Sunday, March 24, 2013

Is time idependent of space?

During the big crunch, does time move backwards?
From what I can tell all of time is essentially a loop however due to the nature in which I observe it I can't really tell how time behaves or functions leading up to the big crunch and subsequent bang. It appears to keep moving forward however as I've previously mentioned forward isn't necessarily the same as continuing on in the same manner and would be imperceptible to those within it making it difficult to really know.

I like to think that time is effected by space and is more or less a property of matter and thus would be effected by a substantial change in the universe however that is for a different post. The synopsis of which would essentially be that I'm almost positive that time functions differently just before and after the big bang and the big crunch irregardless of how it actually behaves in that time the time itself will be notably different from time as we know it now by behavior. I don't think we'd regress or anything of that nature like playing things in reverse but I would suggest that the big crunch and the big bang are one and the same and that anything entering the crunch is also at the same time exiting the bang like a dual sided funnel and the end and beginning of time are also the same at least as they relate to this dimension.

I also end up wondering if this is the case how do I know which point in time I'm really participating in. It's conceivable that all instances of this moment across all loops through time are in fact the same ignoring the fact that I move through and around all such moments. Going through one end to come out the other is indistinguishable from simply going back so what then is to say that it ever really begins or ends at all aside from the fact that there is a singular moment where all space is said to exist in a single point.

This brings me to the next question which is that if time is effected by space then why does the loop continue to exist? Unless time itself is also being compressed as well even if at a different rate which I can't conceive simply because as I observe it change while constant doesn't effect appearance. It's possible the timeline is also focusing back on that point and is progressively shrink into it without losing any detail which makes sense to some extent and yet again as one side of the point is expanding at some point should this happen then even the expansion would also have to become a contraction. Perhaps this infinite expansion and contraction is responsible for the literal movement of time which without it could be said nothing would ever move and rather everything exists everywhere in every state at all moments in all of time.

Yet I still am left with the itching feeling that in fact time is not connected to space and rather space is connected to time. Rather while they may be somewhat connected neither truly relies on the other and perception of behavior relative to either or both is merely that. Which is to say neither effects the other and they are actually independent of one another  not including their interactions. Existing both within and outside of each other time could be said to be both a container and a reference for what space is and yet could also be considered a byproduct of it like a field around a source. Perhaps considering it like a magnetic field around a magnet. If that is the case though then perhaps I should ask myself if it can be controlled in a similar fashion what could I accomplish then by focusing it or amplifying it or containing it? There's a lot to be considered and yet it's all open to interpretation so who knows if an answer could ever be found and even if one were to be found what's to say we could ever hope to understand it if it ever presented itself and we took notice which might not even happen.

What do you think?

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