not just with games and such things. It applies to people too.

    Sometimes, we find ourselves expecting a specific action/response from a friend or relative. When they don't give that expected response, we feel upset or angry towards them. And that poor friend or relative is left wondering what they have done.

    I guess it's human nature to set yourself up for a fall. The key is to hold no expectations. Although it's easier said than done, that one!

    GM x

  5. I thrive upon anticipation. One of my secrets is to hold on to lotto tickets a little longer than need-be. If I do not check my numbers, I can still walk around and conduct myself as if I am a millionaire, because I still may be.

  6. I find its always the things i'm not looking forward to that get me the most. The anticipation builds up all these tensions and nerves and then everything usually goes better than expected!