Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Extra Sensory

Extra senses some people have, some people only know how to  use. Some people are connected with a given aspect of our reality more than others and they're not all of the same type. I connect for example with time disruptions hence the blog. Other people connect with souls, life, death, elements, thoughts, and many other aspects. These connections are called extra senses sometimes extra sensory perception  however I believe it to be somewhat inaccurate.

Not everyone is limited to only one extra sense either, often the case actually is that where you find one you find many. It's not uncommon to find that someone with an extra sense may have more even if they're less obvious to them. Though often such extra senses are closely related. For example in my early days I thought I was telekinetic doing small tricks like spinning a soda can in place or moving small objects, an aspect that if I'd properly trained could've proved very useful I imagine. However instead I focused on my sense of time which has proven quite useful far beyond I think telekinetic abilities. For example I will sometimes get a feeling of something's wrong or otherwise doesn't feel right like something is just off, in these cases it doesn't feel dangerous but I remain observant all the same and once in a while it proves useful. I'm inclined to believe it's just paranoia but I trust my senses all the same. I've always headed my "don't go out" feeling in which when I go outside I get an immediate urge to go back inside and stay there and to not go anywhere at all and every time something has turned out to happen where I was going to go or on my way to where I was going. This is an extension of my time abilities in which my body feels what's going to happen to it in the near future and warns me. It may seem foolish to you but to me it's been a life saver. Sadly though it's not 100% and doesn't save me from everything and I can't seem to tell when others will be effected for the same reasons. Sometimes the intensity of these feelings is different and I can tell that it would be more serious of an event, and if I knew some of the things in the past I know now I would've acted differently on some of the feelings. For example a bus to chicago I was supposed to get on once. I had a strong urge not to get on the bus, so strong in fact my entire body completely froze and wouldn't move even an inch closer to the bus. I didn't think to warn anyone else and later on I found the bus had exploded killing everyone due to some mechanical issues. It's reasons like that I put serious faith in my feelings of that nature and never doubt them.

Moving on to something most people share and it's an interesting sense, is when you bring things with you from your dreams. Sometimes you wake up from a dream on the beach with sand in your bed or you're holding an item and when you wake up you're still holding it. Often the dream reflects the reality however in rare occasions the reality reflects the dream, your mind using all it's power to alter the universe ever so slightly. Not long ago perhaps 2 to 3 years I was dreaming something in which I was holding a piece of paper with numbers on it. When I woke up I was indeed holding that very paper and had no clue where it came from, a strange feeling told me to play the numbers in a lottery. After doing so I did win that lottery which I found highly unusual as I'd never experienced anything like it nor have I done so since. Possibly just another extension of time however I'm inclined to believe otherwise. I'd be interested in hearing what you've pulled from your dreams in the comments.

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  1. Wow thats freaky (the dream thing)!

    My cousin is exactly the same. Sometimes she just has a 'feeling' that somethings not right, or somethings about to happen, and pretty soon after, like a day or two, we hear that a family member or family friend has died. Strange.