Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Not to Confuse Violence with Danger

Interesting point brought to my attention, while time travel is violent it's not inherently dangerous provided you're not in a collapsing timeline. Feel free to do whatever you feel like doing. You're not going to cause the timeline to collapse and unless you do something truly massive the kind of thing you hear the world over it's unlikely your actions will have any real effect on the timeline at all. As previously described the consequences of actions are proportional and generally isolated, the butterfly effect essentially doesn't exist in a bottom up perspective. Killing a cockroach in prehistoric earth won't condemn humanity though killing the first humans may set it back a bit. Most importantly is that it's all restricted to that one given timeline which inevitably collapses at some point anyway and since all new timelines are based on the most recent central point essentially as branches of it then what you do prior to it has absolutely no effect on anything after it.

One oversight I had in my warnings as a follow up is that gradually as you jump around more and more your mind and memories can become a little distorted. It's not damage it's more like clutter simply put you're processing vast amounts of information because each timeline can be so different from another that everything will present itself as new to your mind. The mind as we know it here works in such a way that it recognizes patterns and thus doesn't have to reprocess existing information, merely update it as necessary while referencing it in the current context, which is largely responsible for how we visually perceive reality. Given an alternate timeline sometimes is so drastically different there are no familiar patterns to recognize and thus the mind must process it all into new patterns to store for later. I'm searching for a timeline with tech to help me solve this very problem as I've noticed some things just get lost or buried if they're not particularly important making simple things seem more difficult then they actually are sometimes. Simply put I need a way to purge my mind of the unnecessary or selectively, or at the very least increase processing power and storage disproportionately so that my mind can recognize known patterns faster as the more there is the longer it takes.

No long winded idea today, just a follow up, hope you enjoyed.

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