Thursday, February 23, 2012


Not to be confused with notoriety. Do you know what renown is and how it differs from notoriety?
For today a simple riddle, Sweet is to Sour as Bitter is to what?
the answer is not tart or juicy, it is also not sweet if that wasn't obvious already
Winner (if one ever emerges) will get first priority access to the beta of my main game when it becomes available.
Edit: in spite of what's below this I'll hold up to what's above, you get it right you get beta key

I'd also like to short rant on fiat money being printed without backing and in excess. Not to be confused with the FIAT car which is coincidentally a piece of junk, seriously you can't drive it in any windy, snowy, rainy, etc conditions or you'll be in a wreck for sure a strong wind can easily blow you out of lane. All different things break so easily, and why is there even a back seat if no human could ever fit in it? Why not just have it all trunk? Why couldn't they put the USB and AUX anywhere other than the glove compartment which now has to stay open if you want to use either? The audio system has a mind of its own. I'm off track back to the money, though again on the car if you can fit in it and don't mind suffering every day then the 50 or 60mpg might make it worth your while, and I never realized J-Lo was so damn small until I saw her next to it and I was like OMG SHE'S A MIDGET. Again back to money, Earning money on money through interest, ludicrous. All money being loaned at interest = infinite unpayable debt. Wage slavery! Technological unemployment! Don't give me that crap about people getting new jobs to fix the machines as they break, you'll never need as many people to fix the few machines that break on a rare occasion. The world is a prison, more accurately an asylum and my mind has broken upon realizing the truth making it only fitting that I'm already being slowly killed body and soul in this false reality. I swear that car is worse than a clown car, I can easily drive with my head through the sunroof if it weren't for the horrible wind burn I get. My knees in my chest, gut constantly on the horn, and how am I supposed to read those freaky gauges? The manual trans has such a high engagement point. Truly a traumatizing experience. Much like this money situation, no reason for it anymore AMIRIGHT!? Did I ever tell you how much I made on stocks? Quite a bit actually, I have a key grip on it even in the downturn I knew enough to stay afloat and yet now my boat is starting to fill with water and sink now that I've been without a real job so long and relying on my stock skills has only gotten me so far. And derivatives (one of many contributing factors but easily the most ridiculous) are still unregulate wtfiswiththatshoit! I'm going to ravage this voluptuous vixen next to me now, have a good night.

Edit: I just realized my tabs sparkle when I close them, how strange. If I blow at the screen the actors hair moves, can I control the tv that talks to me? does your tv talk to you? of course it does that's how it was designed, but I mean does it really?
I realize now, I've probably been drugged again...
seriously if you're giving someone drugged food stuffs let them know, cause like 4 of the 6 medicated cookies I got were heavily medicated and I didn't know before I finished eating them
and the other two weren't weed
and I may be adding a 7th to the list now, but all of those were from v-day, I don't think this was or was it?
my friend was tripping on acid once, looked in the mirror, and saw a blue waffle
look it up
no seriously

kylie minogue, love at first sight


  1. There's like 5 tastes I know of, I'm pretty sure salt isn't one of them so the last one I guess is Umami?

    1. salty*

      BTW, dude are you okay? WTF am I reading man? If someone drugged you then screw it go to bed.

      As for fiat currency, what do you think would happen if we went back to the gold/silver standard and free market capitalism? Wouldn't that somehow break down the current system and bring financial ruin even for a short while?

      There's too many hypotheticals for me to incorporate and my mind is turning to mush.

      Get some rest mate.

  2. Damn, I think Earl beat me because umami is what I would have guessed. Some people argue that spicy is a taste as well so I'm going to throw that in there as well.

  3. spice gets no dice
    I never heard of umami till now, and salty isn't even a neighbor

    keep em coming

    the sex was worth it, drugs in my system turned it into a very unique experience