Monday, September 3, 2012

What's it like? - Time Travel edition.

Previously I discussed the time travel itself, now it's time to talk about what awaits you on the other side. I could most aptly describe it as being similar to traveling to a foreign country. The language, customs and food are all a little different but usually recognizable. However the environment has dramatic effects on your gut, no matter what you eat it seems you're going to get sick anyway the first one or two times you try it. Infections and medicine are wildly different and you should take precautions beforehand to avoid getting sick to begin with. As for what to wear, the best suggestion is always something that blends well regardless of time. For men a nice business suit works well for most recent and future time periods, for women a dress or skirt doesn't stand out just think about which way you're going in advance and dress accordingly. If you're going back further than normal to a point where these things don't apply consider what people likely wear in the time period. Moving forward I haven't gone far enough that these things have become irrelevant however after the 2050's I suggest you not wear jeans or denim and that you not wear a business suit at that point instead try for something a little more casual.

These things aren't quite set in stone either, it also depends on which of the primary timelines you're moving. Subsets may diverge but follow trends which is important to know when distinguishing which you're on and how to plan accordingly for your movements on it. I also suggest learning sign language and pretending you're deaf when you first arrive until you get the hang of things, it seems to carry over very well. Of course it only works in time periods where it exists....

Some times when you first arrive things might appear a little blurry or sound a little weird but that's normal and goes away quickly so it's imperative you don't freak out or draw attention to yourself. That's actually the biggest piece of advice the single most important thing I can possibly tell you. By drawing attention to yourself you can make your life a living hell if you try to stay in that time. My rule of thumb these days actually is if someone sees you within a few seconds of when you first arrive just think of home and get out of there. Remember that your connection is extremely unstable at first for at least the first hour and if you think of things from your time too much you'll inadvertently switch right back to it. If you try to scout locations in advance for where might be a good place to travel through I recommend areas outside of civilization or well secured areas that aren't going to be under rubble or collapsed or not even made yet. The idea is you want stability and reliability. You don't have to be at a given location to appear there while traveling and when you revert you almost always revert to where you left unless you focus on reverting elsewhere. Also remember it's hard to take things with you so if you plan on taking a souvenir make sure it's worth it. I mean that not in terms of money which is quite frankly useless, instead I mean it as are you willing to put up with the frustration of repeatedly attempting it until you finally get it and is it something that will prove useful in your time. For practice I use small erasers as they seem to be the easiest things, whatever you choose make it simple and small at first until you're ready to try something like a flask.

Keep in mind everything, especially the future is subject to change. Don't fool yourself either, the past can change just as well, the problem being that you'll never know it because once it changes it's a part of your history as you learned it. That's one of the most beautiful things about it all is that changes that interact with your timeline have a hierarchy and once they're set they become indistinguishable from the originals which they replaced. To show an example, I saw a Charlie Chaplin film that doesn't exist because after I saw it an intersecting timeline changed an event that caused the film to never be made much less include him in it and thus because it doesn't exist you have also never seen it even though it was once a part of this timeline before it intersected and caused that part of the timeline to collapse. So the truth is that some of you have seen the film in theory, but have retroactively never seen it which is different from forgetting and so it becomes futile to discuss it further I suppose. That's probably the best I can explain it at this point, and I hope you understand it. Hope you find the information useful,

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