Saturday, July 14, 2012

Defining Success

I pondered a query for some time recently. What is success? A simple and yet profound thought with no clear answer. Primarily because it can take so many forms and can change suddenly. It can be both small and large separately or simultaneously without consensus at any point. I may find personal success in accomplishing something which nobody else may never know about and that is a success. I may also create something I hate with a passion yet can't bring myself to destroy and it may be that many people love it and that would be a success. I may create or do something great that is considered a success yet it may come as a personal failure if I know truthfully that I could have done or still can do better. What may be a failure at first may simply be too soon and will go on to be a success later. Pop tarts are an example of this not a uniquely original idea and largely a failure at first but then it finally started to click with people and it became a wild success. Some day it may come to pass that they are no longer desired and once again will fall from being a success.

Movies are another example of undefined success. Sometime a movie fails in spite of the love it receives from "critics" or becomes popular with people in spite of the hatred and poor reviews it receives from those same critics. Cult success is a movie or show that only becomes successful after it has clearly failed in the eyes of mass media. Some of the greatest success stories are of failure.

I ask you then simply what is success to you? Can it ever truly be obtained or is is merely an illusion?

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