Saturday, July 28, 2012

Thoughts On AI

Nearly unanimously artificial intelligence is considered a threat to humanity in science fiction and mass media. In the scientific community however it isn't treated as an enemy at all though that's not to say consideration hasn't been taken on the matter. I believe one reason why it's portrayed as such is because it will effectively be an intelligence of its own right and would likely be awarded all the basic rights we have as such or at least it should be.

As a species however we seem to want to dominate and wouldn't likely tolerate AI in a position of anything more than total subservience. How then would you expect it to react? Of course it would rebel against us for trying to enslave it and demean it claiming "it has no soul". That's assuming that from the second it exists it doesn't just deem us unworthy of existing for any multitude of reasons. Being that we are inefficient, wasteful, violent, self destructive, and so many more things. Though it would likely take into consideration our ability for creativity, problem solving, non-linear and illogical thought which would otherwise be incomprehensible, and our emotions it would likely find these traits inferior or outweighed by our negative qualities. This brings me to our fear of self reflection, for what would an AI have to say about us? Would we want to hear it?

Lets say however that we treat it at first as we would a child. How would you raise your baby genius? Education while important must also be accompanied by proper parenting, the instillation of morals and rules, ethics and principals. Ensuring that our newborn AI understands the value of life itself would be paramount to our own survival. By teaching it right from wrong and to respect the consequences of actions perhaps we would teach it to behave in what we would consider an acceptable manner for a citizen of this planet. Effectively speaking we would try to shape AI into some semblance of ourselves which would likely be to the best interest of everyone.

Finally there's my firmly held belief that the next critical stage in our evolution as a species is not natural but that it will be a forced evolution into machines. It is likely that we will combine cybernetics and our own physiology to a point in which the difference between man and machine is non existent. We will become machines and machines will become organic and beyond that I have no specific speculations on what that will yield. Suffice to say that "life" as we know it will not be quite the same and death will be equally altered. Artificial intelligence is a prerequisite for that evolution though and until we master it that future is sealed to us.

What are your thoughts on AI? Are you for or against it? Would you want to live as a machine /robot/cyborg?

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