Friday, August 10, 2012

Collective Conciousness

Every time you read a book or watch a movie you're wrapped up in a life that isn't yours. When you're done though you walk away with a piece. It might be new information, or a new perspective, some memories, a perception or methodology. We are all a collection of pieces , until we make our own piece to share. Our piece doesn't have to be anything more than a thought, because once it exists it's a part of our world for all to share. People the world over are so interconnected that some thoughts spread like wildfire. It's not just the establishment or similar natures it's a mutual understanding in nature. People who's minds are so perfectly aligned never even need to speak they simply understand one another. Even when it's like you're worlds apart or even in different countries sometimes a thought transcends traditionally accepted reality and becomes something more in such a way that those who are ready to accept it instinctively know it.

Don't ever try to deny the existence of a thought or you're robbing the world of a piece in the larger puzzle, and that's the worst thing to happen when you finish  a puzzle only to find out you're missing a piece. Be generous with your pieces sharing them costs nothing and in return helps you build your own piece as you help complete this world community puzzle.

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