Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grasping Time

I can't show you exactly how close you are to controlling time and yet I can vaguely explain how it's so much closer than you would imagine. The future is always within our grasp even if we don't feel it there and our reach extends further than we can ever realize even if not everything within our reach is within our grasp. The first steps to realizing your control over time is realizing first that you do have control and you're already exercising it all the time as you slowly pull yourself through time. We try to explain to ourselves how we perceive time on chemical and psychological levels and rationalize away what we don't understand which is that we're shifting ourselves through time.

They say time flies when you're having a great time and yet I'm sure we've all experienced an amazing time only to have it end and seem like it was so much longer than it actually was and inverse where an amazing experience that seems short appears to have consumed the day. The reality is localized and collective time shifts. Triggering that state for some can be the first steps to controlling time. For others it's perceiving reality itself as a construct of pure imagination whose boundaries are self defined. The end result is a subtle change in the way time is being perceived on a regular basis which inevitably leads to subsequent changes in time perspectives. Eventually we all realize time is only a mere location like a city with many blocks and buildings and moving through this city of time is as easy as walking down the block.

I recently witnessed a first timer as she released herself from everything. This blissful state of empty mindedness just jogging and yet to anyone looking it was as if she was blinking out of existence and moving faster than a car on the highway. She didn't realize it at first and so I watched closely as it began to sink in. Of course I couldn't help myself though and had to play a joke or two on her in the process. I waited till she was on an elevator  headed some floors up when she thought she was alone and proceeded to pop in basically. Told her I was with the time travel police and just a grand old time at her expense. I then leveled with her and showed her a few things, all in all it was a good time.

In the end unlocking the secret of time travel is just that perfect state of mind where time simply doesn't exist and from my experiences there are as many ways to travel as there are travelers and the math of doing exists somewhere as of yet though I have not met the person that went that route and I think it's likely he doesn't want to share it, take from that what you will.


  1. You would love the book Einstein's Dreams by: Alan Lightman. It's a book about some of Einstein's thoughts. Time is discussed a lot in the book. I had to read in grad school, and had to keep a sketch book on what I read.

  2. Funny you should mention we've all experienced an amazing time only to have it end and seem like it was so much longer than it actually was... I was thinking the exact same thing earlier today. These past two days off have been great and time didn't fly at all.