Thursday, August 30, 2012


If you could control bosons, but had to pick which, what would you rather control? The higgs is responsible (in theory) for giving mass to objects. Given control over this you might be able to change the size and weight of anything, potentially even altering other aspects. Meanwhile the gauge  is (also in theory) responsible for particle interactions. Controlling the gauge could allow moving any series of objects to move through each other, explode on contact, or any other number of things you could conceive relating to particle interactions. I'd be curious how far this could extend, such as how people perceive things is all a series of interactions of various particles. Could it potentially be used to alter gravitational forces as well, and if so then to what extent?

For those of you completely lost, I suggest the wikipedia entry on bosons as a crash course. My pick would probably be gauge bosons. The main reason for that is I can be quite creative with the subject, yet when thinking about higgs somehow it seems as though there's only a handful of core ideas which by association everything would have to expand on, making it feel repetitive in a way.

It dawns on me now, a blog (such as this) would've been the perfect place to detail some difficult moral choices I've been making lately, which coincidentally is primarily why I haven't been writing as much... how odd.

Also I may be moving, where to I have no clue. New York City, San Diego, basically extremes. It appears I'll be either going out of state, right now I'm kind of rooting for Hawaii because I can put my knowledge of the japanese language to good use as a translator and probably get paid reasonably well for it in the process. This of course doesn't account for the fact I already know people there. San Diego on the other hand is like gaming central and probably one of the best places for my career. Meanwhile NYC would probably prepare me for the later stages of my life, and if I were going to start a business that would be the place to get some pretty good education on how to run it. So here I have locations that will effect my life in unpredictable ways yet give me a vague idea of what could be. Not entirely unlike the bosons. Though it's also possible I end up staying where I am, which admittedly is a very bad choice to make.

Side note does anybody know the strongest non-magnetically reactive metal or ceramic composite? I was thinking of an idea but the problem was that a reasonably powerful magnet could be a problem to it, but it also has to be extremely impact resistant which isn't exactly easy to come by. As I discussed in a previous post though carbon nano-tubes while expensive are within my budget. So the question then becomes would they work, or is titatium ceramic reactive, if not then would it be as strong or stronger?

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