Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Option of Death

I'm having hard time finding a movie I'd heard about that has an interesting concept I wanted to explore. People seem to point me in the direction of veronika decides to die or something like that and it's not it. The story is about an immortal that simply chooses to die, electing to end their life even though there hadn't been a single reported death in over a millenia according to the story.

Imagine then if we really all were immortal, disregarding the insane number of problems that come with it we'll assume everyone stays young and healthy and that it doesn't overstress the world in any way and that nothing can kill anyone. With death at that point being entirely optional would you elect to die? If so how long would you really want to live?

There are those that say death brings meaning to life. I agree, though I also say life is too short. I for one wouldn't ask for too much more time, perhaps an additional century at most. Which reminds me of an old article I'd read about, a man from china who was said to have lived for over 200 years. If you're interested and want to know more google Li Ching Yuen. I can only fathom what I could accomplish in such time, though I know I would need all that time to do it as well.

I'm only half way through my twenties and already it seems like the days are flying by, it's coming winter and I barely remember spring. I can only imagine what life will be like when I'm twice as old, assuming I'm lucky enough to live that long as we unfortunately all know life has sudden endings when we least expect them. In a final note there are some interesting tests being done that suggest we may be able to live nearly ten times as long naturally. If this is something that comes about in our life how do you feel about knowing suddenly everyone is going to start living for a thousand years instead of a hundred? Roughly speaking as I think the current life expectancy is only in the seventies? Still the idea being if you're living for several hundred years instead of a few decades what would you do, would you really continue living your life in the same old job doing the same old thing every day just existing from one day to another rather than truly living it? Ask yourself how you'd spend your time if you had all that you could want and more then think about why you're spending it the way you are considering you know how little of it you really have.

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  1. Yeah... death is a freaky thing to think about. If I had the option of being immortal, I don't think I could tell you when I was ready to die until the time came.