Friday, October 19, 2012

How I First Time Traveled

They say your dreams are actually memories from a different life. Though the greater majority of my dreams have been of the future. I then realized I had a link to an alternate timeline. It was only a matter of time before I followed the link to the other side. I immediately decided the first thing I should do is test traditional paradoxes and introduced myself to my double who was apparently expecting me. As it would turn out though I'm not in every timeline, and I'm not sure yet if it's because all versions of me are floating around the timelines or I simply don't always exist. From what I've seen there's only a small handful of places that remain stable across even timelines, which is to say if I'm jumping between places in the same year or equivalent not much stays the same and it only gets worse the further away you travel time wise.

We were both pretty happy the universe didn't collapse when it happened though then came the question what else might not happen. Grandfather paradox? myth busted, similar actions produce similar results, I replaced dear old grandpa and I was still born which was also nice. I haven't had the nerve yet to actually try killing myself though. Past self that is, not future self, not sure if that'd be worth anything. Killing the alternate self in the past did kill the alternate in the present so I went back and stopped myself to restore it after the fact so I assume the same would apply to myself. Though given I'm essentially unstuck I'm not sure what would actually happen...

After my short time of insane activity where I went crazy and had all my fun I began to realize the obvious truth that every action has consequences, apparently it just hadn't clicked with me until that point. After that I turned into an observer of sorts for a while then began making calculated actions to change certain futures, essentially testing the limits of my new found power. I found why perfection is unattainable in the process. You can't make perfection from chaos, the very nature of it doesn't like organization and in my attempts to construct a perfect world I collapsed the entire timeline because it didn't like what I was doing apparently. It wasn't just happenstance either I collapsed several timelines in my efforts causing me to give up. I later realized the waveforms I mentioned before and then realized how unnatural actions alter waveforms and are actually detectable which has allowed me to identify fellow time travelers. Apparently we each have very specific frequencies we resonate at which means I can do more than find out if there was a time traveler involved I can find out which one it was and in what order their events happen through decay making it easier to track them and figure out what they're doing.

One interesting case I refer to so far as Orange G6 caused an event, then stopped a subsequent event to go back and recreate another supporting event to construct an entirely new and more substantial event. It was similar to an organized butterfly event which I've found doesn't normally happen naturally. The important thing about this was that if he'd forced the event outright it might've collapsed or imploded naturally without support and would've seriously destabilized the timeline but by tricking it into happening naturally it actually enforces the timeline and the supports were already constructed from the event which then become basically verified or enforced by the new larger event. It was a pure moment of genius. These days I'm jumping around like crazy trying to track specific events beginning to end and finding the most opportune times to make the slightest alterations. Dare I say I might learn just how to organize these kinds of events myself. My knowledge and practice in stopping strong events is what will enable me to create them as well without collapsing a timeline. Perhaps then I might learn to create a better timeline beginning to end and get a step closer to that perfection I want to see for myself just once.

On a final side note, momentum is a tricky thing when dealing with time. If you try to exit a stopped time while moving and resume it tends to compound things, turns out I can jump absurdly far by swinging in and out of time. Not something I suggest doing without lots of planning ahead of time. Great idea for space travel though.

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