Friday, July 20, 2012

The Truth of Perfection

This is really a two part concept vaguely related. First I like to establish that the introduction of even the tiniest little bit of chaos into an example of perfection will destroy it entirely like a form of corrosion it just eats away causing endless chaos growing larger all the time. This is of course unlike popular theory of proportional reactions where in the effects of an event are only experienced within a reasonable measure based on the magnitude of the event. I would add however that that theory works within an already chaotic system.

The second part is that I find perfection is in a moment it happens all the time and we're too blind to see it. We're surrounded by it and yet that is the very reason we ignore it so blatantly.

Random though here, does the moon (yes of Earth) rotate in addition to its spin and revolution around the planet? That is to say in a more understandable form if you drew an arrow on the moon pointing up from the perspective of wherever is it possible that thousands of years later it might be pointing down? Assuming of course that the same section of the moon is still facing the planet as it always has. I also find it interesting that all the orbiting planets are generally on a similar flat plane rather than scattered about orbiting in different directions or on different planes. It would be interesting to find out why that is.

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