Sunday, October 21, 2012

What if reality is only the collective concious?

I was considering an idea today that reality might be so subjective because it simply doesn't exist? What if what we consider to be reality truly is only a construct of the collective conscious. This would explain a lot of things not to mention how an idea can become so viral and how I have such freedom to move about as I please though supposed time as I'm still trapped inside a large box as it were.

This is assuming that there is more than one consciousness to begin with. In my experience a lot of timelines are extremely similar, essentially instances of another with no wasted resources it's like seeing a particular alignment of quantum states which may not actually be aligned that way. What if what I'm seeing is really all just is in my head and there are no other time lines? Objects can be configured and oriented in a multitude of ways and in theory are constantly shifting which suggests that all states are occurring simultaneously which means "time travel" as it were is merely aligning your consciousness to a particular configuration or orientation thereby your perception is of that form, a fact which is sustained by an additional theory that all atoms exist in 3 separate locations simultaneously. So in that point you have translocation and quantum state which is effectively the minimum for perceived time travel, not accounting for decay which may or may not exist as related to the subject.

If the collective is indeed more than one then is it possible to shift reality by shifting collective belief? If I could completely convince the greater majority that gravity doesn't exist and show a sound idea or theory would it be possible then that it would become actual truth? That is to say that perceived truth is not actual truth, just because you deny the existence of something does not mean it doesn't exist, but would it be possible that if the collective denied the existence of something that it could in fact eventually not exist? Not in the sense that they ignore it as they would have to acknowledge it to deny it but in the sense that it's completely wiped from their mind and evidence that points to it or suggests it is also removed, could then reality alter to accommodate?

If we could reshape reality, what should we reshape it to, assuming that there is room for improvement?

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