Monday, August 20, 2012

Additional factoids

I may have neglected to mention one or two things in the previous post which really did warrant mentioning. One I believe I actually mentioned much earlier but it bears repeating the other I may not have mentioned however I really should have. So to begin with travel is relative not absolute. By that I mean that when traveling in time if it were absolute you'd almost always end up in space with the earth rotating around the sun and all. Because travel however is relative you move with the planet in the process. Seems like a minor detail at first but the implications are quite important.

The second factoid is that when I mentioned before that "we're all time travelers of the present" I wasn't joking or being cute it was actually quite serious. You see when moving through time or stopping time you're changing time relative to yourself. That is to say then that if you stopped time only persistent things would remain, where as all people being travelers would continue to travel through time where as you've simply removed yourself from time all together. This means if you successfully stopped time you'd be all alone in an empty world. I'm not quite sure if that's clear enough though I hope it is. See when you stop time you're not stopping time itself which would include everyone else, instead you're stopping time as it relates to you. Think of it as a group, you're in the group and the group is called time. By stopping time you leave the group, and for this example the group is moving, because you've left the group you may or may not be moving but you're no longer moving with the group and to further demonstrate this means you can no longer observe the group or its movements because you're no longer in it. Now then you can rejoin the group. You can even rejoin where you left as though you'd never left. However the interesting thing about this is you can rejoin the group anywhere you want, at the front or at the back or anywhere in the middle. It doesn't matter if the group is a line, a circle, a crowd, a sphere, up, or down it's still a collective don't split hairs.

Though in the process however your absence and subsequent rejoining causes the group to shift ever so slightly to accommodate your movements causing slight ripples. Like that guy in traffic that suddenly swerves and then a mile back in traffic everybody is completely stopped because of it. These ripples can be observed and can cause unintended side effects simply by moving. Thankfully however this only becomes an actual problem in the 5th dimension in which you actually interact with time, because 4th dimensional travel is merely observatory and doesn't actually cause such ripples. However using knowledge from these observations to change time can cause a ripple, it's like bumping the 5th dimension without actually going through it.

Remember before when I mentioned those timeline bubbles that make all events self fulfilling in that they rearrange events to make themselves happen because of how strong they are. Well these things aren't always just there they happen in the present of a given timeline at some point going from a small possible bubble to a self actualized bubble making it much bigger and when these events happen in that present the ripples can be felt as the bubble spreads. It doesn't just immediately occupy all of the time it takes instead it slowly moves outward as it orchestrates these events and as it passes you in your present you can feel it if you're aware. The timelines are always constantly shifting with new and old events and their ripples constantly altering things. A bubble is only as big and strong as it can sustain itself. All events are self sustaining as a constant and therefore every second you move through them you feel their ripples constantly pushing outward combating forces that try to force the bubble to collapse or move or shift or otherwise alter or change it, which sometimes even includes time travelers trying alter events. Often a bubble with weak force will collapse and nothing important happens but if a strong enough force collapses a bubble the ripples from that can be felt even to some of the people that aren't sensitive to such things. A sudden absence of a large bubble that you've been traveling through can be felt on a very serious physical level, sometimes even causing a large number of people to feel it at the same time. Often however when such things happen the implosion is so strong the entire timeline collapses with it. An event which while observed I've never actually experienced, and admittedly I'm somewhat afraid to given what could happen to me in the process. Though I may not have the choice as I feel a series of collapses lately though the future still exists it would seems as though the timeline is becoming unstable most likely from strong forces in one of the other primary timelines as we approach an intersection of the 3 primaries I believe all timelines collapse in the process before spawning the new ones. This should be quite interesting all the same.

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