Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dulled Senses

Lately I've had a dulled sense of taste. Some people are telling me it's because I'm depressed (non medical people, friends etc) and I seriously disagree with that simply because I consider myself a fairly happy person, though I'll admit that if I were to describe my life it sounds extremely depressing, simply put that I find my pleasure in a different manner than most. I have a wealth of love and friends and a wild imagination that can make the dullest moments come alive. I think my dulled sense of taste is from something else entirely.

Though who knows what it really is right? Meth lab exploded down the block might have something to do with it? Being shot at (again) could be involved. In the end though what does it really matter? It's my sense of taste not my sense of touch or sight or hearing or even smell it's taste it's not like it'll change my life for the worse by much if it doesn't come back. Not to say that I wouldn't miss it but it's not so critical at this point in my life.

How would you react to losing a sense and if you had to lose one which would you prefer? What if you woke up with an extra sense? What would it be and how would you use it?

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