Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Acid Flashback in a dream?

Every once in a while a dream gets too far out and I have to make it so unstable it can't hold itself together. Today was such an occasion. I was in my grandparents place when a girl I'd only met once was sitting on their stairs offering me acid, I barely took a drop and it hit me immediately. I was perhaps more energetic than I should have been and needed to take a piss upstairs since there was no downstairs bathroom. While I'm in there I'm realizing everything and also realizing I'm about to trip out. So I force a random to walk in and I stab him in the neck with an surgical blade and movie titles and credits start to pop up while another guy walks in telling me I'm dreaming and that I'm not the star of some movie asking if I'm on drugs. This was a dude I'd seen before but never met. He goes on about how something he bought would've been worth a cow in the old days when I finally start to snap out of it as I'm ghosting through walls and teleporting all over the place. When I woke up I was at the end of a flashback.  There was substantially more to it like how words were appearing in the air in color and such and moving to a 3rd person view but that's just outside the scope.

For those of you unfamiliar with acid, a flashback isn't a new trip it's like a deja vu trip, you've kinda experienced it before. My above description is not of the trip itself but of a dream I was having during or triggering a flashback. I was experiencing some of the flashback in the dream before I woke up but the majority of it was after I'd woken up. Happy 4th of july, watch the fireworks while you're tripping out and report back here.

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