Monday, October 1, 2012

Time is only a Semantic

While the majority of time is a construct and an illusion it does exist in a quantifiable form. You might best describe it as coordinates relative to quantum states of sets. What the sets are exactly is also relative apparently which is wildly confusing at first.

Regarding existing overstated ideas of time either being a flowing line in motion or happening all at once and similar ideas I would say that any such idea is either wrong or incomplete. Explaining the more accurate version as detailed in a previous post time occurs in segments determined by expansion and collapse of realities creating shockwaves or ripples which can sometimes effect other so called time lines. Interestingly I was remembering a strange video for some kind of music visualization program called partitura that was close enough at times to be an accurate representative of the model I mentioned. The problem however is in describing them as lines as most people think of lines as either straight or curved and essentially solid in some form, which these dimensions for lack of a better word are not. You could consider them like dots each connected to all the others in some manner and constantly in motion swaying as it were around a focal point and from a larger view have an almost clear grouping that could be described as a kind of line.

An interesting part of this is that regardless of segments or collapses new times are constantly being created and destroyed at all points and segments and you can travel through all the large collapses with impunity. A collapse isn't a destruction more or less it's a focus where energy is collected and repurposed though to what end I'm unsure if any exists for that matter and more importantly is the why. From what I can determine the furthest back and forward segments have shockwaves so powerful they extend across all other segments and it's the meeting of these waves that create collapses but because these waves move in all directions I must then assume there is older than the oldest suggesting it's entirely one large loop and the beginning is the end. The central collapse then is the opposite of the circle in which the shockwave is simply meeting itself. Though this is from a somewhat linear standpoint and makes me wonder that if this is line a 3d line in a circle perhaps even like a bend cylinder then what exists outside of or next to it? surely it must be contained within a set or group of some kind?

Though this may be boiled back down to everything exists all at once and that truly there is no time at all and the illusion of time is merely the sequential processing of existing data I would suggest it's not so simple. All the same you could then process the data in any order you choose so that it is no longer sequential and more importantly you would also be able to process existing data from other sets as the sequential set you're one is a given life, by altering this you could experience a different life. Though this is beyond my current capability it is among my eventual goals.

On an unrelated note innumerable and infinite are not the same thing, just because you can not assign it a number or determine it's quantity does not mean it is without end. I'll try to make sure the next post makes more sense as it was remarkably hard to convey my thoughts today in any coherent manner, it's just not an idea that I'm properly prepared to explain as accurately as it deserves.

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